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Student Secret by wandaromanovf
Student Secretby wandaromanovf
On your final night out during fresher's at university, you have a memorable experience with a stranger in a secluded club, only to find out the following morning that s...
Muse Chatroom **CrackFic** by SylviaXD
Muse Chatroom **CrackFic**by SylviaXD
WARNING: slightly inappropriate jokes inside. You have been warned... Don't take this fic seriously. NicoMaki, NozoEli, KotoUmi, RinPana and CRACK. Lots and lots of cr...
sykkuno x corpse oneshosts by gothicdics
sykkuno x corpse oneshostsby lgbtq+_disasters
Fluff: ✔️ Smut: ✔️ lemon: ? kinks: some omegaverse: ✔️ nekokuno: ✔️ little space: 🚫 Angst: ✔️ yaoi: ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️(of course!) and that's all for now
Being evil  by bruhh___5555
Being evil by Sad Hoe
(BOOK #2 TO ALPHA CAMP) Arabella is a kind girl with a loving pack and family. At least that's what people think. They don't see how the pack youth treats the alphas dau...
Is It True?  by xnastystoriesx
Is It True? by NightClub
This story is about a vampire that meets a mafia boss. She doesn't find out she's a vampire until. Does she find out why she's a vampire or how she's a vampire?! We don'...
My brother sold me  by ellatomayahoocom
My brother sold me by ellatomayahoocom
Beth is a seventeen year old girl. Her brother Jake was 20. Their parents died when Beth was twelve years old. Her brother was always loving and caring until he starts a...
Serendipity /ˌsɛr(ə)nˈdɪpɪti/Submit noun the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. ~ She...
How About No? by ostromn
How About No?by Sasha Ostrom
When random creeps private message an annoyed pastor: an anthology
The Disappearance by StoryTimeGuy
The Disappearanceby .
When a girl falls in love with a vampire, he helps her defeat her thrilling ancestor who is killing others. Will they be able to stop him in no time? ⚠️WARNING⚠️: THIS S...
William x female reader 18+ by Rats2008
William x female reader 18+by ❦M𝑜𝑜n_Demon❦
This story will have inappropriate language and behavior I might do more chapters but this story is cringe
My rose🌹(black butler x modern reader) by Olliegirrl
My rose🌹(black butler x modern Olliegirrl
I'm not good at describing stuff but basically the cast of black butler end up in your living room one day when you arrive from school. Will a romance blossom? Or will t...
Baldi's Basics | 50 Shades Of Kink / Baldi x The Principal Of The Thing  by Gotta-Sweep
Baldi's Basics | 50 Shades Of Gotta Sweep
This book is to help me practice my writing. Request away to see Baldi x Principal ~ Requests - OPEN •
The New Teacher  by appleheadmj4
The New Teacher by Michael J. Frendez
Jennifer's old Teacher had sex with a student and he got caught so they fired him and Michael Jackson is they new Teacher or should I say Mr.Michael is the new Teacher
Forbidden love on the spectrum. by ems-kitty-xx
Forbidden love on the ems-kitty
Amelia has Asperger's and school life is hard. All she really wants to learn is what love feels like, but she falls for the wrong guy.
Mabill smut one shots (Bill x Mabel smut)  by F1reb0y
Mabill smut one shots (Bill x Blaze
Ive been wanting smut one shots of these two but I haven't been able to get to one so i decided to write one myself! Im awful with smut that isn't girl x girl or boy x b...
About my characters #4 by SuperMapleGirl
About my characters #4by SuperMapleGirl
- Before reading: -Please read About my characters Guide Book it shows all the contents of each book and characters within in. -there's drawings in the book, however, so...
Chicago fire smut  by zoeychico
Chicago fire smut by zoeychico
any one from Chicago fire can be in this book just give me a suggestion plz.
Frank Iero x Reader Smut  by redfade
Frank Iero x Reader Smut by Rocky
Some Frank Iero smut for you horny little punks. Hope you like! xxx
Undertale | Skelepun Book of Skeleton Puns by rottenentity
Undertale | Skelepun Book of 𝙻𝚊𝚣𝚊𝚛𝚞𝚜
Gonna be a skeleton of skelepuns and they're gonna be really skelefun and I'm really just skeledone with my life because I'm not humerus and its makes me feel so sad to...