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My Saviour Sasuke [Sasunaru] by polyAnime
My Saviour Sasuke [Sasunaru]by Maōri.Smurf
Naruto was running away from a man who thought he was stealing at a small shelter, Naruto slipped on ice, and then fell into the cold water, who is going to save him? Go...
Naruto x Sasuke: Forbidden love? by JocelynGutierrez106
Naruto x Sasuke: Forbidden love?by Roses🥀
Naruto needs help with her monthly urges. But what happens when Sasuke finds out about them? What will he do? What will happen after? Especially since he seems to like N...
The Truth || SasuNaru by infolol
The Truth || SasuNaruby Lindsey
Boruto...He awakes his sharingan....but how? He's Naruto and Hinatas son...isn't he? SasuNaru || Infolol
Because we're friends (SasuNaru yaoi) by fanfictionfangirl
Because we're friends (SasuNaru TJ
Sasuke and Naruto both live at Konoha Academy. When Sasuke first sees Naruto, Naruto looks shy and depressed. But once Sasuke lifts his mood and makes him happy he wants...
Just Realized~ Narusasu/Sasunaru by _weeb_amv_
Just Realized~ Narusasu/Sasunaruby Just a weeb :)
Sakura tells Naruto that to date her he needs to write yaoi. He takes on the challenge then finds out that Sakura goes off and asks Sasuke out behind his back! Pissed of...
SasuNaru - What Now? by nyx_nike12
SasuNaru - What Now?by Charles Thomas
Sasuke cheats on Naruto
The Kings Servant by ImKitsuuu
The Kings Servantby Dead Author
Naruto Uzumaki is the servant of the powerful king, Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto grants all of Sasuke's wishes and is very helpful to him. Naruto would die for Sasuke. He would...
His blond by sasukeuchia22
His blondby sasukeuchia22
Naruto Uzumaki is an quite guy who's life was pretty perfect. He had a bunch of friends, perfect grades, a pretty girlfriend named sakura who he loved. but suddenly ever...
Hopelessly in love by implied_happiness
Hopelessly in loveby implied_happiness
Naruto suffers from anxiety and is just trying to keep his simple life and future together. However Naruto's heart seems point him elsewhere.
Letters we wrote by 2starslikeus
Letters we wroteby Two stars like us
Sasuke leaves the village to travel the world to atone for his crimes and to see it with his newly gained perspective. But one day, Naruto receives a letter from the Uch...
Texting Secrets by GlimmerandShine12
Texting Secretsby Shen!!
Sasunaru Story!!! One day Naruto gets a text from an unknown stranger, about him looking cute. He can't get much information out about of the person, but whenever he nee...
Sincerely Devoted (SasuNaru)  by RoseriaValeria
Sincerely Devoted (SasuNaru) by Valeria Roseria
After the celebrity, Sasuke Uchiha saw me once, he announced on national television that he was offering one million dollars for anyone would knew information about me...
Homophobia || Bebituh » vonlane by vonlane
Homophobia || Bebituh » vonlaneby von
■ ~"What happens when a homophobe and a homosexual are assigned as roomates?" ~■ ● ~ ~ ● You can see our end in our beginning. People like you always want more...
Sasuke The Yandere 🀄️ by polyAnime
Sasuke The Yandere 🀄️by Maōri.Smurf
This is a story of a person named Sasuke, who is a Yandere for one person, named Naruto Uzumaki. Whoever Naruto hanged out with, or whoever bullied him, Sasuke would of...
~haters to lovers~Narusasu gay by thedevilboi
~haters to lovers~Narusasu gayby thedevilboi
⚠️warning smut⚠️
By My Side by aquillaruiz
By My Sideby modulehater
Sasuke had enough! He will have Naruto, whether Naruto, like it or not.
Mr Uchiha loves me (SasuNaru) by RoseriaValeria
Mr Uchiha loves me (SasuNaru)by Valeria Roseria
A 28 year old gorgeous teacher, Sasuke Uchiha is in love with his 18 year old student Naruto. But Kiba and Naruto are together, will the teacher break them up?
Not Alone by Wolf_6719
Not Aloneby Wolf_6719
Naruto is a boy who has never known friendship, he had been mistreated by the villagers and treated as an outcast. With no friends and no where to go, he finds a fox, wi...
Naruto's Conflicted Feeling by ForeverFate478
Naruto's Conflicted Feelingby Lost Lilly
Naruto likes his tutor Itachi, but when Sasuke and Neji get involved Naruto just can't tell who he likes.... (Boyxboy) Naruto in a yaoi harem
Switch my sweetheart  by Kyo_j_readz
Switch my sweetheart by Ko Mushroom
Naruto and Hinata broke up months ago and decided to become close friends due to a tiny problem with hinata not liking men anymore. Sasuke and sakura are still together...