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A Potter Secret by ScarletWSilver
A Potter Secretby Scarlet W Silver
My life is full of magic. I was barely a few months old when you-know-who came and killed my parents. My brother, Harry, was almost four. They sent him away but I was to...
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Behind Closed Gates | 1 by LibbyBlake
Behind Closed Gates | 1by Elizabeth H. Blake
The Central Park Zoo was a major attraction in America. There were monkeys, giraffes, reptiles... And a wolf. A she-wolf, strong and tall, proud and determined... S...
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Unloved Sister by Black_ShadowDragon
Unloved Sisterby Black_ShadowDragon
this is about bella having a sister who is 2 seconds younger all the attention goes to bella and cece is left with nothing no one loves her or cares about her
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Child of Fire by LazyFirebird
Child of Fireby Laura
On a day like any other, a little girl arrives at the Volturi castle. Her presence sets off a series of events and the uncovering of secrets. Because within the supernat...
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Enchanted Voice (Twilight Fanfic) ((Slow Updates)) by xMiss-Redx
Enchanted Voice (Twilight Fanfic) FalloutTemptations
Born with a beautiful voice, nice attitude, perfect body and everything. Blair Alexandria Melody Swan is the famous and nicest girl that the world have. She captures eve...
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Only Exception || C. Cullen by seebeavee
Only Exception || C. Cullenby seebeavee
B O O K O N E ; Christina Swan was the older sister to the infamous Bella Swan. The twenty-one year old was the reason that the two sisters were moving to Forks; since...
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Red: Butterfly (Twilight Fanfic) (Complete) by xMiss-Redx
Red: Butterfly (Twilight Fanfic) ( FalloutTemptations
A strange girl appeared with long pure red hair, Rosy beige skin, and ocean blue eyes. Her beauty outcasted any girl in the whole world. She lives with her father who wa...
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I'm Back by XoxNeverAgainxoX
I'm Backby Never again
***UNDER EDITING & MINER CHANGES TO MAKE IT INTO A BETTER STORY*** Alex was the first human love of Edward Anthony Mason Cullen. He left her to "protect" her...
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Blue Moon by Nevaeh-Angel
Blue Moonby Dixie Cup
What if Victoria wasn't evil. It was just James using her for her powers. What happens when Bella doesn't jump off a cliff so Edward stays away. What if Jasper betrayed...
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Twilight's Priestess (Emmett Cullen) by jumpingmanatee
Twilight's Priestess (Emmett jumpingmanatee
Kagome's Feudal Era adventures have finally come to an end. She has returned to the Modern Era determined to move on with her life but deciding it must be done somewhere...
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Tale of Love-Jasper and Bella by Writerchic
Tale of Love-Jasper and Bellaby Allie
FIrst book in my series.
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The Hostage(a Twilight fanfic) by Oncer121598
The Hostage(a Twilight fanfic)by Shannon Brunicke
Elizabeth Cullen is the 15 year old daughter of Carlisle. She was 13 when he had mysteriously disappeared. Two years later, when she was walking home from a friends hous...
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Am I insane? (Complete) by LilSilversMoonLights
Am I insane? (Complete)by SilverMoon
Azami spent eight years in an institution. She was committed when she was ten years old by her own Mother, Renee Swan. She started to harm herself after finding paperwor...
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The Queen [Twilight] by 90210booknerd
The Queen [Twilight]by Anonymous
"No. What I'm going to do is sit right here," She sat down on the center throne and smirked at her dear sister, "and enjoy the show." - They say tha...
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Ilthyia Dwyer (Twilight Fanfiction) by dominique_gvo
Ilthyia Dwyer (Twilight Fanfiction)by dominique_gvo
Ilthyia Dwyer is the young daughter of Renee and Phil, but she is very much close to her half sister Bella and her Dad Charlie. Ilithyia is 16, but her whole world is ab...
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False Dalliance |C. CULLEN| by _aDreamscape_
False Dalliance |C. CULLEN|by •• Ava ••
What if Carlisle left more than his mortality in 17th century England? Mary Cullen was the wife of his human self, and Christopher was his legacy. How will he cope whe...
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The Vampires by ShadowChaos2001
The Vampiresby Shadow Ann Chaos
In the beginning there were only humans and purebloods. But when pureblood rido wanted revenge he created a new race which then caused shapeshifters to be born and witch...
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The Volturi General by AntonineStrike
The Volturi Generalby Diandra
Jasper and Demetri turned up one night outside Bella's house to let her join the Volturi. Edward left her, right? So what's the use of all the crying and sulking around...
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In Twilight with a Supernatural System (Alice Cullen fanfic) by TheShadowAmvs
In Twilight with a Supernatural TheShadowAmvs
A fan of Twilight and The Vampire Diaries was killed by a truck. When he met god they let him be reincarnated into a world of his choice with a system.
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The Cullen's shared mate x Male OC  by mynameisjennii
The Cullen's shared mate x Male OC by Kiing_jen
This story will mostly contain their lives as a family with the exception of Theo being mates with everyone, and I will try to make it funny so it's enjoyable, at some p...
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