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Brown sugar and Lavender by Deipotent_Daisy
Brown sugar and Lavenderby Daisy
If you love someone, what would you do to be with them? For Addison Montgomery, it meant she would follow them to the ends of the earth. Which was why she followed her...
In Your Dreams by merderland13
In Your Dreamsby merderland13
Derek moves to Seattle and finds a strange connection with a missing woman. Will that help them find her? Or will she be lost forever, only found in his dreams. Publishe...
Grey's Anatomy Quarantined by ilovegreysanatomy129
Grey's Anatomy Quarantinedby MerderDempeoStan
What happens when Filming season 17, someone on the crew tests positive for covid and have to quarantine together? Ellen and Patrick are both divorced, but they have no...
JoLex Baby by GilmoresAnatomy
JoLex Babyby greyssmagic
8 years after Alex left he comes back to surprise Meredith assuming Jo had left. He comes back to find his 7 year old daughter Brooke that Jo had kept secret from him. A...
Seattle Grace Mercy Death by ilovegreysanatomy129
Seattle Grace Mercy Deathby MerderDempeoStan
What happens if the surgeons suffer different injuries? What will happen?
The way things work (grey's anatomy) by Nadia_Jacobs
The way things work (grey's Nadia
The Seattle grace 6 are boarding the plane about to travel to Boise. But what if the plane crash's? What if there is different injuries and more chaotic misery? Read to...
Twisted Love by mcdreamysfavwife
Twisted Loveby mrs. shepherd
What if Meredith was married to Addison? What will happen when Addison comes to Seattle? All characters and plot are credit it Greys Anatomy.
The Element of Surprise by lillyadams23
The Element of Surpriseby Lilly
What happened if Meredith got attacked and Derek was the one to find her. This takes place in between season 2 and season 3. This is kinda like a combination of Merder a...
Out of the Darkness  by merderland13
Out of the Darkness by merderland13
Meredith disappeared and left Derek a dark, broken man. Everyone had assumed Meredith had left to escape her problems. Did Meredith really make the decision to leave? Or...
all started with a crash by meredithsburgesss
all started with a crashby Ella ☠️
A dReAm I hAd AbOuT tHe GrEyS pLlaNe CrAsH i ThOuGhT wAs InTeReStInG eNoUgH tO tUrN iNtO a FaNfIc.
Grey Sloan Memorial High School by Princess_jada12
Grey Sloan Memorial High Schoolby Princess_jada12
What if the main characters in Grey's Anatomy were all in high school. I don't own the character !! These characters are owned by Shondaland and ABC
Over, and Over Again by houseofscalpels
Over, and Over Againby Cailin Ryin
Meredith got on a plane Somebody hijacked the plane The plane crashes... Over, and over... Again. *mature language* *set about the time of the plane crash in season 8/9...
Ten Blade by leosnor
Ten Bladeby 。・゚゚・ ✧ ・゚゚・。
Grey's anatomy. In which Helena Campos, a surgical intern at Seattle Grace Hospital, tries to navigate a whole new world of medicine, friendship and and a fair amount of...
Remember Your Worth | Jackson Avery  by Kaneeeeeeee
Remember Your Worth | Jackson Kaneeeeeeee
✨ Complete ✨ follow Sage Bailey's journey as she conquers the halls of Grey-Sloan. a kick-ass neonatologist & pediatrician just trying to save lives and survive while de...
What if it was Meredith by ilovegreysanatomy129
What if it was Meredithby MerderDempeoStan
Instead of Derek getting into an accident, what if it was Meredith back in Seattle? Will she survive? *set in season 11 when Derek was in dc
Not responsible by littlegrey02
Not responsibleby Lexie
Meredith feels responsible for both Owens and Alex's death. Just 4 months ago the shooting happened and everyone has gotten better sense then. But not Meredith. While h...
How to Switch a Life by favrunner97
How to Switch a Lifeby mcdreamysdream1
What if Merideth died instead of Derek? How would he grieve, how would everyone around them act?
What She Needs  by turtlehyacinth
What She Needs by turtlehyacinth
Meredith Grey has never had a real mother. She's never relied on another person and learnt that letting people in only gets you hurt. Will she be able to accept help, or...
Stitches of Life by LizEG96
Stitches of Lifeby Liz
"I don't get it." He shook his head at me, his frustration clear in his eyes. "Why can't you just let yourself be happy, for once?" "What makes...
Mind over Matter by mcdreamyplsmcrailme
Mind over Matterby mcdreamyplsmcrailme
Meredith grey is the head of cardiothoracic surgery at Seattle Grace. She is in the running for chief of surgery, until one day, a new head of neurosurgery joins the hos...