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The Devil and Angel are Twins by SRhunteress
The Devil and Angel are Twinsby Twelfth Chain
This is an awesome book(at least I hope so). This will be very interesting. And more amazing things about my book. Now moving on to the real description. Lexis and Lyra...
Life is indefinite  by famlver
Life is indefinite by famlver
Mya and Mia are identical twins the are exactly alike. They have an drug addict mother and an abusive stepfather. When their parent are involved in a car accident they d...
Sibling Rivalry by NegativeVibez
Sibling Rivalryby mo-chan
What happens when Kageyama Tobio's twin sister attends one of Karasuno's biggest rival schools and is the boy's volleyball team manager? Not Nekoma, not Aoba Josai, but...
Niall Horan's Twin sister (On Hold) by Tepanie_Marie
Niall Horan's Twin sister (On Hold)by Stephanie❤️❤️
Hi I'm Naomi Jamie Horan, and yes I am Niall Horan's sister, I'm the older twin by 5 minutes, and none of the lads know I exist, they don't know that Niall has a sister...
A Sister to Sleep- Alternate Merlin Series book 1 by NorthernEnigma
A Sister to Sleep- Alternate NorthernEnigma
Merlin gets word that his twin sister, who has been in a coma since she was 10 years old, has to come to Camelot for better treatment. How will Merlin deal with it? Will...
I Get To Love You by TheGrimReapersGirl
I Get To Love Youby Madison Walker
Meadow is the twin sister of Hope Mikaelson. Hope may be the first born but she is no where near as powerful as Meadow. Instead of letting her father die she absorbed t...
Dreams That Do Not Matter (gmw fanfiction) by Luna-Melody-Midnight
Dreams That Do Not Matter (gmw Luna-Melody-Midnight
Verity Avalon Bradford. She loves her twin sister more than anything. Together, they're starting the 7th grade. A new boy, Lucas Friar, comes to school and they hope he...
Same Body, Different Person by bettsbaby
Same Body, Different Personby Rai🧚‍♀️
Betty and Sarah are twins. They might look exactly the same but they are completely different people. Betty is a shy, friendly, vanilla type of girl who had only one fri...
The Unwanted Mikaelson Twin (TO x TUA) by Jessleighton
The Unwanted Mikaelson Twin (TO Jess leighton
Hope mikaelson wasn't the only child to Hayley Marshall and Klaus Mikaelson, there was another. Artemis Mikaelson, or better known as the forgotten and unwanted twin of...
Beyond The Eyes by justairpodswithleash
Beyond The Eyesby nooffencenot
Lucia and Maeve are twins. Maeve is the innocent one- her eyes yet to see the darkness of the cruel world. A happy go lucky girl, who loves everyone. Though very hardwo...
Oblivion - Sirius Black by 0curlyhairdontcare0
Oblivion - Sirius Blackby 𝓑𝓮𝓪𝓽𝓻𝓲𝓬𝓮
Poppy Evans is particularly invisible to everyone around her and it's ironic that she's extremely forgetful, since so many people forget her. Teachers forget her name, s...
Their broken sister by 090307MS
Their broken sisterby 090307MS
Isabelle and Sapphire are twins. Sapphire is the innocent twins. Her eyes are yet to be laid on the darkness of the world. She's also very sensitive and can get very emo...
Almost is Never Enough by dxddymikaelson
Almost is Never Enoughby Dae💜
You know of Hope Mikaelson. But do you know Emma? No. You don't. Emma is Hope's forgotten twin. This is her story.
The Lost Mafia Princess by Cresetar
The Lost Mafia Princessby Cresetar
Liana Cortez's world is turned upside down when her mother passes away after being diagnosed by cancer 3years ago. 1 month after her mothers death she is drugged and sh...
Reunited by BK0113
Reunitedby BK0113
Marinette Dupain-Cheng or better known as Marinette Marina Jackson is the daughter of Poseidon and twin sister to Percy Jackson. When she was a baby she Talia Al Ghul fo...
Queen of the Court  (OikawaxOC)[COMPLETE] by Saltychild57
Queen of the Court (OikawaxOC)[ Saltychild57
Takara Kageyama, the twin sister of the famous Tobio Kageyama is greeted with familiar faces when she decides to attend Aoba Johsai instead of Karasuno like her brother...
Replacement (Yandere Story) by danimax1029
Replacement (Yandere Story)by Danielle Maxwell
Your twin sister Jessica was always the center of attention while you were left on the sidelines. Your low self-esteem was almost killing you until the day you started t...
Unexpected Love~ rewriting ✨ by kaylasazkabancell
Unexpected Love~ rewriting ✨by Kayla
Eleanor Gilbert is Elena Gilbert's twin sister. Elena and her are so different. Everyone always says "Oh they're twins they must be exactly alike". Not the ca...
DIFFERENCEby Sy Sevi ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ
Paisley Hills and Aubrie Hills are twins, they have the same features except for their personality. They grew up together but didnt treated fairly, Aubrie grew up like...
Erza's Blood Sister by Trintrinas
Erza's Blood Sisterby t_money_in_the_house
Erza remembered her young sister Lucy, but she never knew what happened to her sister after their mom was shocked about something. Read to find out SEQUAL