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Queens & Liars-Sequel to Three Broken Kingdoms by Gemejoe
Queens & Liars-Sequel to Three Bro...by Gemejoe
'She was a blade, forged in the flames that had burned her kingdom.' Book 2 of the Lost Continent Asriel and Miras have fallen. Their legendary armies are gone, their ci...
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The Magnificent Magician by pie4chris
The Magnificent Magicianby Christopher Moreton
Prince Saleam Silver knew his life would change once his father died, but he never thought that it would be completely uprooted in just the few hours that passed after t...
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REALM OF THE DREAD by _Lone_Survivor__
REALM OF THE DREADby lone survivor
22 years-old Ellie Greene having nightmare since the age of 15, in the result she stayed restless until her friends and family support her. ___________________________...
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Lineage (Book 3 of the Torrent Skies Saga) by Fardariesmai97
Lineage (Book 3 of the Torrent Ski...by Sabra
Katerin is tugged into a brewing maelstrom of chaos in her home city of Hearth-Home, while she battles a foe in her own thoughts. Mordai has acquired a powerful artifac...
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Clan of the Ancient Minds (Book Two of the Nebril Riverland Chronicles by lesliealdridge
Clan of the Ancient Minds (Book Tw...by lesliealdridge
In a land devastated by the effects of one sprawling city, an army amasses to stop the spread of evil, and a young woman searches for the one who completes her. The Nebr...
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The Blood Wolves [The Eldenarian Artifacts | Volume 3] by ProjectPr1de
The Blood Wolves [The Eldenarian A...by L. D. JONES
As Sebastian and the others are still reeling from the events of the in Thania, the Order of the Black Lotus only has 3 artifacts left to collect until their goal is com...
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Betrayed by KyoDreams
Betrayedby Jen
Note: This is the edited version of Shattered Realms! With a new name. Dragons ruled the world or so her mother told her when she was a child. Elivia Colten still believ...
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Depths of Deceit: Emergence of the Disciplined by RagusChaos
Depths of Deceit: Emergence of the...by RagusChaos
They declared the war over, but the war drums are still sounding. They say the threat is gone, but settlements are still burning in the south. They declared the pale orc...
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Ink  by FygrtZero
Ink by FygrtZero
Elitehood. It's a genetic trait. There are two types of elitehood, passive and active. Passive elitehood, the ability to pass elitehood on to your children, is dominant...
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The Fires of Cerran  by DanielShipley2
The Fires of Cerran by Daniel Shipley
The Western Kingdoms are at peace. King Brodon II has ruled over the lands and seen nothing but prosperity and good fortune. However, soon he is forced to use The Black...
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The Kingfisher by shinrili
The Kingfisherby 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐤 𝐒𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐫𝐢
❈ Watty's 2019 Fantasy Winner ❈ 'I'll take pride over power and guts over greed'. The five nations of Schamaria have been in conflict for many years now. With a war brea...
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Bad-Tempered Heroes by Hunter_Yonk
Bad-Tempered Heroesby Ale
It all starts with a grocery list and ends up with a magic war. A citizen and a criminal will fight for their worlds. *** In a modern world surrounded by illegal magic...
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The Conduit  by JaredHumpherys
The Conduit by Jared Humpherys
Living in a distant village in northern Celentia, Bartog and his companions relish in their relative seclusion. Forty years after the War of the Usurpers, he, Sila, Burn...
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Renegade's Redemption by DyonWhiteley
Renegade's Redemptionby DyonWhiteley
Now free from Diathondalin's command, the former assassin Mercilious struggles to come to grips with his dark past. After confronting the his demons, Mercilious pledges...
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Enter Abyss by The_twilight_writer
Enter Abyssby The_twilight_writer
A battle for the throne, a prophecy, an inventor, and a game of life and death. Enter Mafaria; a world that has outlived its time of castles and knights and has moved to...
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Divided We Fall by GarethMottram
Divided We Fallby Gareth Mottram
'Find some actual friends, ones who'll watch your back, not shove a spear through it.' 'Great advice from someone who hates everybody.' 'Maybe, but look - no nasty sha...
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The Stone Guardian Shorts by KindrieGrove
The Stone Guardian Shortsby Kindrie Grove
The Defender of Myris Dar... A fantasy short story from The Stone Guardians world. Alone against a crew of deadly pirates. Can Rowan keep them at bay until her comrades...
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R. A. T. H by LotsChrono
R. A. T. Hby LotsChrono
Rose, a broken doll tossed out into the world with the carelessness befitting her status below humans. However, acquiring a power beyond what she should be able, she fig...
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Lost hope#1( Imperial blade's Heir- book 1) by Blakeaqua
Lost hope#1( Imperial blade's Heir...by AQUARLIS PRIME
the story fof a warrior, survivor and saviour... will Elroine be able to get the sword of blue? the dark ages are at their worst and Valdor will stop at nothing to find...
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