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Reincarnated into the world of Naruto by onetim3 by johanalpas
Reincarnated into the world of Nar...by johan alpas
Reincarnated into the world of Naruto by onetim3 »Izaya. Karasuma Izaya. I was a spy working for the UN on a top secret mission when someone sold me out. Seriously? I ha...
Experiment 15 by sande5098
Experiment 15by SandefurdaSlytherin
Harry Potter, the boy who lived. The little boy who at eleven years old didn't receive his Hogwarts letter. In fact, it returned to Headmaster Dumbledore's office - unop...
An alpha with a mute mate. by ishaebalampu
An alpha with a mute mate.by Prettysunsets
Aviana was raised in a city by a small family. It started with her mother, father, big brother and her. Now it's just her and her father. Knowing nothing about the smal...
Her Gift by Kara-Elle
Her Giftby 🌸KATE🌸
His eyes drop to my lips before his mouth descends, capturing mine in an all consuming, over powering kiss and I moan almost instantly. He captures the sound in his mou...
Akela (Avengers x wolf) by flickpriehs20
Akela (Avengers x wolf)by Felicity priehs
Akela is a 4 year old white wolf with golden eyes she has been caged her entire life and experimented on by hydra. One day she manages to escape the hell hole she's call...
Experiment Zero by dangeroustoken
Experiment Zeroby dangeroustoken
There's more out there than you think. Ashley Cartwright works on a secluded island for her father as a secretary. The lab her father works at it planning on discov...
DonnieXReader [The successful experiment] Tmnt fanfiction by Saanachankawaii15
DonnieXReader [The successful expe...by Zia
You are the only successful artificial human being that Professor Harley created. Now you do anything to be away from him and his scientists. What is his plan? Why did h...
(COMPLETED | UNDER EDITING) Fresh out of college, Veronica Odair is hired as a forensic scientist at the infamous B.E.A.R. Laboratories. She is put to work on the classi...
The Patient  by chloedubee
The Patient by chloed
Opal works the front desk in a mental hospital. One day they bring in a patient that has everyone completely rattled. They're taking up precautions she barely even knew...
Species Unknown [Book 1: Aves] by fantasynote
Species Unknown [Book 1: Aves]by fantasynote
Hidden deep in the California valley is the Aves Department for the infamous C.R.O.S.S. Laboratories. Offered an internship this esteemed genetic research lab, biology g...
Quarantine by Bella_Higgin
Quarantineby Bella_Higgin
When a deadly disease ravages the town of Holmsley, Frankie and her friends find themselves trapped inside a military-blockaded quarantine zone. ...
Alpha Initiative by lithlithe
Alpha Initiativeby Lindsey
The Alpha Initiative is a very secret, very illegal, experimental project headed by a dangerous scientist who is far more than just a "little" mad. Forced bree...
Maybe Someday by ScarletWSilver
Maybe Somedayby Scarlet W Silver
My name is Annabelle Rogers and I was born in the 1910's. I am Steve's twin sister and younger by almost fifteen minutes. He went off to war and I was taken by an organi...
𝘍𝘭𝘺 𝘩𝘪𝘨𝘩.. |Bnha x child!clone reader by ShinnyTea
𝘍𝘭𝘺 𝘩𝘪𝘨𝘩.. |Bnha x child!cl...by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Y/n is a clone, Hawks' clone to be more specific. Made in a lab were she grew up. But one day Sir nighteye found her when a gathering of... Hawks'.. the birds. Thousands...
Neko Lab by ImNotAPsychoAsshat
Neko Labby Junie B. Jones...The "B" stan...
{Completed} A 12 year old rare neko is captured by the ani-human research facility just to find how sadistic government sanctioned experimentation really is. I know ther...
Getting through {deaf Naruto story} by AnimePotato_0
Getting through {deaf Naruto story}by AnimePotato_0
{This is a gay story of Naruto} Naruto was born deaf but he doesn't let it affect him. Sitting on the sidelines and watching everything, hidden from sight and being home...
Easter Freeze x peter parker (Avenger) by yanichiiiichan
Easter Freeze x peter parker (Aven...by yanichiiiichan
Lily Austin got kidnaped by Hydra went she was so young... She can freeze anything with a bare hand... She can control water, snow and ice..and wind "Be ready beca...
The Experiment  by HaleyyP
The Experiment by 💕Haley💕
Aro had adopted Izzy 14 years ago and decided it was the wrong choice so he had sold her to a vampire human research facility that ran experiments on them there. Will Iz...
The Experiment  by elizabethmaewilson
The Experiment by elizabethwilson
"You're very interesting you know." He says with a daring look in his eyes. I don't know how to respond to a comment like that. Instead I look down and feel m...
Another Reality  by anyasimon63
Another Reality by Wolfe
Who knew that one little survey could thrust you into another reality that wasn't your own? Well, that's exactly what happened to Alina Freeze. • Alina Freeze wasn't spe...