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Instagram by notfrostedflakes
Instagramby ❄
-/> an uncultured giraffe puppy has joined social media! ♡
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Destiel one-shots by roscpctals10
Destiel one-shotsby 𝘳𝘰𝘴𝘤𝘱𝘤𝘵𝘢𝘭𝘴
Mostly fluff???!!! (because we need it) Taking requests:)
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Songbird by Detective4Life
Songbirdby ✨🥺✨
A teen boy sings with his window and catches the attention of a punk boy on a bike.
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Meu Oceano by Juh_Somers
Meu Oceanoby Juu
Cada pessoa na terra contem um poder em especial; as vezes o seu poder é de fazer biscoitos como ninguém, de ajudar alguém quando precisa, de ter o melhor abraço que alg...
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ROSA SIN CASA by LauraFlorez559322
ROSA SIN CASAby Laura Florez
Es una historia donde una muchacha es transformada en una rosa, y un joven la cuida hasta que ella vuelve hacer lo que era antes
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Destiel Fluff by jaclark9636
Destiel Fluffby jaylyn clark
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Secrets and Camera Flashes by KittyHazelnut
Secrets and Camera Flashesby KittyHazelnut
Dean Winchester and Jo Harvelle have the perfect relationship. They've been together for 18 months, and their fans are just waiting for Dean to finally pop the question...
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SPN Age Regression One-Shots by Castiel_Dean17
SPN Age Regression One-Shotsby Castiel Dean
REQUEST OPENED Contains: AU's Death Cursing Spanking Abuse MxM Demons Angels Self-Harm
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Hello?  --  Sabriel by TheoLeoBro
Hello? -- Sabrielby Samandriel
Sam and Gabriel get to messaging each other. The picture was done by me.
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Oneshots (COVER COMING SOON) by ParadoxicalMoose
Oneshots (COVER COMING SOON)by ParadoxicalMoose
Basically what it says on the title. There will be oneshots from Shadowhunters and Supernatural (still deciding on others). No smut, only fluff and some other touchy f...
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Amazing Supernatural Things by Broken-Archangel
Amazing Supernatural Thingsby Mackenzie
I keep finding Supernatural related poems or songs, or fun little quotes. So to keep them all together, and so I can remember them, I decided to make this book with lots...
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Supernatural One Shots by samcifer_shipper
Supernatural One Shotsby SamciferFan
Little supernatural one shots. Mostly fluff, angst and NO smut. Some of this stuff will be scenes from books I am yet to write, comment if you want to know how it ended...
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You're my Home ❤️ : A Destiel Fanfic by _CuddleBear__
You're my Home ❤️ : A Destiel Ginger
One sits staring at the stars wondering how to tell him. One lays awake on the bed wondering if he should say anything. But both of them are certain about one thing, t...
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My strange addiction by Fatasspig4
My strange addictionby Fatasspig4
♡︎Destiel Fanfic♡︎ *Trigger Warning* Mentions of: Suici...
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Destiel One-shots by mishaaddict
Destiel One-shotsby mishaaddict
series of one shots
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You're to Blame: a Destiel and Sabriel Fanfiction by asstiel-67
You're to Blame: a Destiel and Taco Del
After a case involving a rouge cupid, Cas loses all memory of Dean. Dean will do whatever it takes to get Cas back. Meanwhile, Gabriel and Sam struggle to come to terms...
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(Sittin' on the) Dock of the Bay by MattoryReyloshipper
(Sittin' on the) Dock of the Bayby Athens Matt
When Cas is injured on a hunt, Dean does something he regrets. When they arrive back at the bunker, he has to deal with the repercussions. Meanwhile, Sam has someone ove...
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wrapping up with rubber and the infinite sadness  by CreativeRepublic
wrapping up with rubber and the Creative Rupublic
collection of oneshots i've been writing. yes, this is porn, essentially. xoxo
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Real by Castiel789
Realby Castiel789
(Castiel POV) Honestly I don't know what I'm doing, I've fought for... to long, but never for myself. I always told myself I was doing the right thing, but am I? (Dean P...
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Hidden Identity by Aureateeeeeee
Hidden Identityby Jayzzyl Joy Duque
Istorya ito ng isang babaeng may sikreto sa kanyang pagkatao. Babaeng hindi mo inakalang may ganitong identidad. Mabubunyag kaya ang kanyang lihim o mananatili itong tag...
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