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To Protect  by NotReallyIntoItMuch
To Protect by Janie
Harry never knew his Father James Potter had a little sister. That he had other options besides living with the extremely vile Dursley family. Where Eleanor Potter becom...
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Peculiar Witch • Fred Weasley •  by Lonelytrash16
Peculiar Witch • Fred Weasley • by Lonelytrash16
Lillian Potter was the twin of Harry Potter and daughter to Lily and James Potter Sadly when both perished to the hands of Voldemort, Miss Peregrine came to claim the ch...
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Always In Your Shadow: Calista Snape Volume I (Snape's Daughter) by Arinus_FF
Always In Your Shadow: Calista Arinus
Calista Snape, daughter of famed Death Eater Bellatrix Lestrange, is distant, and spiny, and deeply untrusting; but then, so is the man that has mysteriously shown up, c...
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Second Chance at Love (Severus x OC Student) Love Story by SanSevy
Second Chance at Love (Severus x Robin Chwan
Liz Casila, Ravenclaw student on her 6th year at Hogwarts. Since little, she has become a famous singer both in the wizard (right in her first year) and muggle worlds. S...
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Harry Potter's New Life by MightyMaddie9
Harry Potter's New Lifeby MightyMaddie9
What happens when Harry finally discovers the truth of his parentage and what his friends truly are? It's the summer of Harry's 5th year at Hogwarts and things couldn't...
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Snape's Daughter (Harry Potter fanfic) by allthebruhmoments
Snape's Daughter (Harry Potter D
Serena Lilly Rose is a witch. She runs away from her abusive father who adopted her and is found by a witch called Minerva. What will happen when she goes to Hogwarts...
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Because You Love Me by thegirlwhowrites11
Because You Love Meby thegirlwhowrites11
Alaina Evans was considered dangerous and locked away...until the Death Eaters came for her. She was saved by a stranger, a man her sister knew. On the night Lily and...
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insane (wbwl) by DeformedCherry
insane (wbwl)by DeformedCherry
"Harry Potter"? not anymore...
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Riddle And The Ancient Contact  by Blackrose2017Z
Riddle And The Ancient Contact by Alexis
I don't own this story
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Violett Snape by TurnOutTheLight
Violett Snapeby Nox
"I mean it. I literally fell into a book." *** Violett was just a semi-normal girl before she fell into Harry Potter. She'd read the series before, more times...
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Alexandra Weasley by LivingTheDeadLife
Alexandra Weasleyby Jamzino
Just after Alexandra Weasley turned eleven years, she was taken. Shopping with her family in Diagon alley, she was snatched under her parents' noses. But a year later, s...
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Finding Your Place  by Agarciarondon
Finding Your Place by Agarciarondon
At The Battle of Hogwarts Harry is given a choice that will alter everything we know. Is it the best or worst decision our hero has ever made?
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Every Rose Has It's Thorn (Snape X Oc) by RavensRoses
Every Rose Has It's Thorn (Snape Brittany Andre
Rosabel Potter, is the non-prodigy twin sister of Harry Potter. Unlike her brother who's fame from surviving Voldemort attack is legendary. She however is left in his...
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THE DARK CHILD (Snarry) by TJames2077
THE DARK CHILD (Snarry)by TJames2077
WARNING: CONTAINS SEXUAL ABUSE, Harry Potter isn't who everyone says he is, his real name is Hadrian Thomas Riddle, son of Bellatrix and Tom riddle, when he finds out t...
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The Potioneer | Fred Weasley by izzyhtorres
The Potioneer | Fred Weasleyby Izzy H Torres
Leahanna Rose was a muggle-born witch who happened to be so bright, nobody could catch up. She was ahead of her year and was a young potions prodigy since she was thirte...
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The Half Breed Princess (Snape X OC) (COMPLETE) by Snape_and_Malfoy
The Half Breed Princess (Snape X Alexia Karlisle
Her Name was Elizabeth Carlisle. A Pale, Silver-haired Vampire gifted with a rare, unusual gift that no other has ever possessed. She lived most of her life alone in the...
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Huffily Puffily || Golden Trio by quizzlers
Huffily Puffily || Golden Trioby iz
Nobody was necessarily destined for evil. In young Albus Dumbledore's eyes, evil was but a label for a past of mistreatment and a future of poor decisions. But whe...
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Lily ♢ Book One by elizabeths-trash
Lily ♢ Book Oneby elizabeth! ✨
What if the Dursleys had a daughter?
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NEW SON by Deviprabhaz
NEW SONby Deviprabhaz
This is a fanfic of Harry potter.
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The Fake Truth of Anxiety  (Darry) by tired-fetus
The Fake Truth of Anxiety (Darry)by Kei_boi
Harry shows up to 8th year looking like a skeleton, he flinches at every glance stare or harsh look, and keeps his head down trying to go unnoticed. Only Snape and Draco...
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