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Oh, My Darling! || Louis x Reader by myminghao
Oh, My Darling! || Louis x Readerby helen ✧・゚:
It's hard to believe that two individuals can fall in love during such difficult times. But even though everything else is dead, the same can't be said for romance. &quo...
Before the Storm  [[ Javi x Reader fanfic ]] by Ahleyhxxx
Before the Storm [[ Javi x Ahleyhxxx
No one knew about the storm that was about to wipe out half of humanity. Everyone just treated it like another day. Javier Garcia and Y/n Y/l/n were together before it c...
Sisters By Fate - Walking Dead x Reader #2 BOOK IN THE SISTERS BY CHOICE SERIES by Glossy_Gamer
Sisters By Fate - Walking Dead x Glossy
READ THE FIRST BOOK BEFORE THIS (Sisters By Choice - Walking Dead x Reader 1ST BOOK IN SISTERS BY CHOICE SERIES) After Clem and (Y/N) has to shoot Lee, they find Omid an...
What Would Have Happened by LoveHateFandoms
What Would Have Happenedby Destiny
What if Duck never died in the first season of the Walking Dead? What if he stayed alive with Clementine until the very end? In this story, Duck had never died. We get t...
We're In This Together by Curse64
We're In This Togetherby Curse
[Completed!] Whenever you saw Clementine pull the trigger, you've both felt... lost, unsure of what to do or where to go. You both made it out of Savannah safely, but at...
TFS (Clementine x Male Reader) by Curse64
TFS (Clementine x Male Reader)by Curse
Just be aware, this is The Finale Season expect you're in it too and of course, you romance Clementine <3
TWDG Preferences || Requests❌ by rachelamber_
TWDG Preferences || Requests❌by rachelamber_
mostly of: Louis, Aasim, Marlon, Clementine and Violet. requests open: ✔ requests closed:❌
Survivor (ClementinexMaleReader) by JJPLANDERLINDE
Survivor (ClementinexMaleReader)by JJ0
Y/N was a little boy when the world as he knew it ended. Survival was hard for him traumatic experience after traumatic experience he grew cold but that all changed when...
~Just a romantic~ clouis by Hkskye
~Just a romantic~ clouisby Haven
In a universe where the apocalypse was non-existent, Clementine had just moved to Washington, meeting Louis and his group of friends. They become good friends Until one...
Clementine X Male Reader Endgame  by odini210
Clementine X Male Reader Endgame by Odini
You, Clem and AJ come across a old school with no one but kids. As you stay in the school for a while, you realise that this may be a change for you to call a place home...
A Face Like That // Clouis, Louintine, Clementine x Louis by clemownsmyheart
A Face Like That // Clouis, H
Ever since Clementine and AJ arrived at Ericson's Boarding School for Troubled Youth, she was (mostly) embraced with open arms. But specifically by a boy called Louis. L...
Home at last.- A Clouis fanfiction. by vintgerose
Home at last.- A Clouis M
"You know, when I first met you I never once thought that you'd be this important to me."
I Trust You ( A Violetine Fanfiction ) by BechloeSendrick05
I Trust You ( A Violetine your friendly dinosaur
She was covered in blood, Violet didn't really know if it was human blood or walker blood, and she really didn't want to know. Her once shining hazel eyes had turned to...
Twdg Preferences by Imaybeshook
Twdg Preferencesby Imaybeshook
Pretty much the title. I was looking for preferences and could only find imagines, so I just did it myself. *Also this book is mainly no apocalypse Au because it's what...
twdg characters x reader oneshots  by skyswritingg
twdg characters x reader oneshots by Sky
Message me for requests💓 I write twdg fics for s3 and s4 characters
Moms by PyreFlie
Momsby Pyre
Clementine and Violet want to start a family, with all the ups and downs that entails.
TWDG S4 MEMES by LxneWalker
TWDG S4 MEMESby ꜰʀɪᴇɴᴅꜱᴅᴏɴᴛʟɪᴇ
Because this hasn't been done before.
*Rewrite Available!* Fight Forever (Clementine x Male Reader) by Curse64
*Rewrite Available!* Fight Curse
After leaving Ericson's to clear her mind for a bit, Clementine gets ambushed and kidnapped by some left over Delta. When she thought she had no way of getting out, she...