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Maleficent & Diaval: A happily ever after? by Z18M9Malrae
Maleficent & Diaval: A happily eve...by Z18M9Malrae
Heyy there! It's me, Z again! I've wanted to write a Maleficent × Diaval fanfiction for quite some time already, and when I watched Maleficent 2 and stumbled upon this b...
I Am A Flyer by KurokageJS
I Am A Flyerby Alex J Wynter
[Featured Story] He is kidnapped, trained to become something he doesn't want, and forced to fight. But no matter what they say or do, he will be free. Even if it means...
The Antagonist's Revenge by STakeshi
The Antagonist's Revengeby S. Takeshi
The Antagonist was killed by the protagonist but his soul was reincarnated back to 3 years ago. "Now then...how should i take my revenge..." this novel contain...
Good For The Royal  by LoveTheNerd
Good For The Royal by LoveTheNerd
Jay was born a villain kid, son of Jafar at that. Addy was born a princess, daughter of Cinderella. Jay is a VK and Addy is Ben's royal advisor. Will a love potion be al...
Mal & Ben by Z18M9Malrae
Mal & Benby Z18M9Malrae
Hey guys, this story is my fan-fiction sequel to descendants 2, hope y'all will like it! The cover is not done by me, but because it's such a beautiful piece of fanart...
The Last Riddle by ElleRoseDior
The Last Riddleby Elsie Rose
Angelica Cressida Flora Potter. That's the name I always had for myself. Harry Potters twin sister. Orphaned child of Lily and James Potter. Completely ordinary in e...
Harry and Mal: Are we meant to be? by Z18M9Malrae
Harry and Mal: Are we meant to be?by Z18M9Malrae
Hey there guys, it's me again! I really love descendants, so I thought, hey, why not write more fanfiction? Okay, let's focus. This book is unrelated to 《Mal & Ben》, and...
War For One (Link+ Reader+ Dark Link) by Glitchfreak101-
War For One (Link+ Reader+ Dark Li...by warning
At age 6 you were left by your parents in the forest, because you held the Triforce. All three of them, wisdom, courage, and power. You were taken in by Zelda the princ...
Twisted Kingdom {From the I love him trilogy}  (3 of 3) by todorokis-babymama
Twisted Kingdom {From the I love h...by Reinaa
A fairy has had enough of the events that have taken place. Sierra and Carlos are finally at peace in Auradon ... but for how long will that remain? Book 3 of the I Love...
Mischievous by Kameo1024
Mischievousby Alexandria Hodson
Loki wasn't always evil. Ten years before he tried to take over the Earth, things were going better than they usually are for him. He had found someone who actually love...
Villains In Love: Part 3 - Connection by iloveDescendants_101
Villains In Love: Part 3 - Connect...by iloveDescendants_101
Auradon is one happy place filled with magic and love. Ben and Mal decide to bring 4 more VKs to Auradon Prep , later, Audrey gets envious of Mal and decides to become e...
Disney Descendants by isabel_peters
Disney Descendantsby Isabel Peters
who am i supposed to be ?-Alex
The Wicked Gold Ring by laminsah
The Wicked Gold Ringby Lamittan Minsah
Linda Argwins is a year dead when her sister, Jennifer, comes across a diary addressed to her (Jennifer) that seems to explain the mystries sorrounding her demise. Cente...
Sailor Moon rp (original and crystal) by Iloveanime54
Sailor Moon rp (original and cryst...by Anime and Rp Freak
I got obsessed with Sailor moon so here we go Book cover by @STRONGLOCKHART
Descendants 1 2 3 Imagines (Clean) by Ashflower64
Descendants 1 2 3 Imagines (Clean)by Ashflower64
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Shadow Kingdoms | Book 1 ✔ [Wattys2020] by Calagtic
Shadow Kingdoms | Book 1 ✔ [Wattys...by Dragon | Calagtic
Book 1 - Completed "When the world tethers on the edge of destruction, Guardians come to save it." But what happens if there are no Guardians? Times are hard...
The twins daughters of Maleficent by starfireraven008
The twins daughters of Maleficentby 🐞 BUG AND BAT 🦇
We all know the story of Mal and her gang but what happened if Mal has a twin sister name Maddie and what happened if Ben has a twin brother name Brian what happened if...
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Born of Death (Editing) by JalissaPastorius
Born of Death (Editing)by JalissaPastorius
|COMPLETED| A young woman will plunge into a world of death and intrigue. There she must navigate the dark court while trying to find a balance between light and the cre...
Hades × Maleficent, a descendants based fan-fiction by Z18M9Malrae
Hades × Maleficent, a descendants...by Z18M9Malrae
Spoilers/Introduction: Hey guys! Or peeps if you prefer...In this I shall share with you my story of the Maleficents. We all know Maleficent's wrath had once cursed an e...
Swirling Snowstorms, A Jelsa Fanfic by Z18M9Malrae
Swirling Snowstorms, A Jelsa Fanficby Z18M9Malrae
Hey guys! Z here once again! Okay, I have to admit, I really love Jelsa too, and I wrote this right after I watched Frozen 2. For those of you who don't know what Jelsa...