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Hunter's Angel (Destiel/Sabriel) by Gabriels_Wings
Hunter's Angel (Destiel/Sabriel)by Jasmine ^_^
Destiel/Sabriel Reverse!Verse Castiel and Gabriel Novak. You'd think they were angels from their name. But no, they were hunters. Hunters of all things that live in th...
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Weak Wings (Destiel) by ItsPiper
Weak Wings (Destiel)by Piper
Dean discovers that his angel, Castiel, has a very interesting weakness. After triggering this weakness, Castiel must learn to contain it, for Dean's sake, and to keep...
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Destiel One Shots by enochianphan
Destiel One Shotsby enochianphan
Some Destiel one shots i have in mind, might not be anything smutty but eh. (If there are any trigger warnings I will mention it before The story starts)
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Before I Met You (DESTIEL HIGHSCHOOL AU) by _Bianca-Tachibana_
Before I Met You (DESTIEL Bianca💋
Ever since Dean Winchester came out as gay to his friend, Meg, and she told everyone, people have constantly tormented him. No one had ever really bothered him before, a...
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Arranged Marriage || destiel (alpha!dean &a omega!cas) by wingsandhunters
Arranged Marriage || destiel ( Destiel Trash 💅
In a world where Alpha's rule and Omega's obey; the King-In-Waiting Dean Winchester must find an Omega to be his husband or wife to help him rule the kingdom. He doesn'...
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Destiel Fluff by Cas_tiel
Destiel Fluffby Thomas
Well... I'm stuck here with ideas for fanfics... So I'm going to set them all to fluffy-style (fallen Cas) Destiel one shots. I would appriciate any requests, as well. T...
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Fun In The Office by LucifersSide
Fun In The Officeby LucifersSide
Castiel is a nerdy 25 year old who just moved to Kansas for a new start, he gets a new job as an IT Technician and that's when he meets Dean Winchester a 28 year old pun...
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An Unfortunate Tattoo by Carrie_da_kat
An Unfortunate Tattooby Carrie_da_kat
Dean Winchester, famous youtuber with fangirls drooling over him night and day. He is said to be single, which he neither denies nor confirms, and his husband supports t...
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Destiel One Shots by saesyoung
Destiel One Shotsby sam
"Stay," he pleaded. "I'm cold." Castiel couldn't refuse the pitiful look in Dean's eyes but the hunter needed medicine. When Cas didn't move, Dean...
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Ships As... by TbhIShipEverything
Ships emilee
Dan was his favorite band and the color of Phil's eyes. Harry was purple because purple was how Louis made him feel, Coldplay the sound the color made when they came tog...
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Military by dreaminglightly
Militaryby Damien
Destiel smut inspired by the picture
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Black and White by larrybeyondyou
Black and Whiteby r
What if your entire world was black and white until you meet your soulmate? And when you meet them your entire world erupted in color, but when they die everything goes...
7 minutes in heaven (Destiel) by keenpeachy
7 minutes in heaven (Destiel)by keenpeachy
Punk Rock!Cas and Jock!Dean meet at party for the first time during a thrilling game of 7 minutes in heaven
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Gym Dancing by Fmkiiero
Gym Dancingby Fmkiiero
This story is going to be a Destiel High school AU where Castiel gets bullied and Dean tries to help as best he can. the chapters will be short but i will try to update...
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SPN One Shots by ChrisMakis
SPN One Shotsby shakira
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Fangirling by WaanderingMiind
Fangirlingby WaanderingMiind
A bunch of OneShots of all my ships, Shows and People. some may be pure fluff where as some may be angst, Smut or a mix of all or none. Main _____ Sherlock SPN Adv...
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I'm Sorry (Destiel and Sabriel AU) by CeleneMiller
I'm Sorry (Destiel and Sabriel AU)by BumBums Demise
Dean's father would always blame him for the death of his wife, Mary, even thought Dean was 4 years old. John can't let his grudge against his oldest go, and takes it ou...
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Seeing As Night Closes by goodoneman
Seeing As Night Closesby Cami
Dean hurried down the street towards Baby, his hands in the pocket of his slacks. He couldn't wait to get the stupid monkey-suit off. He always hated wearing it. He look...
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Falling by whyisntdestielcanon
Fallingby whyisntdestielcanon
High school au where Dean is the stereotypical jock and Castiel is the new, shy kid in school. Dean bumps into Cas one day in the hallways and the moment his green eyes...
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Destiel/Sabriel Oneshots by Meldoesstuff
Destiel/Sabriel Oneshotsby Obsessive Over Johnlock
I am absolute Destiel and Sabriel trash, and so are all of ya'll who are here to read this. You're crazy, I'm crazy; Let's all be fantastically crazy together! :) ==== I...
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