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Fervid Love  by sugarfairy1976
Fervid Love by 🌙ɢᴜᴄᴄɪ
"She's a woman that my heart goes to naturally, without even me knowing it" - Gareth James Wilson © sugarfairy1976 2020 [Published 22/2/2020] [Ended -ongoing] ...
☆ Your Choice ☆ [Baldi x Reader x Principal] DISCONTINUED by bigheartedbaby
☆ Your Choice ☆ [Baldi x Reader janelle
THIS STORY CONTAINS VIOLENCE, SELF HARM, AND SEXUAL THEMES ~~~~~ (Y/N) is just a normal teenage girl. While being forced to attend a certain off-ish school by her mother...
My Principal by GirlsLoveSara
My Principalby GirlsLoveSara
I never knew I would fall in love in love with her. How did this happen? The age difference alone is insane. And she's my principal for god sake!! But with a principal a...
Let Me Go [GirlxGirl]  by DesiiQueen
Let Me Go [GirlxGirl] by Desi-Queen 👑
Brooke Keagan experiences a massive trauma which turns her life upside down and causes her behaviour to deteriorate. Miss Cope comes in to her life as her mentor, will s...
THE IVY | yoonmin by kimtaegyo
THE IVY | yoonminby 𝖆𝖇𝖎𝖌𝖆𝖎𝖑
in which yoongi causes problems for his new principal.
🌙 ; PRESIDENT ┊f m h ' i. by mysticyangiel
🌙 ; PRESIDENT ┊f m h ' ⇢˚⋆ e l y ˎˊ-
₍ 📣 ₎ ..⃗. ꒰ s y n o p s i s ꒱ "You will pay for this!" "Sorry na nga, 'e!" • • • A story in which ; the student council's president acci...
Saiki in MHA by aburningtrashcan
Saiki in MHAby aburningtrashcan
So let me just make this clear I have a short memory and I will make many mistakes. So basically Saiki was just vibin on his bed when he has an accident. He teleported...
Why him? (Princibaldi Au: Mute/Deaf!Baldi x Strict!Principal)/Complete/  by Anata-Towa
Why him? (Princibaldi Au: Mute/ Bs_Draws
This is my original idea about my Au. So this Au take place in the same timeline except when they both reach in their 40' s (except, Baldi is 39 while Princi is 2 years...
Kindergarten x New Teacher! Reader by Degal_Heartfang
Kindergarten x New Teacher! Readerby DEE-GAL
You,(Y/N), sighed up for a new teaching job at a kindergarten. After you start working there, things go chaotic for you. Will you leave your new job or will you learn to...
Kindergarten: All Grown Up by IceCreamArtz
Kindergarten: All Grown Upby AnnaMay
The Kindergarten gang has all grown up and is in high school, but what happens if the hall monitor from their kindergarten was murdered? Who did it? Can the old gang fig...
You've Got Mail by HasiVA
You've Got Mailby Hasini
I get emails everyday, so I decided to make a collection of them. Check them out! DISCLAIMER: ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE RELEVANT MAILERS. I JUST COLLECT THE EMAILS.
Baldi's Basics || 30 Day Smut Challenge / ALL SHIPS  by Gotta-Sweep
Baldi's Basics || 30 Day Smut Gotta Sweep
smUT SMUT SMUT SMUT SMUT SMUT SMUt smut SMUT WARNING 30 Days Of practice on inappropriate content ;)
Mr Principal (A Robert Downey Jr Fan Fiction)  by ActorFanFictions
Mr Principal (A Robert Downey Jr ActorFanFictions
17 Year old Natasha Burr joins Hues High School. Robert Downey Jr is the principal and drama teacher, once he and Natasha meet something sparks. Will she fall for him or...
The Principal by oxox_feelings
The Principalby oxox_feelings
Life was good for Harper Aaron, friends, good grades, her step dad was really starting to connect with her. She had it all tell one night at the school dance the princip...
baldixprincipal by stony-marvel
baldixprincipalby stony chan
la histora anterior la borre por ciertos acontecimientos de la matrix que me fallo pero se las compenso con una de 15 o 20 capitulos para tenerla lo mas completa posible...
Principals Daughter by Queen_Bree_2020
Principals Daughterby Bree
No description. Read to find out what happens.
Arguments and Attitude by lovelylines16
Arguments and Attitudeby lovelylines16
Kalie Marie Goode is a 13 year old, who's mouth gets her into trouble, always talking back, or getting an attitude. with her mom as her teacher, and her dad as a cop..di...
Un destino diferente by vergil_18
Un destino diferenteby Vergil_18
¿Qué pasaría si Gilgamesh y Saber estuvieran empapados en la oscuridad del Grial al final de Fate / Zero? Despertándose con un cuerpo humano real, Arturia lucha por acep...
Horribly Unfair by LawrenceKinden
Horribly Unfairby LawrenceKinden
Cosette's pretty pink dress has garnered unwanted attention. [Story Depicts Spanking]
Baldi's Basics Oneshots by MimiChan1110
Baldi's Basics Oneshotsby 📚Mimi🍎
A bunch of Baldi's Basics x Reader☆