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Inan'abelas // DAI; Solas by mercurys_virgo
Inan'abelas // DAI; Solasby mercurys_virgo
"A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other." -- Thedas. A land covered h...
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Dragon Effect by Dovalord123
Dragon Effectby Dovah
when Shepard is sent to investigate missing scouts, he learns that there is more than one suicide squad.
Dragon Age Inquisition: Legend of the Dovahkin by McKellroy
Dragon Age Inquisition: Legend of...by McKellroy
As the Inquisition begins to gain strength all across Southern Thedas, an aging Dragonborn finds himself in the middle of a world so similar yet so different from his ow...
I Am Yours by n-lans
I Am Yoursby Nlans
Zevran isn't quite sure why Naia Tabris spared his life. To be honest, neither is Naia. But slowly, trust builds between them--along with an attraction neither of them c...
My Demons ( Dragon Age Inquisition )*COMPLETED* by kitneki
My Demons ( Dragon Age Inquisition...by 🌟
Cullen goes through the lyrium withdrawals, trying to hide the pain and try to stop his demons from taking him over. Trevelyan is the Inquisitor, can she be his savior a...
Basalit-an by ytsc00
Basalit-anby YTSC
In the wretched slum people call Kirkwall is there only one person that the Arishok consider worthy and soon will he first handed test her abilities. A/N i have uploade...
The Hero In The Inquisition by elven_hen
The Hero In The Inquisitionby Hailey
The Hero Of Ferelden's time in the Inquisition
Dragon Age: Adelaide Surana [ON- HOLD] by LadyHelicie
Dragon Age: Adelaide Surana [ON- H...by Earlessa Phantomhive
Adelaide Surana was just a simple little elf girl. She served her whole life, with her father, serving nobleman. In particular Teryn and Teryna Tirani from Orlais, and t...
Dragon Age Inquisition - Cullen X Inquisitor by asgardianhobbit98
Dragon Age Inquisition - Cullen X...by asgardianhobbit98
Just some short stories with Cullen, everyone's favourite and most adorable Commander of the Inquisition. They will be based off of my own characters I've made (yes, I m...
What's The Difference? We're Still The Same... by SolarFlareSerana
What's The Difference? We're Still...by Eren
This is the story following a young Commander, head of a constantly moving town called Haven. By moving it's said to vanish every night to a new place, yet seems to foll...
Star Girl by GothWolf2013
Star Girlby GothWolf2013
Stella is at an all time low in her life. She seeks the comforts of videogames and fanfiction when a strange man gives her the opportunity to change her life for the bet...
Dragon age x reader oneshots and preferences  by Lynn_3301
Dragon age x reader oneshots and p...by Lynn
I may have abandoned my Skyrim book because my ADHD went "DRAGONAGE?!" Um. So sorry about that Yes I 100% have an emotional attachment to Solas Yes I know Y...
Dragon Age: Legacy by CM_Herndon
Dragon Age: Legacyby CM_Herndon
[[Incomplete]] Twenty four years have passed since the Inquisitor defeated Corypheus, changing Thedas forever. Growing up under the legacy of a true hero was never easy...
ON HOLD The Warden class servant (fate X Servant male reader) by Seagul81000
ON HOLD The Warden class servant (...by Tom Pearson
The wardens marked history with their sacrifices so what happens when during the fourth holy grail war when a new type of servant is summoned. This story uses background...
Various Female X Male Reader (Non-Requests) by Miggyman911
Various Female X Male Reader (Non...by Miggyman911
At first, I was hesitant to do this but I thought screw it. It feels a bit wired writing this stuff but I just have so many ideas popping in my head with so many differe...
The Godly Nephalem (Discontinued) by darklightkiller
The Godly Nephalem (Discontinued)by Praise The Cayde
A powerful dimension traveling nephalem A/n: Sorry I just don't feel like I got it so I'm redoing this story I won't delete this one but I will make a new one
Dragon Age: Gate by Shadow_trooper
Dragon Age: Gateby Shadow_trooper
Thedas goes to war, and the US is answering in force
Crow's Mercy by NoSpaces123
Crow's Mercyby 𝙴𝚍𝚎𝚗
In which, the Crow cannot bring herself to end the life of an innocent.
With you always (Dragon Age Inquisition Cullen fanfic) by The_Elven_Shadow
With you always (Dragon Age Inquis...by Tic_Toe
Fanfic about Cullen and my Human Inquisitor June, set after the events in the game. Gets a bit steamy, may not be appropriate for younger readers. ~*Disclaimer*~ I own n...
When To Walk Away by SabrinaZbasnik
When To Walk Awayby SE Zbasnik
Fenris arrives on Hawke's doorstep injured and near death. It's been nearly seven years since he last saw her after the chantry exploded. While she tends to him, he come...