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[ ꁒꐟ ꌚꁒꋫ꒒꒒ ꆂꁒꍟꁍꋫ ] by TheQuietCalicoCat
[ ꁒꐟ ꌚꁒꋫ꒒꒒ ꆂꁒꍟꁍꋫ ]by Torodoki
Izuku Midoriya, The one and only Omega of class 1-A. Todoroki Shoto, A Alpha who get suspicious of one of classmates thats a "Beta" What will happen when the A...
BAD LIAR - ROSS LYNCH by -bwrites
it's just for publicity, that's what she kept saying to convince herself. [told through social media] [lowercase intended]
Forbidden Fruit ✔️ by restlessbookreader
Forbidden Fruit ✔️by RJ Shay
Book one of the FORBIDDEN series! ** Nick Knight is the CEO of Knight Tech. He gets everything he wants, no questions asked. Hazel Richmond is his personal assistant. ...
This Love ✔️ by booklings21
This Love ✔️by Lulu Eliot
Boring. That is one word to describe Sadie Jefferson's life. She goes to school, is on the honor roll, has two best friends, comes from a wealthy family, and is secretly...
my brothers best friend  by castielgirl13
my brothers best friend by castielgirl13
IN THE PROCESS OF EDITING THE BOOK SO PLEASE EXCUSE ANY MESSUPS THEY ARE BEING FIXED!! **** Sarah just moved from the city to the country and she's not that happy. But s...
Little Monster /  seulrene by messiteng
Little Monster / seulreneby Teng
Little Monster or Irene is an experimental girl that is the only key to stop spreading zombie. But the key is still sleeping, she's in a coma not until Seulgi find her a...
Nanny Duties 🔒 ♡BxB♡ by IzzySaysHaii
Nanny Duties 🔒 ♡BxB♡by Izzy
Twenty-two year old Chace O'Connor is a struggling young adult with nothing but a couple dollars lefts in his pockets. He had not finished school and was homeless due to...
A story in which a celeb #mcm develops into #mceveryday
Drarry - Mystery Girl by krypticgametress
Drarry - Mystery Girlby Karma
DRARRY FIC Post-War: On his way to his 8th Year of Hogwarts, Draco Malfoy has a chance encounter with Harry Potter, and the two form a sneaky plan. I am, technically, t...
Against The Dying Light  by GotTheStyles
Against The Dying Light by GotTheStyles
A short story about finding beginnings at the end.
Ashes by AkjeMajdanek
Ashesby Akje Majdanek
// BWWM romance // A black teen tries to make a name for herself in the mostly white world of country music. Ashanté wants to be a star like her idols Mickey Guyton, V...
young love. [yoonkook] by liveyoongi
young love. [yoonkook]by r
in which jeon jungkook falls for min yoongi without the knowledge that min yoongi is the headteacher's son.
taehyung's never been a social butterfly, his nerd-like self not allowing him. on the other hand, jungkook's the hottest soccer player in their school, everyone throwing...
♡ ღ Miraculous Oneshots ღ ♡ by AshlyWinter4
♡ ღ Miraculous Oneshots ღ ♡by 𝙬𝙞𝙣𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙨𝙣𝙤𝙬
ღ This book contains one-shots and scenarios with your favorite ships in miraculous. ღ Be prepared for: • Angst 🖤 • Romance ❤️ • Fluff 💛 • Lemon? 🧡
fanboy. [yoonkook] by liveyoongi
fanboy. [yoonkook]by r
jeon jungkook, a fanboy, runs an instagram account for min yoongi, his idol. ➳ started: 25/07/17 ➳finished: 16/08/17
A Certain Boy Of A Valkyrie Academy (Honkai Impact 3 Fanfic) by Riguill01
A Certain Boy Of A Valkyrie Riguill01
St. Freya Academy is a school built to nurture future Valkyries, people who have the power to fight the Honkai beasts. However the power that allows people to fight them...
Empty Halls BoyxBoy by DavidBeck
Empty Halls BoyxBoyby David Beck
Meet Azel, a crazy, random, clumsy 17 year old with a completely oblivious personality. Meet Alistair, a simply perfect, beautiful, loving 17 year old with a completely...
KNOCK || VKOOK TEXT FF✔ by aritaekooka
- "FuCK You!" - "R u that h0rNY¿💦😏" In which Taehyung has a massive crush on Jungkook but he can't approach the other because of their insecurity d...
Withered Blossom { PJM }✔️ by FarGoneARMY
Withered Blossom { PJM }✔️by FarGoneARMY
I love you but you don't love me, and damn does it hurt |Hanahaki AU| #2 in 방탄(4/9/19) #3 in hanahakiau(6/16/19) #7 in 지민(4/9/19) #8 in hanahakidisease(4/9/19)
In Full Bloom | COMPLETED by notgonnabailyouout
In Full Bloom | COMPLETEDby B
❀Wattys 2018 longlist❀ ❀Wattpad Featured Story❀ ❝ I like you more than I thought I would.❞ Georgia had made up her mind about David, but when he goes out of his way to...