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The Lost Heir by Jykuarak2
The Lost Heirby Jykuarak2
When a clan with blood relations to the Senju arrive in Konoha, the ninja and civilians are all excited. The Senju were regarded as close to royal with the famed clan wh...
Facade (Naruto Fanfiction)  by Yaoi_Fan_UwU
Facade (Naruto Fanfiction) by Star Fox
GAANARU [ONGOING] Uzumaki Naruto was abused by the citizens of Konohagakure. Sarutobi Hiruzen didnt do anything to help him, and Naruto developed a hate for the vill...
Return Of What Once Was Lost... The New Whirlpool..  by Aish46Aish
Return Of What Once Was Lost... Aish46Aish
It was said that the village hidden in the whirling tides was completely destroyed before the second shinobi war. But the truth is far bigger than this. The villagers wh...
Uzumaki-sama .The Uzukage (Itanaru)《Naruto Fic》 by Perseades26
Uzumaki-sama .The Uzukage ( Kami
Throughout his whole life he has been beaten, stabbed, rejected, hated and much more. But he has learned to ignore it well... most of it. Some of it goes to his head but...
Namikaze Hatake Clan by KakaNaruHatake
Namikaze Hatake Clanby Naruko Uzumaki Hatake
Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze is actually a girl. She isn't 13 like everyone believed she is. No, Naruto is actually 19 and is married to Kakashi since the age of 14. Naruto i...
Naruto is a Girl~ by CloudNarutoHitsugaya
Naruto is a Girl~by Naruto Namikaze
Naruto is actually Naruko Uzumaki. She is banished because she hurt the "Last Uchiha". She wondered around between the Nations. She meets a man and a boy. She...
A Second Chance(Naruto FanFiction) by Tats_moonrose
A Second Chance(Naruto FanFiction)by Tats_moonrose
So basically it's one of the stories where Naru gets blamed for Sasuke's injuries. However in this story she doesn't get banished she "dies" buts gets a second...
The Unknown Uzumaki Heir {✔} by Fukuyomi_Namikaze
The Unknown Uzumaki Heir {✔}by ❝ωєєв τrαsн❞
[Edited 2nd time] Warning: Extreme OOC-ness on everyone, especially Naruto and Kurama. Credits of the photos to their rightful owner's and bashing on Konoha except a few...
naruto: el ninja mas poderoso by TheNewOrumaito2002
naruto: el ninja mas poderosoby TheNewORumaito2002
naruto el guerrero definitivo el super saiyajin..ok no. los padres de naruto no mueren tendrá un hermano llamado menma y una hermana llamada mito. naruto porta el alma d...
Crónicas de una kunoichi: Uzushiogakure by -Camiila-
Crónicas de una kunoichi: -Camiila-
Un largo camino fue recorrido por Misato Senju intentando entender su existencia y su misión en el mundo. Ahora, tiene un nuevo propósito por el cual luchar. Ella recon...
Flash to the Future Series (Omakes, Backstories, Deleted Scenes, and More) by AGeekWithGlasses
Flash to the Future Series ( Purple Heart of Diamonds
What's up?! It's finally here. In this book, are the extra stories, scenes, and answers to your questions that you have been waiting on. Here is where you will find mos...
Konohagakures bloody aces by cheems11111
Konohagakures bloody acesby Naruto
Naruto, tenten, hinata, shikamaru, the tags should tell you the rest.
Naruto's Brother by Julius-Uzumaki-117
Naruto's Brotherby Julius Uzumaki
This is a story about how Naruto has a brother, and that how his brother is the ANBU Captain and joins The Akatsuki, and also this story takes place during the first Nar...
SasuNaru by Celly-chann
SasuNaruby Célly
Als Naruto gerade 9 Jahre alt geworden ist, verschwand er aus Konoha. Das ist den meisten Leuten egal, bis auf einem kleinen Uchiha, der zu der Zeit seine Familie verlor...
The Kitsune of the Wind by DamiandNaru-kun
The Kitsune of the Windby Christopher Truman
God Mode Naruto Ship poll open from first chapter. Deciding polls will be included You probably want to know what the story is about though so I'll get to that. YEET Any...
Memories ( Sequel to Appearances )  by Lizz0429
Memories ( Sequel to Appearances ) by Liz
Before they matured and became the young responsible and mature Jonin they were today, Kimiko and Shisui Uchiha-Uzumaki-Namikaze were ignorant to what happened in their...
Dance of Crimson (Harry Potter x Naruto) by AngelVow
Dance of Crimson (Harry Potter x AngelVow
They say that Uzushio is gone. Destroyed. It's inhabitants scattered. A shadow of its past. But as legends fade, new ones rise. They call her the Crimson Angel, compara...
Am in naruto, shi- {COMPLETED} {1} by Hawkina
Am in naruto, shi- {COMPLETED} {1}by Hawkina
She was back to where she truly belonged but would she stay there forever or be back to earth, she had fallen in love, had heartbreak and was on a journey that certainly...
The Bloody Demon of Whirlpool by Greenybean16
The Bloody Demon of Whirlpoolby Greenybean16
When fire raged in whirlpool, burning the corpses of the fallen, enemy and ally alike. When the forces of the three great nations, Kiri, Iwa, and Kumo came together to d...
Oblivious to Danger (Naruto FanFiction) [DISCONTINUED] by DamiandNaru-kun
Oblivious to Danger (Naruto Christopher Truman
Naruto never even noticed how much he was hated, or that he was being bullied constantly. What if he used that to become stronger. What if he LOVED the village instead o...