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Sincerely Devoted (SasuNaru)  by RoseriaValeria
Sincerely Devoted (SasuNaru) by Valeria Roseria
After the celebrity, Sasuke Uchiha saw me once, he announced on national television that he was offering one million dollars for anyone would knew information about me...
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Gangsta Sexy (NaruSasu) (on hold for editing) by Scarlett_Harley
Gangsta Sexy (NaruSasu) (on hold Malec
Sasuke is gangsta and is wanted in almost every city. Naruto is a Normal high school student who also happens to be the son of the chief in command at the police station...
Looking in his lifeless eyes. by Coco-da-weeb
Looking in his lifeless Nub
Sasuke, a bored and lonely high school child meets Naruto, the new transfer student from america. Looking in his eyes, he sees the same eyes he had not too long ago. A...
Fate (SasuNaru) by RoseriaValeria
Fate (SasuNaru)by Valeria Roseria
If one day the guy who abandoned you came back, would you let him in? If one day the guy who left with another lady said hi, would you greet him? If one day that bastard...
"MOM!?" by gnamikaze13
"MOM!?"by anime ;)
i didn't know what to do for the tittle
SasuNaru by Naruto_Uzu
SasuNaruby 🎀I’m Chillin🎀
Naruto and Sasuke have been best friends ever since they were young, but when Naruto comes out to him he freaks out. Confused and frustrated Sasuke turns Naruto down...
I own him by JennieDaWeirdo
I own himby Jennie DaWeirdo
Sasuke Uchiha has fallen in love with the innocent Naruto Uzumaki but Naruto starts hanging out with some other people. Who will Naruto fall for. (It's obvious) Any art...
The Kings Servant by ImKitsuuu
The Kings Servantby Dead Author
Naruto Uzumaki is the servant of the powerful king, Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto grants all of Sasuke's wishes and is very helpful to him. Naruto would die for Sasuke. He would...
Sasunaru Oneshots by SasunarumyonetrueOTP
Sasunaru Oneshotsby SasunarumyonetrueOTP
Just a bunch of oneshots I'm throwing together. I'm open to requests, and I love comments!
When He Looks At Me by Yumi_Sennen
When He Looks At Meby Yang Xiao Long
Naruto love Sasuke but Sasuke is the most popular kid at the school. What would happen if Sasuke ends up talking to him? Does he love him? NaruSasu Naruto x Sauke Boy...
Hopelessly in love by implied_happiness
Hopelessly in loveby implied_happiness
Naruto suffers from anxiety and is just trying to keep his simple life and future together. However Naruto's heart seems point him elsewhere.
Naruto Sensei [NaruSasu] by lordzuther
Naruto Sensei [NaruSasu]by Esu
Itachi brought over a Senpai from school, his name was Naruto. Sasuke saw some things he shouldn't have and became conscious of Naruto. Later on, Naruto went M.I.A. on t...
Because we're friends (SasuNaru yaoi) by fanfictionfangirl
Because we're friends (SasuNaru TJ
Sasuke and Naruto both live at Konoha Academy. When Sasuke first sees Naruto, Naruto looks shy and depressed. But once Sasuke lifts his mood and makes him happy he wants...
The Uchiha family (Sasunaru story) by Bxbyvamps
The Uchiha family (Sasunaru story)by •Ash•
A 20 year old man got pregnant at the age of 16. The 20 year old man was name Naruto uzumaki or should I say Mrs.Uchiha. There was this other guy he was 21 years old his...
The Soft Side of Me by KatelinAnderson4
The Soft Side of Meby Katelin Anderson
After years of chasing Sasuke, Naruto grew tired of all the efforts to bring Sasuke back. As Naruto went to train with Jiraiya for a while, Sasuke willingly comes back t...
Possessive at yung.  by yungbum
Possessive at yung. by :)
I guess everyone was correct. When far from something you love, you change dramatically. Just a long story? Not nec...
Miss. President by SincerelyAddicted
Miss. Presidentby KutabareHokage
She was a part of the school's student council. He was the school's most notorious kid for trouble. Naru was the definition of perfection, but there is always a secret t...
Another Accidental Kiss by zeldaki
Another Accidental Kissby summer
Sasuke explores his conflicting feelings for Naruto as they discover that their relationship is a lot more than just teammates. (This is set in an AU where Sasuke DID N...
The Fallen Façade by Fluffy-DreamPie
The Fallen Façadeby FakerDeprived
Naruto was always 'deadlast' in his class. Mistakes here and there. But what if Naruto was pretending to be deadlast? What if he was smarter that anyone there AND the Ho...
~Master~ by MasonSenpaiz
~Master~by MasonSenpaiz
The gay ship everybody loves Naruto x Sasuke what will happen between these two? This is kinda a modern version I guess...