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Falling For Him♡ {COMPLETED} by LovelyShifah
Falling For Him♡ {COMPLETED}by Shifah
The sequel of 'The billionaire want me♡' This is Alaïa's story. Alaïa knight, daughter of Xavier knight. They moved away to another city and Alaïa bought her friends wit...
Wild Encounters by strange_writer_0321
Wild Encountersby Strange Writer
Hayaan mo akong buhayin ang malikot mong imahinasyon. Bigyan pa natin ng kulay at sigla ang sidhi ng damdamin mong naglalagablab na. Malasing kasama ang buong pagkatao m...
Payback by Shellyrill
Paybackby Shellyrill
"I'll be back, Wei Yu. Don't you dare think you can get away with this!" Jiang Tian said while falling down from the sixty foot tall building. He laughed, fill...
Fated Encounter (BJYX Fanfic) - Completed by antan_hannya
Fated Encounter (BJYX Fanfic) - Co...by k.i.m.g.
"I've waited for fate to rewrite our story. And now you're here, in flesh and in reality, my Yibo." Zhan's heart swell with the sight of the man he was despera...
Show me | Kth & Kjn  by ochiulNegru
Show me | Kth & Kjn by ochiulNegru
Taennie ff~ "I-I don't understand why it's so hard.." She silently sobbed, feeling her head and heart rip apart. "Then... Let me help you.." He inte...
Encounter (Onze Series #1) by elayynitea
Encounter (Onze Series #1)by okey dokey yo!
Onze Series #1 Jared, an Engineering student from UST, whose dreams and priorities were far from love. For him, love is just a barrier to reach his goals... Until he enc...
Destiny {Completed} by LovelyShifah
Destiny {Completed}by Shifah
A girl named ashshi white and her family had to move to a new city... on her way she met a guy called Aaron Parker....They became friends. Aaron asked Ashshi a favour! ...
A Chance Encounter (Tom Holland AU) [1] by dream_jess
A Chance Encounter (Tom Holland AU...by Jessica
Grace has been dancing ever since she could remember. She pays her way through college by teaching dance at a studio. At one point, she ends up meeting her celebrity cru...
A Twisted Tale [HUMOR]✔ by Starryxnight_
A Twisted Tale [HUMOR]✔by Inactive
Previously known as Humari Hatke Love Story. ~Unusual I Like You's and I Love you's~ Covercredits- heer❤
A Fighting Chance (Tom Holland AU) [2] by dream_jess
A Fighting Chance (Tom Holland AU)...by Jessica
After a single event changed Grace's life, she turned into one of the biggest up and coming actresses in the industry. With the stress she's facing at work and the thing...
The Mother...(izuocha)[MHA Fanfic] by CrazyCollector
The Mother...(izuocha)[MHA Fanfic]by Crazy Collector
After given birth,Ochako Uraraka the woman that was raped and pregnant sought to give a normal life for her innocent daughter with the help of her loving family and acci...
Fem Pop Star Izuku Midoriya by SavageOfTheOpera
Fem Pop Star Izuku Midoriyaby Patrick thomas redwood
What if izuku didn't grow up in japan but she live in LONDON because her father is a crown king in LONDON and her mother is just a JAPANESE foreigner but she met him by...
Something Unexpected (Luminous Series #1) by assyina10
Something Unexpected (Luminous Ser...by lala
Luminous Series #1 Alaina Guerra, studying law, is a pristine, considerate and graceful girl who is a consistent dean's lister and a goal achiever as described by the wh...
A Thousand Encounters by LettingYouIn
A Thousand Encountersby Aditi Arora
He, Disciplined! She, a beautiful chaos! He, Stalwart! She, a wanderer! He, a soldier! She, a commoner! And their Thousand encounters
Deaths Random Encounter by Happy_Munchkill87
Deaths Random Encounterby Shem Ivan Villanueva
Your just an ordinary 16 year old teen that lives in the middle of the forest and goes to school every day until one day everything changed your life in that encounter T...
The Fighter's Match by thebookenchantress
The Fighter's Matchby saffron♆
Reconstructing, chapter inside to explain. "You're a fighter you know that? In and outside the fighting cage. I don't think I know anyone that's as strong as you ar...
Experiences/encounters  by imkarlinye
Experiences/encounters by I'm Eva's bestie lol
Boopp this is my experiences with creepypastas. Don't steal my pictures in this book. if you don't believe it, it's ok tho. just don't open my book if you don't believe...
Encounters. (Lesbian) by miickeylovee
Encounters. (Lesbian)by Malikah
Why do we keep running into each other? Is it fate or just a chance encounter?
A compilation of creepy, sad, and confusing, and humorous #manilaencounters stories. (some of the stories were made by me and some are not) (credits to the rightful owne...
Gift From The Stars by monkeyface008
Gift From The Starsby Gabriel McCulloch
Sakura, an "average" 20-year-old woman is sleeping in her apartment after a hard night of exams from her university in Santa Cruz. She wakes up in a rush of fe...