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Angel Wings and Demon Pitchforks by izzy-pear-ophelia
Angel Wings and Demon Pitchforksby Izzy, Pear & Ophelia
A Supernatural High School Soulmate AU --- A world where soulmates are rare but exist. A world where the mark above your heart could mean everything to you or nothin...
Angel High {A Destiel, Sabriel and Michifer High School AU} by Sea_of_Mischief
Angel High {A Destiel, Sabriel Sea_of_Mischief
Angel High {A Destiel, Sabriel and Michifer High School AU} Angel High, the school where the Novak boys: Castiel, Gabriel and Lucifer meet and befriend the Winchester bo...
Pretending to be Married (destiel) by sophiew67
Pretending to be Married (destiel)by sophiew67
A case comes up at a councelling retreat and Sam, Dean and Cas go to check it out. Sam snatches up the only job vacancy forcing Cas and Dean to go in as a couple. None o...
Halo| A Destiel Story by TardisTrouble
Halo| A Destiel Storyby Gabriel
An Au where Dean can see Castiel's Halo. Strangely he seems to be the only one. --- I made the cover. I am mass uploading this because I have other projects I want to w...
Strings Attached by KittyHazelnut
Strings Attachedby KittyHazelnut
Life sucks and then you die - preferably sooner rather than later. That's the mindset of Castiel Novak, the school punching bag. But one day, he finds a light at the end...
Stars - Supernatural x Criminal Minds by alienspronkles
Stars - Supernatural x Criminal alienspronkles
Criminal Minds x Supernatural Crossover Sam and Dean Winchester were raised hunters by their father after their mother was killed by a demon. They often pretend to be FB...
Supernatural Group Chat (Destiel, Sabriel, Michifer) by reddie_byler369
Supernatural Group Chat ( reddie_byler369
Charlie introduces Dean and Castiel, who live in two totally different states. They have never seen each other except for their Facetime calls. What happens when a small...
Like and Sub by dracos_princess
Like and Subby Collete Winchester
Dean Winchester is a famous YouTube star. Castiel is a history teacher at the local high school. Many of Cas' students fawn over Dean, or as they know him, Dean Zepplin...
The Boy With The Big Blue Eyes (Destiel) by tashawinchester
The Boy With The Big Blue Eyes ( tashawinchester
Another town, another case, another school. It was the usual cycle of the life of Dean Winchester. However this time around on an unplanned trip to the library Dean mee...
Holy Vision by casgetoutofmyaas
Holy Visionby te amo
Dean starts wearing the glasses used for seeing hellhounds around everywhere to discover other things hidden from his vision. At first he notices nothing. Until one day...
Oops, I fell in love (coffee shop AU) by sammmoose
Oops, I fell in love (coffee
This is Destiel and Sabriel! Contains fluff and SMUT! Coffee shop AU! Don't like it? Don't read it! !! I do not own any of these characters, they are all rights reser...
Destiel One Shots With a Few Cockles  by sponorknife67
Destiel One Shots With a Few sponorknife67
And here are some Destiel and Cockles one shots. Some fluffy. Some mpreg. Some smutty. ⚠️ Warning for: Smut Homophobic language Swearing Dirty jokes ⚠️ Refusing to ta...
Wings | Destiel AU by hemmert
Wings | Destiel AUby hemmert
The wings that you have is the opposite color of your soulmates wings. For example; Black and white go together. When you meet your soulmate you just know it and it's...
a demon's mate by zandriel_silva
a demon's mateby 🌹zandriel🌹
omega dean is out of options to save his mother so he decides to make a deal with a demon in order to save her. alpha castiel is the king of hell and he wants to take a...
Fix Me I'm Not Broken. by countingfeathers
Fix Me I'm Not Slaughterhouse
Slave!Dean and Owner!Cas Hurt!Dean Human!Cas Lots of violence, mentions of rape,and torture. TONS of Hurt/comfort and recovery. (There is not really a backstory for...
Nothing stays a secret forever (Destiel) by Bobbylein
Nothing stays a secret forever ( Bobbylein
Cas is human and lives in the Bunker with Sam, Dean and Kevin. Sometimes they go hunting but it's mostly quiet in the supernatural world. After one particular hunt it ge...
Old Habits Die Hard (Destiel) by threealmonds
Old Habits Die Hard (Destiel)by threealmonds
Dean and Castiel are just starting to be comfortable with their feelings for each other when John and Mary come back from the dead. Dean struggles with his internalized...
Destiel One Shots by castielbradbury
Destiel One Shotsby Abby
Just some random Dean and Cas moments that come to mind!
Just One Time (Destiel mpreg) by MpregExpertTex
Just One Time (Destiel mpreg)by Tex
Destiel It was just supposed to be a look... a smile... a hug... a kiss. But just one time, turns into something more. More than the hunter and angel expected. All right...
It's Sad to Eat Pie Alone by Fan_Fictionator3000
It's Sad to Eat Pie Aloneby Fan_Fictionator3000
Castiel never liked people, and although he has nothing against his college room mate Dean personally, he finds that Dean is no exception. But Dean seems to like Cas lik...