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A Family Worth Fighting For. (MaleReaderxClementine) by ___Andrei
A Family Worth Fighting For. ( Andrei
The dead started walking when I was 9 years old, my mother just gave birth to my little sister named Bella but died after her birth. Me and Dad took care of Bella while...
I Need You, a Clementine x Male Reader Story *rewrite* by herbalmite97
I Need You, a Clementine x Male C
Ever since the dead started walking, everything changed. Luxuries became a thing of the past, and life seemed like an unfair game that no one could win. When a lone surv...
We're In This Together by Curse64
We're In This Togetherby Curse
[Completed!] Whenever you saw Clementine pull the trigger, you've both felt... lost, unsure of what to do or where to go. You both made it out of Savannah safely, but at...
TFS (Clementine x Male Reader) by Curse64
TFS (Clementine x Male Reader)by Curse
Just be aware, this is The Finale Season expect you're in it too and of course, you romance Clementine <3
Partners(ClementineXMaleReader) by ___Andrei
Partners(ClementineXMaleReader)by Andrei
Y/N ran away from his family after getting abused both physically and mentally due to his kindness and calmness which was considered a weakness in his family. When all h...
The Walking Dead: The Scars Of A Survivor(ClementinexMaleReader) by ___Andrei
The Walking Dead: The Scars Of A Andrei
Y/N is a boy who got sent to Ericson's Boarding School For Troubled Youth for always getting into fights with other kids even going as far as to pull a knife on them. He...
~Just a romantic~ clouis by Hkskye
~Just a romantic~ clouisby Haven
In a universe where the apocalypse was non-existent, Clementine had just moved to Washington, meeting Louis and his group of friends. They become good friends Until one...
A Face Like That // Clouis, Louintine, Clementine x Louis by clemownsmyheart
A Face Like That // Clouis, H
Ever since Clementine and AJ arrived at Ericson's Boarding School for Troubled Youth, she was (mostly) embraced with open arms. But specifically by a boy called Louis. L...
Apples // Clementine x female reader by bitterbubbletea
Apples // Clementine x female ˏˋ❤︎ !! sara !! ❤︎ˊˎ
I grew up with Clementine, one of my first friends. When the dead started walking, Clementine hid me in her tree house. A man named Lee found us and the took care of us...
*Rewrite Available!* Fight Forever (Clementine x Male Reader) by Curse64
*Rewrite Available!* Fight Curse
After leaving Ericson's to clear her mind for a bit, Clementine gets ambushed and kidnapped by some left over Delta. When she thought she had no way of getting out, she...
The Walking Dead Clementine x Male Reader 2 by herbalmite97
The Walking Dead Clementine x C
It's been a long time since the outbreak started. Many years have passed. But life in the apocalypse has been nothing but happiness for Y/N and his family. What's been h...
The Walking Dead Game | Memes & More (P1.) | ✔ by EdgyMeow
The Walking Dead Game | Memes & Max ♡
Memes, Ships, Fanarts.. Find it all here! Sorry for the bad screenshots and such (black parts above and below the picture + on some it says "comment".) I just...
Fight Forever Rewrite! by Curse64
Fight Forever Rewrite!by Curse
You've been in groups here and there before you found residence in a community, called Richmond. You thought you finally had a good home, one worth defending, but that a...
Always Here, a Clementine x Male Reader Story by herbalmite97
Always Here, a Clementine x Male C
Y/N L/N. An abused child, who never had anyone to relate to. His mother died during childbirth, ever since then, his father's blamed him. Everyday Y/N would go to schoo...
Three Orphan Pilgrimage (The Alternative to TWDG's Final Season) [Walking Dead] by JGrayDingler
Three Orphan Pilgrimage (The J. Gray Dingler
A story about three kids on a post-apocalyptic road trip. Their reprieve from a world torn apart by the dead coming to a close, a ten-year-old girl and her best friend s...
 ✩ PROJECT :  'DATING' ✩ [CLOUIS MODERN AU] by clouistine
✩ PROJECT : 'DATING' ✩ [CLOUIS certified momo stan
they both loathed each other ever since then. they didn't want to do this, marlon wanting to rejoice the two, he wins a bet with louis, thus they must fake date for a wh...
coffee shop | clouis  by lovelillis
coffee shop | clouis by 𝑳𝒊𝒍𝒍𝒊🕊
☕️ ; "actually... i hate coffee." who knew a cup of coffee could bring two people together? TWDG; [ modern au ]
What's To Come Of Us(a Gabentine fanfiction) Completed by Loneassassin5503
What's To Come Of Us(a Gabentine Loneassassin5503
6 months after Richmond was saved and Clem left to find Aj. Gabe's life changed his uncle is the leader of Richmond and everything finally looks good but not for long
I promise [Clem x Louis] || SQUEL !! by user183737
I promise [Clem x Louis] || Pringles
A Broken Soul (Clementine X Male Reader) High School AU by ___Andrei
A Broken Soul (Clementine X Male Andrei
Y/N L/N, a troubled and broken teen who's trying to cope with the death of his mother who died during an accident back when his family lived in Macon, moved to Atlanta w...