Twinsister Stories

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Lost Moon by chey0000
Lost Moonby chey0000
What if Renesmee had a sister? Her sister, being full human was given up at such a young age, which was a difficult decision for the Cullen's. What if Renesmees sister...
Coraline's Twin by Violetswirl293
Coraline's Twinby *cool name here*
What if Coraline had a twin called Carol? What if she travelled to the other world with her? What if she had a bad feeling about it? Read the book and find out. So, I wa...
A cutie for big and tough vampires by ncis_4ever
A cutie for big and tough vampiresby ncis_4ever
Camilla or Camill as she likes to be called is the twin sister to no other than Bella Swan. What nearly no one knows, is how the real Bella really is like. In reality sh...
Twin by ThePurpleOne9
Twinby Khole Ali
Being a twin is difficult, expecially when your father abandoned you personally at age four and your twin brother thinks you're dead.
The (Not So) Delicate Flower | Bakugo x Reader [SLOW UPDATES] by LunaMysticMoon
The (Not So) Delicate Flower | Mariah Taylor
"No you can't take my little sister away!" Izuku shouted at our parents. We were both crying by that point, clinging to each other like our lives depended on i...
Niall Horan's Twin sister (On Hold) by Tepanie_Marie
Niall Horan's Twin sister (On Hold)by Stephanie❤️❤️
Hi I'm Naomi Jamie Horan, and yes I am Niall Horan's sister, I'm the older twin by 5 minutes, and none of the lads know I exist, they don't know that Niall has a sister...
Hayleys Twin Sister  by Sambaker2003
Hayleys Twin Sister by Sam
What if Hayley wasn't the only Labonair baby what if she had a twin sister well she did. Her name is Holly she needed to go to new orleans but guess the supperise she go...
2.1 | Hating Arlo ✔️ by littletroublemaker_
2.1 | Hating Arlo ✔️by Lydia Rose
Having your parents die and being sent to a new boarding school is not what Lily expected or wanted. Lily and her twin are both sent to two different boarding schools b...
Aionios by Thanatos_0307
Aioniosby Depressed Demon
Isabelle Potter was the strongest witch of her generation. On top of being the best Auror in the Ministry, she was the most-feared by Death Eaters in Azkaban. All she's...
Aaftaab-e-Uns (Short Stories)  by A_UniqueDreamer
Aaftaab-e-Uns (Short Stories) by Munisa
A collection of short stories. Aaftaab-e-Uns; Sun of love. ~Bohot ajeeb hain yeh bandishen mohabbat ki, Na usne qayd mein rakha na hum faraar hue~
Married To My Sister's Husband(Incomplete) by Coisa_fay
Married To My Sister's Husband( Shirley Amakiri
Olivia is a shy, reserved, and lonely 24 years old lady who had fallen in love with a man that ended up marrying her twin sister Sophia, right before her eyes. Since her...
Dangerous Weather//Book One by lilypadnun1
Dangerous Weather//Book Oneby Winter_is_Here
COMPLETED (BOOK ONE in My Cousin the Demigod Chronicles) Percy Jackson/Twilight crossover Lily Jackson moves to Forks with her cousin Bella Swan. What happens when she r...
Fighting for Her....... Again? by puppymonkeybaby2
Fighting for Her....... Again?by DarkGGodess
At 25, and married you would think she had it all, but what happens when she leaves for three days and comes back to her cheating husband in bed with her sister. Harp...
Chains by DarkRoyallty
Chainsby DarkRoyallty Books™
Ezmy was an almost average young woman. She had a promising career, suportive friends and the perfect boyfriend. Her friends take her out for night of fun since she's al...
Dirty Little Secret by ms_asela
Dirty Little Secretby Ara
Adrianna Ambrossio never imagined herself being a mistress. But now, there she is, sleeping next to a married man after one hot night. This man is her ex boyfriend slash...
The Lost Mafia Princess by Ranvngi
The Lost Mafia Princessby Ranvngi
Liana Cortez's world is turned upside down when her mother passes away after being diagnosed by cancer 3years ago. 1 month after her mothers death she is drugged and sh...
Rosalie Potter (Rewriting) by aliciarenenell1993
Rosalie Potter (Rewriting)by Alicia-Rene Nell
Her name is Rosalie Potter the twin of Harry Potter the chosen one. Rosalie live with her Aunt and Uncle along with her brother. Follow her story of friendship, love and...
The Lost Dragon. (GOT Fan Fiction) by Lauren_Loving
The Lost Dragon. (GOT Fan Fiction)by LB
In the North she was known as Violet. A name given to her purely based by the color of her eyes. Someone snatched her up during the sack of Kings Landing seventeen years...
Married To Kim Hanbin  by kiimxchii
Married To Kim Hanbin by kiimxchi
19 year old Park Sohyun has to play the role of twin sister, Park Jihyun. Park Jihyun was in an arranged marriage but because of her death incident, younger sister Park...