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Straight Bondage Slave  18+ by ZENNEGGER
Straight Bondage Slave 18+by Zenegger
Disclaimer: This is a fictional story depicting consensual BDSM and authoritatarian sex between adults. If you are not interested in such storys, you shouldn't read it...
Daily Fantasy Mermaid - 365 Orders by silrow
Daily Fantasy Mermaid - 365 Ordersby Varn
May and Mai are the most popular mermaid model to date, after they were sent to a foreign country their popularity rise even more. Now they are returning to their countr...
First Touch: She captivated him-A NOVELLA by Ophelia_is_Knightly
First Touch: She captivated him-A...by D. Knight
Venus was a common house slave, she did as she was told, listened to no one except her master and knew the consequences of disobedience. But when her master tries to tak...
The Broken Circle by ianaigur
The Broken Circleby ianai gur
A tale of vampires and life around one
Land of Cyro by cupcooked
Land of Cyroby markedcup
A story from the future where those who lost the war are enslaved. Their whole purpose is to please the rich. This takes place in a land called Cyro many years in the fu...
DYSTØPIA | TomTord |by Not Kyle
THIS IS A SEQUAL TO UTOPIA, ANOTHER TOMTORD FANFIC I WROTE Since Tord has gone missing, Tom is the new Red Leader. Tom believes in Utopia, and he plans to finish what To...
THE REBIRTH by victory1132
Clary a renowned chef died on the surgery room only to be reborn into the body of a student, "OMG I freaky look like a seventeen years old" Brunette who was...
Enslaved  | Jongsang by 00yuyu00
Enslaved | Jongsangby 00yuyu00
[Complete] When Royal Guard Choi Jongho starts to realise his mistake of capturing Yeosang from their enemy's land and eventually develops a soft spot, given for the unj...
Your Submissive by crazykajal
Your Submissiveby KJ
Samuel Beckett, Brother and Commander of King Ethan Beckett, while on his special mission, kills the Lord Christopher and unfortunately there was an eye witness of the i...
The Elementalist (draft) by LittleAmeiria
The Elementalist (draft)by Emily Heather
A girl who got freedom from being a test subject will be the new agent of the VALORANT protocol.
Inquisition of Desire by reformedwriter
Inquisition of Desireby reformedwriter
What walked out of the temple of sacred ashes was a lust spirit twisted into a control demon by a passionate lover and mage. A demon possessed the mage Inquisitor before...
Kim Possible  by KanMel-
Kim Possible by Kira
The Essence of Balencia by Gingerlover98
The Essence of Balenciaby Gingerlover
When my skin isn't mine and heart tainted there is still one thing that'll always belong to me. My soul is only mine to keep. Not weep in the darkest of nights but becom...
Sold by CutiePie4747
Soldby CutiePie4747
Hi, my name is Honey. Yeah I know stupid name right? Well it's just classic for my stupid parents to give me that stupid name. I'm 17 and I'm an only child and my parent...
Enslaved (A One Direction Fan Fiction) by xxKissKissxx
Enslaved (A One Direction Fan Fict...by Oakley Marie
How would you feel if you got a job working for One Direction? Excited as all hell right? Yeah that's how I felt when I scored a job to work for them... Until I realized...
Relinquish [& Say Please] by CSWx1995
Relinquish [& Say Please]by Chrystyna S.
You can't escape your soulmate. Delilah is in love with Overlord Vykin of the Vortemm - a different species who enslaved humans on Solstice, their home planet. Delilah...
Forced To Be A Queen by ShadowT5
Forced To Be A Queenby ShadowT5
I was supposed to be the normal one, the high school graduate, straight into college, and getting a nice quiet desk job. So why was I the one they decided to take?
Enslaved by a Vampire by PastelKittyKat
Enslaved by a Vampireby ❤️❤️❤️
Seventeen year old Naomi was captured and kept in a place they called the pet shop, and by "they" I mean vampires. They keep humans, and other "lesser be...