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the snake of fairy tail by zack01234
the snake of fairy tailby zack01234
Gin has die after he fail to kill aizen but he was give a second chance to change his life he was send into earthland where they are people able to use magic, &quo...
Undisclosed Desires [Ulquiorra Cifer] by UndeadSoldier109
Undisclosed Desires [Ulquiorra Shadow
Ulquiorra was never familiar with human emotion, but neither was Mizuki. Ulquiorra was the only Espada without a Fraccion; but when Aizen stumbles upon Mizuki, who acts...
Hollow Heroes: The Espada of Class 1A (Bleach/MHA Crossover) by MrEhero-Ultimate
Hollow Heroes: The Espada of MrEhero
In his last moments, a silver-haired man had tried to kill a man who wished to become a God. Despite his somewhat successful efforts, he was killed.... But after his eye...
Soul Reaper In Human Clothing by hetalia-UK
Soul Reaper In Human Clothingby CaptainKarma
We all know Gin ichimaru, a snake within the court guard squads. What if I told you even while being such a great and achieving soul reaper, Gin also kept a secret that...
Bleach Boyfriend Scenarios [DISCONTINUED] by xtrablu
Bleach Boyfriend Scenarios [ xtrablu
Included characters are-- Ichigo Kurosaki Renji Abari Byakuya Kuchiki Toshiro Hitsugaya Gin Ichimaru Souske Aizen [Idk what I will do with this book but... Its alive I...
Stuck in Your (Love) Trap [Bleach Aizen Sousuke Fanfiction] by _shiro_usagi_
Stuck in Your (Love) Trap [ Jane Sakura
After spends almost a hundred years searching for someone, Aizen Sousuke finally found the person he was looking for. Toudo Ran, a 16 year old girl who was born as a nor...
Soul Avengers by otaku_kun16
Soul Avengersby Anime_Otaku
Our favourite Strawberry gets sucked in to the marvel universe, but his not alone a few of our favourite soul reapers come along on the wild ride with him. Will they be...
Super Saiyan Shinigami (Male Reader)(DISCONTINUED) by LightDrazirahc
Super Saiyan Shinigami (Male LightDrazirahc
Can OP Game mechanics break the Bleachverse Discontinued
Bleach It Orange! [Bleach Fanfic] by eri_quin
Bleach It Orange! [Bleach Fanfic]by Eri Quin
When Rukia comes to Karakura, Gin tags along for supervision (and because he made some nobles angry). How will Ichigo deal with both of them, while they adjust to a surp...
Bleach One Shots/Preferences/Stories by Lord_Charlie17
Bleach One Shots/Preferences/ Charlieeee<3
A collection of Bleach One Shots and Preferences, mainly going to use characters I used in my quotev quiz! I may do requests later on though. All rights go to Tite Kubo...
Nothing's Changed [Byakuya × Renji] by dearelfboy
Nothing's Changed [Byakuya × Renji]by ✨flexsealinmydickhole✨
I just wanted to see more Byakuya and Renji, so here it is Edit : Some minor × adult smut, not really something that I support, I just felt like experimenting with it. ...
Ichigo's Twin Sister by AzureBunny
Ichigo's Twin Sisterby Azure
Mitsuki Kurosaki Twin sister of Ichigo Kurosaki Zanpakuto name: Anri Zanpakuto release: "Pull everything into an eternal darkness, Anri" Bankai: Shi no Anri Cu...
Gin Ichimaru's daughter (Renji x OC) by MistyNickerson
Gin Ichimaru's daughter (Renji x Misty Nickerson
Gin Ichimaru, Captain of Squad Three, secretly had a daughter who looks almost exactly like him, right down to his smile. He left her in the human world to protect her f...
The Princess by NarutoHitsugaya
The Princessby I need a life
This is an inspired version of 'The Princess' on my step-sibling's account (CloudNarutoNamikaze). Minato arranged a marriage for Naruto before she was born. As a child...
Hitsugaya's Son. by CloudNarutoHitsugaya
Hitsugaya's Naruto Namikaze
Toshiro has a Son, Naruto. When Naruto was born he vanished into the Elemental world. Minato found Naruto at the scene of the Kyuubi attack. Minato's Son, Karuto, died a...
Encumbrance [Toshiro X Reader] by violet569
Encumbrance [Toshiro X Reader]by 2-many-plot-twists
Everyone has problems. -en·cum·brance- How they deal with it? Well that's up to them. -noun- The solution often depends on what's causing it. -a burden or impediment- Yo...
Random Gin X Reader Lemon by weirdaphobe
Random Gin X Reader Lemonby Nutsack :p
~I was bored so I wrote a lemon of one of my favorite Bleach characters~ *this is my first lemon AND x reader so please don't hate me!!* Enjoy! (I don't own any picture...
Soul Society's Construction Squad [REWRITE] by blaziken01trainer
Soul Society's Construction Procrastinator
VERY SLOWLY GETTING BACK ON TRACK Cover made by the incredible @an-tan_!!! Arc 1 banner made by @blancxcem Have you ever wondered how the Seireitei always went back to...
Bleach Q&A with Gin Ichimaru by Bleach-Gin
Bleach Q&A with Gin Ichimaruby Gin Ichimaru
"Ya got a question for me?" You can ask anyone in the Anime Bleach a question or dare with your host Gin Ichimaru! Leave your question/dare in the comment sect...
Naruto Neglected: The Soul Reaper by BrotherIplier
Naruto Neglected: The Soul Reaperby Kimo Uchiha
Naruto Uzumaki is Neglected and disowned by his parents for his siblings. Naruto leaves his family. A Family who isn't allied with Minato found Naruto dying outside thei...