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The Roses That Grew From The Concretes by asiawright29
The Roses That Grew From The Concr...by Just being Asia
Read the story to find out. I promise it'll be worth it🌹❤️!!
Little More by okayjade
Little Moreby Jadeaayonna
Kardi London Roberson, has to take care of her little sister, she's been hurt before. But is she really ready for what may come her way?
BEG FOR IT  by uniquelybreezy
BEG FOR IT by bebreezy
Karin Jinsui is a Senior at North Atlanta High School. It has only been her and her mother since she was 15, she is now 18 and she is well known for being a instagram mo...
My Last Letter | Sasuke Uchiha by Yonokia
My Last Letter | Sasuke Uchihaby Yonokia
Kikyo was just an experiment of the Snake Sannin, nothing special in the eyes of many. She was taken by Sasuke Uchiha to assist him on his quest to hunt Itachi Uchiha. S...
Me loving you by _foreverliyahh
Me loving youby _thestallion
20 year old karin moves away from Cali and comes to New York to start her business. One client comes in and changes her whole life.
A thug love story by barbianavibes
A thug love storyby Love everyone
Just read kids
Book 1: Indra's Return ✔️ by Luna_Uchiha1
Book 1: Indra's Return ✔️by Luna Uchiha
What if Indra was reborn in the Bleach universe. What if his father, Hagoromo Otsutsuki, decided to give him a second chance at life. Indra Otsutsuki now known as Indra...
Naruto (Male Senju/Hyuga Reader) by Carlos__Reyes
Naruto (Male Senju/Hyuga Reader)by CarlosReyes
This is a Story about Y/N Senju the Prince of the Senju Clan and son of both Tsunade Senju and Dan Hyuga follow Y/N through his journey to overcoming the hate and disres...
I'm NOT Katherine. (Vampire Diaries) by TheOriginalVampire
I'm NOT Katherine. (Vampire Diarie...by TheOriginalVampire
What if Elena had a twin sister Karin who acted similar to Katherine but is a vampire hunter? What happens when they meet the Salvatore brothers for the first time and f...
R E S I S T A N C E by mostlyamanda
R E S I S T A N C Eby 아만다
Throughout her time serving under Lord Orochimaru, Ayuka never thought twice about the young Uchiha whom she met in passing. She kept to herself and worked diligently to...
Uzumaki by almostelectric
Uzumakiby Electric
Uchiha Satsuki, avenger, doesn't love anything, or anyone. Not revenge, not tomatoes, and definitely - definitely! - not Uzumaki Naruto. But when she winds up on a genin...
More Than Gold [Book One] by jupiterscript
More Than Gold [Book One]by 🍯
Highest Ranking Received #1 in Chicklit "People in your life for seasons, anything that happens is for a reason." Book One. Golden "Goldie" Banks lif...
Nuevo destino by cb17thekiller
Nuevo destinoby cb17thekiller
Seis años de Soledad, Seis años de puro sufrimiento, el creció pensando que estaba solo. Pero luego de seis años descubre la verdad, que toda su vida era una farsa, el f...
SasuNaru (M-preg) by Emsiayi
SasuNaru (M-preg)by Onlyrealme
Read to find out!!!!! Warning: Mpreg and Yaoi!!!!!!! If you don't like it, don't read it!!!!!! Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto and the others characters from the Naru...
My only Life (The Ones Within x Fem!Reader) by KyuChan_
My only Life (The Ones Within x Fe...by KyuChan
You're a well known Let's Player, loved by your viewers! And through this, you acquainted yourself with a new type of game. The Ones Within - Genome But, did you know t...
Poetic Justice  by Anonymous5500
Poetic Justice by Anonymous5500
"A fatal attraction is common And what we have common is pain"
Story of our Lives -Naruto and Sasuke- Fanfiction by ErikaEvangeline
Story of our Lives -Naruto and Sas...by Erika
In this story, we are in the human, modern world! Different people pair up? Drama? The death of family members? The true NaruSasu (Or SasuNaru, which ever why you like i...
All I Need [SasuHina] by Mina_Ray
All I Need [SasuHina]by Mina_Ray
Hinata loses her memories while on a mission and is found by someone unexpected. He saved her life and now she devotes herself to him. As they embark on a journey to ful...
Naruto: wrath of Naruto  by simphiweisking
Naruto: wrath of Naruto by simphiweisking
After being his with the five elemental seal Naruto in given a gifts that will ensure that his destiny is fulfilled and goes t his home land to learn how to properly uti...
My Bestfriend's Girlfriend (SasuSaku) by Pink_890
My Bestfriend's Girlfriend (SasuSa...by Diane
For years, Sasuke has constantly watched Naruto, his best friend fail at relationships and romance. However, one day Naruto finally gets the chance to go on a date with...