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Principal of the Thing x Filename2 by trollpokemon
Principal of the Thing x Filename2by trollpokemon
After the Principal discovers a secret room hidden to everyone else, he meets someone who changes his life: for better and for worse. *smut free, anything majorly NSFW w...
Math Is Math (Baldi x Reader) by Inkfinite98
Math Is Math (Baldi x Reader)by Inkfinite98
You were in fact, one of the smartest math students in your school. were sent to Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning. Will Baldi be able to handle you...
fighting for love:ReaderxBaldi [FF] *BBIEL* by imbWiMiNShOoK
fighting for love:ReaderxBaldi [ Im×Multifandom×Girl
#1 my first fanfiction. [Baldi X Reader] ♡I HOPE YOU LIKE IT♡ *Disclaimer* I don't own BBIEL characters,Granny or you. (BBIEL-baldi's basics in EDUCATION and LEARNING)
Principal of the thing x reader (fluff) by ForgottenGamer76
Principal of the thing x reader ( idle.girlies
You just moved to this new... strange town. Your dad decided that you'd begin in the plain white schoolhouse. Well, not gonna spoil anything kekeke this is a principal o...
- after classes end | baldi x male reader - by wateraesthetics
- after classes end | baldi x spooks
* class was officially over. it was a friday, so the kids all rushed out, eager as usual. what about you, their teacher? as soon as they left, you curled up in the corne...
Secrets in Detention (Principal of the Thing X Male! reader) by xXSemi-Dark_KnightXx
Secrets in Detention (Principal Chris
What happens when a new student falls for the highest authority? **Disclaimers** -Cover art belongs to mE -Baldi's basics does not belong to me -this will contain fluff...
Is this really love? [a Principal x Baldi story] (COMPLETE ) by LostBoy200
Is this really love? [a •-Benjamin-•
This ones for you my friend. Hah... what am I doing with my life. Sigh. Oh well I'm already doing it , so it really doesn't matter at this point. -Benjamin [Aka: writer...
The Indieverse by hitthepin
The Indieverseby A. Kim
After the Player does some ill-advised file reassignment, waves of sentience ripple throughout the multiverse contained on his computer, and thus begins an epic adventur...
RUN - Yandere!Baldi x Reader {COMPLETED} by S0L1TUD3
RUN - Yandere!Baldi x Reader { coagulate
You've been asked by a friend to collect some textbooks from school. You shuddered at the thought, and criticized him, saying, "Why can't you?!" You still had...
Baldi's Basics || Kiss Me Slow / Baldi x The Principal Of Thing  by Gotta-Sweep
Baldi's Basics || Kiss Me Slow / Gotta Sweep
Baldi and The Principal are now a couple. They love each other, and they want to get to know each other, both inside and out. However, an enemy lurks in the distance, a...
MAH SHIPS (Artwork Not Mine) by Angafan90
MAH SHIPS (Artwork Not Mine)by Uni
Not original ya read the title ya know what were getting into
Courage||Baldi x Principal Of The Thing by depressiontimecx
Courage||Baldi x Principal Of depressiontimecx
•The art is not mine, credit to the original owner• Please don't hate, I know I'm walking cringe...woooo! Also, it's my first book will be really bad ;-;
Princibaldi {BBIEAL fanfic} [COMPLETE] by inspired_savages
Princibaldi {BBIEAL fanfic} [ inspired_savages
Baltimore Middle School's best math teacher, Mr. Baldi, has a secret. He's has a crush on the principal. That secret had stayed with him for a while until recently, when...
recipes for trouble {principal of the thing x reader} by PastelGhhost
recipes for trouble {principal RamRam
Ask adopted player!(Baldi's basics in education and learning)(REQUESTS CLOSED) by PybroTF2
Ask adopted player!(Baldi's Gay-
If you haven't read no touching my Baldimore in the halls! I suggest reading it before reading this))) So in this you just ask player whatever you want! Don't hold back
Baldi's Basics || Game Rules / Baldi x The Principal Of The Thing by Gotta-Sweep
Baldi's Basics || Game Rules / Gotta Sweep
The Last Book To Recess Loving! • Baldi was caught by the Principal for murdering a child. The Principal didn't know what to do, nor how to handle the situation. Baldi g...
detention for you [ princibaldi ] by wateraesthetics
detention for you [ princibaldi ]by spooks
"when will you learn?" whoever said teachers can't get detention? the bald math teacher gets it all the time due to that temper of his. what happens when he ge...
--Invisible Chains-- (Yandere version) Baldi x reader by Heavenmadoka
--Invisible Chains-- (Yandere Skxtches
WARNING: SOME CHAPTERS MAY DISTURB SOME OF THE READERS BECAUSE OF UNWANTED SCENES (no sexual content) COMPLETED✔ The completed book of Invisible Chains (yandere version)...
Don't Leave Me || Princibaldi ✔️ by CeruleanWind
Don't Leave Me || Princibaldi ✔️by JJ
Princi is about to reveal his long-hidden feelings for Baldi. However, on the day of Princi's planned confession, Baldi tells his boss something that changes both of the...
Baldi's Basics Oneshots by MimiChan1110
Baldi's Basics Oneshotsby 📚Mimi🍎
A bunch of Baldi's Basics x Reader☆