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Short Novel 🔞 by atochikuu
Short Novel 🔞by Jēxlly
[YoonMin] MPREG Oneshots OMEGAVERSE 💚 by BlueSutcilff
[YoonMin] MPREG Oneshots OMEGAVERS...by Yoonapen
It's all about yoonmin oneshots mpreg / omegaverse and if you're looking for fluff story about yoonmin.... here you go - yoongi alpha x jimin omega
Love tease  by kookminforever__
Love tease by kookminforever__
Jimin is a tease, Jungkook is needy - but so is Taehyung. •Jikook, Vmin, Namjin and Vhope• Alpha and Omega
Later. || Jikook by aidajikook
Later. || Jikookby A
The idea was that Jimin spends a quiet last year of high school in this new town. Maybe make a few friends, nothing more nothing less. Yet the group he found himself bef...
do not leave - jimin x kai by johnnyluvbotuwu
do not leave - jimin x kaiby fancy
kai fell in love with jimin who later died...
JiminxBTS oneshots by BTSxAMA
JiminxBTS oneshotsby soft strawberry mochi
Just some Jimin with BTS oneshots.
unexpected love...✨💖 by samkookieeee
unexpected love...✨💖by samkookieeee
these is just fan fiction.... don't take it seriously... if uh feel uncomfortable while reading don't read... it's all about imagine... there are 2 boys love story, m...
arranged marriage (jikook) by thedevilssnarls
arranged marriage (jikook)by thedevilssnarls
jimin is very well known on instagram. he was actually the reason as to why people downloaded it. his parents didn't know he was this popular. what happened when the jeo...
Do you? // Yoonmin Smut Oneshots by Itslofi
Do you? // Yoonmin Smut Oneshotsby Lofi F
Yoongi, "Can I ask you a question?" Jimin, "Yes Hyung" Yoongi, "Do you love me?" He smirked Jimin, "idk hyung, Do you need me?"
jimin-bl oneshot by bl_multifangirl
jimin-bl oneshotby R.chi
Okay...so these are the stories I'll write because either I'm bored as fuck or I have writer's block on another story. And remember these are just out of my imagination...
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A Young Teacher  || Jikook by miniee_koo
A Young Teacher || Jikookby minie_koo
بارك جيمين استاذ في السادسة و العشرين من عمره يعمل في ثانوية سيول و شقيق جونغكوك بالتبني جونغكوك المسيطر 🔝 جيمين الخاضع ⬇️ Mature content ⚠ BxB
Lie | Jikook  by Elliya_vm
Lie | Jikook by Elliya_vm
حيث جونغكوك إختار أن يحب شقيقه جيمين " حين أحتضنه بين يدي بهذه الطريقة لا أشعر أننا نتعانق فقط جسديا.. ~ بل قلوبنا أيضا تتعانق، و كأن أرواحنا مترابطة.. و كأنه ق...
☆ sweet sin | yoonmin ☆ by Elliya_vm
☆ sweet sin | yoonmin ☆by Elliya_vm
" جيمين هذا منزلي، انا من أضع القواعد و ان أخبرتك انك لن تخرج عليك أن تطيعني مفهوم؟" " انت لم تحبني في حياتك هيونغ" حيث جيمين يجد نفسه يتيما و تصبح ل...
HEART SICK by Jikook-143
HEART SICKby Kookmin ♥️
One side love is so painful to the death..' and that too if he ignores you.,hates you..' then it makes life was like a living hell..' That's what jimin was facing now...
Hiding Season | JiKook  by me1me2m3
Hiding Season | JiKook by memememe
[21+] heat and rut comes at the same time only once a year, this season is known for having hormone turbulance specially for teenagers going thru adulthood. -My doll is...
My boo ♡ Yoonmin by DayannaMin
My boo ♡ Yoonminby Dayanna Min
Donde Yoongi es el capitán de fútbol Americano y Jimin un porrista enamorado. -Yoongi ¿Has visto mi bolsa Chanel? -Sólo apúrate ¡Vamos tarde a mi partido! Es el penúltim...
Jibooty pictures by YOONGISATOP
Jibooty picturesby YOONGI DILF‼️
Pictures of the Jibooty + others
mafia's son|| taekook || Yeonjun Ft  by yazminbtsv
mafia's son|| taekook || Yeonjun F...by Yazmin ff
jjk is the most feared mafia of the Asia and no one have seen his face and he is married to mercyless killer v they both are living there life very normally..........as...
Jikook |SMUT +18| by KatySanchez853
Jikook |SMUT +18|by Katy Sanchez
Just random sex scenes,each story mostly has up to 4 chapters Jikook 18+ Mature content Explicit language Do NOT read unless you are 18 and above