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Destiel Smut by istanj2m
Destiel Smutby ashley
The title says it all. None of these are mine; all are from AO3. (Pretty much all these are bottom!Dean btw.)
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Living Like This by Fan_Fictionator3000
Living Like Thisby Fan_Fictionator3000
Cas has been dating Aaron for six years now, and he loves it. Mostly. Sometimes Aaron loses his temper, but it's okay. He still loves Cas. Cas just has to make sure he d...
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A Summer Dream (Destiel/Sabriel/Michifer) by Gabriels_Wings
A Summer Dream (Destiel/Sabriel/ Jasmine ^_^
Summer Camp AU A camp in a forest lasting all of summer. Michael, the sensible guy who looks out for everyone and constantly denies a certain fact. Lucifer, the satanic...
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Supernatural House Arrest (Supernatural Fanfic) by KittyHazelnut
Supernatural House Arrest ( KittyHazelnut
Chuck and Amara bring all (okay, maybe not all, but this a lot of people to keep track of already, dammit!) your favorite characters back and locks them in the bunker to...
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Halo| A Destiel Story by TardisTrouble
Halo| A Destiel Storyby Gabriel
An Au where Dean can see Castiel's Halo. Strangely he seems to be the only one. --- I made the cover. I am mass uploading this because I have other projects I want to w...
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Arranged Marriage || destiel (alpha!dean &a omega!cas) by wingsandhunters
Arranged Marriage || destiel ( Destiel Trash 💅
In a world where Alpha's rule and Omega's obey; the King-In-Waiting Dean Winchester must find an Omega to be his husband or wife to help him rule the kingdom. He doesn'...
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the butterfly project | destiel by vagabondboy
the butterfly project | destielby 𝑔𝒶𝒷𝑒
in a world where everything your soulmate writes on their skin appears on yours, a young boy named dean winchester has been seeing butterflies appear all up and down his...
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A Game Of Cops And Prankers by Dontevenblunk
A Game Of Cops And Prankersby dontevenblunk
Two brothers have been terrorising the town for a while now, one outside and one with the use of a computer and some good hacking skills. Meanwhile, two police officers...
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The Knock (Destiel) by TPmusic
The Knock (Destiel)by TPmusic
Castiel Novak had a horrible past, filled with abuse and scars. He hadn't talked in years and was invisible in college. That all changed by a knock on his dorm room, re...
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Treat you better by xjensen
Treat you betterby × Jordyn ×
Dean is in love with his best friend, Castiel. Who happens to be in a happy relationship with someone else. How long will it take for Dean to break? • • • The point of v...
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Sweet Until It Gets Salty (Michifer/Sabriel/Destiel) by charlietaylor101
Sweet Until It Gets Salty ( Hannah
♢~Highest Ranking: #2 Michifer~♢ #25 Destiel~♢ After their Father's disappearance and Uncle's death, Michael, Sam and Dean Winc...
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Pretending to be Married (destiel) by sophiew67
Pretending to be Married (destiel)by sophiew67
A case comes up at a councelling retreat and Sam, Dean and Cas go to check it out. Sam snatches up the only job vacancy forcing Cas and Dean to go in as a couple. None o...
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Supernatural Group Chats by sad-house-plant
Supernatural Group Chatsby sad-house-plant
Group chats and text messages with the Supernatural characters Gabriel, Dean, Castiel, and Sam. Does include Destiel and Sabriel. Trust me, not as aethstetic as the cove...
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Like and Sub by dracos_princess
Like and Subby Collete Winchester
Dean Winchester is a famous YouTube star. Castiel is a history teacher at the local high school. Many of Cas' students fawn over Dean, or as they know him, Dean Zepplin...
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Fallen by spn__destiel
Fallenby spn__destiel
After a witch hunt in southern Ohio, Dean can see Castiel's wings.
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It's Sad to Eat Pie Alone by Fan_Fictionator3000
It's Sad to Eat Pie Aloneby Fan_Fictionator3000
Castiel never liked people, and although he has nothing against his college room mate Dean personally, he finds that Dean is no exception. But Dean seems to like Cas lik...
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Teach Me by johnlox
Teach Meby johnlox
Castiel is a college student. Dean is a professor. It's not allowed. {recently completed} ©2017
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Fifty Shades of Novak : destiel by blakekordell
Fifty Shades of Novak : destielby Blake Kordell
AO3 account: @JayPaige ___________________ Dean wasn't supposed to interview Mr. Novak. He blames his little brother Sam and his damn puppy-dog eyes begging him to inter...
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Fallen but Not Broken {Destiel} by chey319
Fallen but Not Broken {Destiel}by Lacey
The angels have fallen. Castiel lost his grace, and is now a human. He experiences hunger, cold, need, but still pondered at the thought of love. Dean takes him under hi...
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Lips Of An Angel | Destiel ✔️ by prcttyodd
Lips Of An Angel | Destiel ✔️by ♕
Dean Winchester has a good, stable life. He has a beautiful girlfriend, whom he plans to marry one day. One night, he gets a phone call, and picks it up, not thinking...
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