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Family by --wallflower--
Familyby --wallflower--
A fanfic.
narusasu smutshots by MegumiFushiguro44317
narusasu smutshotsby I'm not a simp 😡
lol just pure smut that's it bottom Sasuke btw, cuz I feel like it
You need me to do what?! by Animeyaoilover453
You need me to do what?!by Kakashi_435
Naruto doesn't belong to me nor any of the art Naruto is finally accomplishing his dreams to become the Hokage, what happens when the council decides he has to have a H...
Crush [SasuNaru] [BoyxBoy] by MafiaRainbow
Crush [SasuNaru] [BoyxBoy]by Adam
[Contains BoyxBoy! If you don't like then don't read!] Naruto Uzumaki is just trying to get through high school without involving himself with homophobic people, which i...
Giving Into You by Rika-Zumi
Giving Into Youby Kazumi-Chan
Sasuke has changed. He changed a lot of himself to stay by Naruto's side. Naruto acknowledges the change and welcomes him with open arms always.
My Cute Secret Admirer by EatMyKookie101
My Cute Secret Admirerby Idiot
Naruto decided that it was too much of a burden for him to hide his feelings towards his classmate Sasuke. He is too scared to confess his feelings face to face so he de...
Mafia's Playtoy || SasuNaru by narutosimp69
Mafia's Playtoy || SasuNaruby Naruto’s #1 Simp ੈ♡˳
MODERN AND GANG AU!!! Naruto got kidnapped on his way home. Only to be kidnapped of one of the greatest mafias out there and he peaks interest from the leader himself...
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SNS picture book  by Tobi-the-good-boy
SNS picture book by Obito's left nut
Most of my camera roll is narusasu and I have to many to the point my iCloud storage is almost full so I'mma put em here so big can get em back in case I do loose em
Letters we wrote by 2starslikeus
Letters we wroteby Two stars like us
Sasuke leaves the village to travel the world to atone for his crimes and to see it with his newly gained perspective. But one day, Naruto receives a letter from the Uch...
Narusasu Oneshots by njboyz_alvaro
Narusasu Oneshotsby njboyz_alvaro
This book is just a bunch of oneshots I'll be making. you are free to give me any ideas that you would like also their will be LEMON AND FLUFF in these stories. If you d...
Love is Love (Narusasu and Sakuhina) by 12aaratrika
Love is Love (Narusasu and 12aaratrika
After the war - Everything is settled, Naruto and Sasuke are dating aswell as Sakura and Hinata but, does the village support LGBTQ+ ? This story contain - Angst, Homoph...
Adorable Naruto one shots by Bullry
Adorable Naruto one shotsby J
Heyooooo! these are just some cute and adorable one shots, there will be some mini series and maybe diary dialogs random things! And all about....NARUTO! Hope you enjoy...
SasuNaru - What Now? by nyx_nike12
SasuNaru - What Now?by Charles Thomas
Sasuke cheats on Naruto
Possessive at yung.  by yungbum
Possessive at yung. by yungbum
I guess everyone was correct. When far from something you love, you change dramatically. Just a long story? Not nec...
I think of you ! by avadoi
I think of you !by Avadoi
In Konoha High, there are two totally opposite side of a same coin : naruto Uzumaki, the one who's good in practically everything he does , and sasuke Uchiha.. famous...
NaruSasu by Fnngrl22
NaruSasuby Fnngrl22
This is a story where Naruto is the youngest AMBU and he goes thru heat what will happen ?? Yaoi story if you dont like dont read Naruto Uzumaki ( 12 ) ( Seme ) Sa...
Demon Samurai Kitsune  by AndrewSinclair0
Demon Samurai Kitsune by DeltaxNerd
Before the battle with the Nine Tail Fox. Minato discovered that his hero the second Hokage abandoned the Uzushio to its fate of destruction. His thought was if the Uzum...
sMUt in every story  by Morgan926371
sMUt in every story by Naruto_Uzumaki
This is where I chose a picture and make a story out of it
Try Not To Worry by messofXcolors
Try Not To Worryby messofXcolors
Peace is what the Leaf Village is experiencing in the aftermath of the 4th Great Ninja War. Sasuke is brought back into the Leaf after months since the war and is trying...
Papa Kakashi (a father kakashi and son Sasuke bonding) by SukUchimaki
Papa Kakashi (a father kakashi I'm happier than you
basically just kakashi being a father figure to Sasuke narusasu obikaka mentioned