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The Littlest Timelord: Cracks in Time by HaleyMichelle5
The Littlest Timelord: Cracks in Haley Michelle
A little girl escapes the Time War when the Timelords return in "End of Time Part 2″. The newly regenerated Doctor must now raise the little girl while trying to fi...
The Doctor's Long Lost Daughter by pierce_the_fork
The Doctor's Long Lost Daughterby Pierce_The_Fork
The Doctor watched his daughter get killed. He was sure she died. What if she lived and has been living on earth for her whole life that she can remember. What is she me...
The Littlest Timelord: The Death of the Doctor by HaleyMichelle5
The Littlest Timelord: The Death Haley Michelle
[2nd in the "Littlest Timelord" series] The Doctor's death is looming on the horizon and Elise is growing every day. What the Doctor doesn't know is that he ha...
The Littlest Timelord: The Fall of the Eleventh by HaleyMichelle5
The Littlest Timelord: The Fall Haley Michelle
[Third in the "Littlest Timelord" series] Elise Smith is now a teenaged Timelord. In addition to losing the Ponds, the fields of Trenzalore are calling. But f...
YOU by drced_diestine
YOUby Ced
You accidentally bump each other. And she thinks you're creepy? She thinks you're poor? She thinks you're a player? She thinks you're a lazy person? But, WHAT IF all tho...
Beautifully Broken by glitterrainbow12345
Beautifully Brokenby glitterrainbow12345
Rebekah Irwin is a 15 year old that lives with her dad and uncles. It can get tough being the only girl in the house, especially if they're all doctors. Doctors can alwa...
My Sister's Keeper by stephanie_swan
My Sister's Keeperby stephanie swan
Meredith thought she met all the Greys. She thought she was done. Her mother died from Alzheimer's, her father was a deadbeat drunk, her stepmother died from the hiccups...
13th Doctor OneShots S2 by D4rkSw4nQueen
13th Doctor OneShots S2by MissTimeyWimey!!
I don't Own any of the characters that belongs to the (BBC) Doctor Who. Hey Fam, So because these Oneshots/fics are going to be based of the episodes of S12 like the fi...
Doctor Daddy by L0veFinder
Doctor Daddyby L🌼veFinder
A hot doctor and a teen in a room, what will happen to those two?
Here I Stand (BWWM) by dody_215
Here I Stand (BWWM)by Dorothy Nwude
She loved him With a messy heart He hugged her With fragile bones She touched him With scarred hands He kissed her With bruised lips They whispered All their flaws And...
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The Littlest Timelord: Outtakes/Deleted Scenes by HaleyMichelle5
The Littlest Timelord: Outtakes/ Haley Michelle
Deleted scenes from my "The Littlest Timelord" series #5 in eleventhdoctor - July 2020 #1 in melodypond - September 2020
True Alpha's Daughter  by missSlayandShine96
True Alpha's Daughter by Crackqueen
Allison daughter of Scott McCall and Kira Yukimura. Junior year in high school. The same Beacon Hills. She is the straight A of the school and talented pianist. She trie...
THE APPRENTICE II by noboldfga
Hazel Wolfe, the esteemed apprentice of the legendary Sorcerer Supreme, Stephen Strange, continues on life as the protector of reality. However, her identity and abiliti...
13th Doctor OneShots by D4rkSw4nQueen
13th Doctor OneShotsby MissTimeyWimey!!
13th Doctor one-shots, including some old faces and my OC! So the BBC WATTPAD was doing a comment section thing now it really got me inspired more, and so i decided to...
The Doctor's Daughter (Doctor Who FanFic) #Wattys2016 by KatherineHinchley
The Doctor's Daughter (Doctor Katherine (Kat) Hinchley
Danielle Gates has lived amongst humans for years. Her entire life, actually. But when a blue police box appears in her room, her curious mind takes hold and she enters...
Halaal Love ~ Of A Childhood Nikah(2). by Dr_Taqiya_Author
Halaal Love ~ Of A Childhood Dr. Taqiya Sultana Ali
Halaal Love Series Book 2. A saga of Halaal Love. Halaal Love ~ Of A Childhood Nikah. ☜☆☞ Join in the journey of little sweethear...
Raising a Song 101 [Sequel to Hello Sweetie] by wholockedpsycho7
Raising a Song 101 [Sequel to wholockedpsycho7
River is as close to the Library as she can get without going to Darillium. Amy and Rory have just disappeared from the Doctor's life. So, the plan- 1. save River from t...
THTL: The Doctor's Daughter by -sunset-curve-
THTL: The Doctor's Daughterby ᏦᗴᏞᏞᎩ
THTL: Book 2 Doctor Who 10th Doctor The Doctor's Daughter Season 2- Season 4
Saving River Song. by D4rkSw4nQueen
Saving River MissTimeyWimey!!
From the title you can guess what this is about. This is a Doctor Who FanFiction of course no Copy right intended. I own nothing only my OC Jessica Song. What if everyt...
Once Upon A Time (9th Doctor x OC) Book 1 by theonenonlytimelady
Once Upon A Time (9th Doctor x OC) Time Lady
Once upon a time, in a land that belonged to those of lords and ladies of time, a great war raged within the cosmos. The great Time War saw many tragedies, deaths, sacr...