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You Broke My Heart | ᴍʟʙ fanfic ✓ by DipStick45
You Broke My Heart | ᴍʟʙ fanfic ✓by 𝗦𝗮𝗺
Marinette is finally ready to tell Adrien how she feels. She's ready to tell the boy of her dreams how much she loves him. But what if he was to turn her down? Turning...
Miraculous reacts to fanart and memes by thecabbagemerchant11
Miraculous reacts to fanart and thecabbagemerchant11
We visited the Miraculous crew and make them react to fanart and memes. Basicaly what the title says. WARNING! this is our first fanfic so it will ot be the greatest thi...
A Wrench (MLB) by lydsnotfound
A Wrench (MLB)by •~Lyds~•
As Marinette sat in the doctor office she wondered what could be wrong. "Miss Dupain-Cheng," the doctor said as he entered the room "may I speak with you...
Divided We Stand: Battle of the Miraculous by sophiespruce1
Divided We Stand: Battle of the sophiespruce1
Chat Noir never thought he'd find himself on Hawkmoth's side. Ladybug never thought her best friend would be her greatest enemy. When Gabriel reveals his identity to Adr...
Exposing Lie-la Rossi by BlueAndOrange514
Exposing Lie-la Rossiby Bug and Cat❤🖤💙💚
Lila told everyone a "secret." She said that she is Rena Rouge and that she can teleport. Everyone believed her. But she isn't Rena Rouge, and Marinette, Alya...
scarlet bug by Iloveallthecows
scarlet bugby Iloveallthecows
This is about what would happen if Chloe got the ladybug miraculous instead. I did not create this book and there are other people who have written the same book but I r...
Lurking「 miraculous ㅡ Yandere!Adrien/Chat Noir 」 by moechinim
Lurking「 miraculous ㅡ Yandere! 「月亮」🌙
Adrien began taking interest towards Marinette. He can't help but adore and worship his Princess. But he started to change as soon as he tried lurking in the darkness. Y...
A place to stay <3 by xxxjustawriterxxx
A place to stay <3by S
{completed} One night, Marinette unexpectedly gets a visit from her partner, Chat Noir. But he isn't there just to hang out with her, he needs a place to stay... Of cou...
Unforeseen || Marichat (Unedited) by LoveforMarichat
Unforeseen || Marichat (Unedited)by thena 🤍
Marinette and Chat Noir - no one really thought they would end up together, not even them themselves. Hell, Ladybug and Adrien even sounded more realistic; for both Chat...
It was an Accident by Mistressdemalchance
It was an Accidentby Little Lady
Ladybug had been doing her nightly patrol when she passed by the Agreste mansion. She had stopped in a nearby roof to survey the area quickly. She was about to swing awa...
It Wasn't Pere by Emi_Paz
It Wasn't Pereby Emi
When Adrien finally realizes that his father didn't give him the scarf, he sets out to find the person who did. He asks almost everyone, including Alya! Although, Alya i...
Just my Luck -Book 1 by KFMitchell
Just my Luck -Book 1by KJ
When Adrien turns 18 he finally finds out who Ladybug is and he can't wait to date her. Mari finally has the courage to tell Adrien how she feels. The only thing stoppin...
I'm always here for you by QueenieCalista
I'm always here for youby QC
Nobody understands the pain behind Adrien's smile. He's lost his mother, his father treats him like a servant, and he's starting to think Ladybug hates him. When Marinet...
It Only Took One Night by Wernerjulia
It Only Took One Nightby Julia
After telling ladybug his true feelings and being rejected, again, chat noir needs someone to talk to. He just so happens to find Marinette sketching designs on her balc...
Seven Seconds by alvares715
Seven Secondsby alvares715
Adrien finds a lost video on his phone. Set in the middle of season four. #1 Miraculous #1 MLB #1 Ladynoir #1 Adrienette #1 Marichat #1 Ladybug #4 Ladrien Word Count:...
Dadrien Day Care by Mystic_Raven20
Dadrien Day Careby Mystic_Raven20
One-shots based around Adrien Agreste and his litter of kittens. For once it's when the 'mousebug' is away the 'cats' will play.
A Lost Kitty by Jazzmino-Cappuccino
A Lost Kittyby Jazzmino-Cappuccino
Cat Noir's miraculous broke with plagg still in it, transforming him into a cat! he had no idea what to do until a certain blunette came along and saved him. Marinette...
The Missing Purrincess by TheSpottedTigress
The Missing Purrincessby Melanie
Marinette Dupain-Cheng has ran away, and Ladybug seems to have no interest in finding her. THIS TAKES PLACE BEFORE SEASON 4! (This is my first fanfic please go easy on m...
Karaoke Confessions // Adrienette by Hmmmlol2
Karaoke Confessions // Adrienetteby Hmmmlol2
Marinette, Alya, and Nino decide to spend the weekend at Adrien's house while his father is away on a business trip. They decide to play a fun game of karaoke... but wi...
Sinful Miraculous One-Shots by Wink_Agreste
Sinful Miraculous One-Shotsby
***WARNING*** this is a book of smut! so if your underage or if your uncomfortable, don't read! just so you know i used to own the profile "Marichat_is_da_best&quo...