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Searching Together {A Sabriel Fanfic} by colpire
Searching Together {A Sabriel colpire
After a hunt gone awry, Dean's missing and Cas hasn't returned any of Sam's calls. Sam is hopelessly distressed and alone when suddenly he gets a knock on the bunker doo...
Online Ties (Destiel/Sabriel) by Gabriels_Wings
Online Ties (Destiel/Sabriel)by Jaz :)
What if our four loveable idiots were fanfic writers and that's how they met? Sam, Dean, Castiel and Gabriel were all pretty normal people. At least in their normal live...
The Syrum Of Truth by MalakaiTheDemon
The Syrum Of Truthby MalakaiTheDemon
Destiel and Sabriel. After Sam and Dean are dosed with a truth syrum they accidentally reveal their secret love for Gabriel and Castiel but how will the two Angel's reac...
SPN Watching the Show by TheMouse28
SPN Watching the Showby Mickey Mouse
Set during season 11, Sam, Dean, and Cas are shocked to find members of their family that were long dead and halfway across the country in the Dean Cave. Together, they...
A Sabriel Fanfic by AutumnMysterious
A Sabriel Fanficby Hedge
Just possibly a fanfic over Sam and Gabriel, no big deal. I hope you enjoy! This characters are not my own, they belong to the show "Supernatural." Have fun r...
Sabriel/Destiel Oneshots by Shtwriter_yup_datsme
Sabriel/Destiel Oneshotsby Shit_writer_yup_dats_me
Smut,Fluff and a whole lot of feels !
Firsts by UnamoosedEmo
Firstsby Somewhat Human
Destiel and Sabriel at their finest. Explore oneshots of AUs and slight changes, each of them of first revelations and first kisses (because I'm a sucker for those). Non...
Angel High {A Destiel, Sabriel and Michifer High School AU} by Sea_of_Mischief
Angel High {A Destiel, Sabriel Sea_of_Mischief
Angel High {A Destiel, Sabriel and Michifer High School AU} Angel High, the school where the Novak boys: Castiel, Gabriel and Lucifer meet and befriend the Winchester bo...
The Heat of the Moment Sabriel/Destiel/ Michifer Highschool AU by TheCalicoCat
The Heat of the Moment Sabriel/ The Chantie
So what Sam and Dean had moved again? It's not like this move would b any different. Dean would hook up with any available girl, and Sam would do his best to avoid makin...
It must be fate (Destiel/Sabriel Highschool AU) by Real_AllAboutFnaf
It must be fate (Destiel/Sabriel mostly inactive
Dean and Sam have been uprooted once again by their father, and move to another new town in late July of 2016. John decides to try and stay in this town a bit longer tha...
A Game Of Cops And Prankers by Dontevenblunk
A Game Of Cops And Prankersby dontevenblunk
Two brothers have been terrorising the town for a while now, one outside and one with the use of a computer and some good hacking skills. Meanwhile, two police officers...
It All Started With Candy by TheFanFicExpress
It All Started With Candyby TheFanFicExpress
Gabriel Novak has very bad social anxiety. It's caused him to be mute and he doesn't like to leave his house. One day he's run out of candy and it causes him to go to th...
Two Tricksters? (Sabriel Highschool AU)  by DeansLeftSock
Two Tricksters? (Sabriel DeansLeftSock
Gabriel gets pranked during biology and freaks out, he declares a prank war with whoever pranked him earlier. Will Gabriel find out who's pranking him and why? There w...
The Switch by sarcasticallyclaire
The Switchby Claire
Dean and Sam Winchester are angels of the lord. Castiel and Gabriel Novak are hunters of all kinds of monsters from every myth and legend you can think of. Castiel make...
The Winchesters Son by Patnis
The Winchesters Sonby Love At First Klance
Stiles is a skinny, defenseless human dating a werewolf. Derek Hale, Stiles's boyfriend, is an alpha of a pack. Dean Winchester is the husband of Castiel Winchester, an...
supernatural gc, i guess by treasur3raccoon
supernatural gc, i guessby bee✨
• charlie is devious • sam is an absolute meme lord • dean makes shitty dad jokes • gabriel is trying to t-pose his way to #1 • castiel is in a constant state of confusi...
The supernatural characters watch clips/videos  about dean and Sam  by elrowey
The supernatural characters elrowey
All characters of supernatural both dead and alive get brought to a cinema room to watch clips about Sam and dean. The clips will have both sad and happy scenes and peop...
Just a Disney adventure by JediFromOuranAcademy
Just a Disney adventureby Jedi
Gabriel, not dead, decides to throw Dean-o and Cassie into the Disney universe, due to them being blind and not seeing the love they feel for each other. But he also thr...
Supernatural House Arrest (Supernatural Fanfic) by KittyHazelnut
Supernatural House Arrest ( KittyHazelnut
Chuck and Amara bring all (okay, maybe not all, but this a lot of people to keep track of already, dammit!) your favorite characters back and locks them in the bunker to...
Athazagoraphobia by TheMouse28
Athazagoraphobiaby Mickey Mouse
After some thinking, Amara decides that Dean needs both his parents. Only, she didn't know his past. And what John did to Dean growing up. And now that he's back, Dean m...