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Shane (COMPLETED) by Fallen_Angel0416
She was pretending to be normal while being experimented on at home. Her life was different from the day she was born. the parents she knows don't care for her or any of...
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Me And My Bad Luck by EliseBunny
Me And My Bad Luckby EliseBunny
I find it to be seriously messed up how no one even seems to notice anything. How do you not notice a 6'5 Italian man staring at me, an 18 year-old Marine from across t...
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Short Stories/Poems by nora_kitty
Short Stories/Poemsby Robo_kitty
These are stuff that come up in my head..hopefully you guys enjoy! I hope you also enjoy the cover...I love food so yeah. There is another thing, there are some stuff or...
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666 Paper Cranes by coralblossomsx
666 Paper Cranesby Unfinished
Baekhyun and Yeolie are best friends, they had been for as long as they could remember but neither of them could deny their feelings for one another. As complications ar...
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Rebel Love Story (Blyde) by The_Weird_Shippers
Rebel Love Story (Blyde)by The_Weird_Shippers
A creation of The_Weird_Shippers, comes our first weird ship. Blyde. (Blanche x Clyde) (This story is not based on the Barrow Gang's personalities or history they are re...
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The Aberzombies by FallingNotFallen
The Aberzombiesby ZOMG!! R U STALKIN MEH?
Faith Carson's mom disappeared, 3 weeks ago and was never found. She refused to go to her dad because of her evil step mom, so Faith was sent to her mom's sister in Nort...
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Mission: Ice Assassin by ashleythesalad
Mission: Ice Assassinby ashleythesalad
It's been 7 years. 7 years since the discovery. 7 years since the mission. 7 years since the world went corrupt. I am Ashley Nixion, worlds finest assassin. My mission i...
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Beautiful by ShayShayBryan
Beautifulby ShayShayBryan
Hi I'm Shaylee Bryan And I'm 13! I Love Romance...I'm a Romance Freak. This Is Mostly Going To Be About My Life. I Hope You Enjoy and Thanks For Choosing My Book To Read!
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Forever & Interlaced:Nate as a normal person by -GHASI-
Forever & Interlaced:Nate as a -LOVE ENDURE-
"Nate Roy" is a 15 years old orphan who was kept in his home until he was prepared for the go in the real damp world but he is still working on it...Near soon...
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Operation D.R.E.A.M.: Power Switch by karacan55
Operation D.R.E.A.M.: Power Switchby -Insert name here-
D.R.E.A.M. Delusional Recreation (of the) Exceptions Abandoning Mankind. In the early 1300's, somewhat scientists have managed to create a world where everyone lived, a...
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Ask The Creepy Pastas by AskTheCPs
Ask The Creepy Pastasby AskTheCPs
So, on this first ever Ask The Creepy Pastas im just gonna go ahead and say... Hope you guys like it! You can ask any Creepy Pasta character. So ask away
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Rebellion of Nyx by sunnisideup
Rebellion of Nyxby Xyla Harrison
Do they know, diapers are the new hell for us. -Nyx ((This is a fetish shame story, if you like diapers, Adult babies, leave.))
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Top 10 by TROLLalert
Top 10by Hairylegsandyellowtoenails
The best top ten lists right here! Read and you might learn something new. ;)
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Poems and Short Stories! by xowritergirl14xo
Poems and Short Stories!by xowritergirl14xo
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A Crazy Cousin by CoolDemonicGirl
A Crazy Cousinby Brilee Slodysko
This is based on my Cousin Stormfire538 you don't wanna know what its like at home with her...dun dun duuuuuuun!! CX
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kill or be killed by annalopez2001
kill or be killedby Anna
hi im a killer well i wasnt always a killer.i never thought about killing as i grew up i never dreamed of being one but one day changed it all. and now people will feel...
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Maknae= Taemin by -EXOT3
Maknae= Taeminby Monica
*Taemin= Our favourite Maknae* All of the SHINee members are happy and constantly working. Taemin of course, is the happiest. He wants everyone to get better and do thei...
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My Little Left Alone LIFE by 1wao1-chan
My Little Left Alone LIFEby (T ^ T) *cri*
Its just a few questions. And a brief description of me, and the life I have. Mainly stupid questions.
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Creppypasty: Max by Ruby88888
Creppypasty: Maxby Ruby88888
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Beë and the Yandere by BiancaMaakaHeremaia
Beë and the Yandereby Bianca Maaka Heremaia
Beë is capable of many things but not finding a yandere? Beë and Garlian nearly split apart from each other find other friends Beë has met Garlian's New friend Taurtis...
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