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Frost by IsabelBellaB
Frostby Bella
"What has the spies found?" I ask James. The map in front of me is riddle with white and black pins. Aric's attacks have gotten worse these past few weeks. Ki...
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The Amber Of His Eyes by Zulfyina
The Amber Of His Eyesby Zulfyina
Zulfyina Merchant is an ambitious and feisty young woman who lands herself a job at Legion Inc., a multibillion-dollar gaming company, as the Junior Executive Assistant...
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Night Drives by KevinaOyatedor
Night Drivesby kevina
"We have to accept what life is when it f**ks you over or hands you something great. It's a vicious circle and a blessing in disguise all in one."- Olivia Dami...
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Young Retribution by HavenStiel
Young Retributionby HavenStiel
I once saved a man. I found him bleeding in my back yard, and even though something in my gut told me to call the cops, I saved him. I once fell for a man. He was older...
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Igniting A Flame {Kingdoms #1} by gbwarren
Igniting A Flame {Kingdoms #1}by G.B Warren
[Ongoing - First Draft] A kingdom in ruins, lost to the ashes of war A once mighty king vanished from the throne as if never existing A boy destined for nothing yet dest...
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Once Upon by duh_laney
Once Uponby Delaney:)
Flora Embers is an innocent, carefree 19 year old. The only friends she has are autotrophs, due to her sheltered upbringing. Her family consists of an emotionally abusiv...
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King Vyxen by Zenaria
King Vyxenby DARK | PARADISE
Eyes as dark as the night sky without stars, will as strong as that of a thousand men, Heart as cold as ice and rage as powerful as the flames of hell, He is Vyxen Valko...
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Ablaze by forrestgumps
Ablazeby forrestgumps
In which a girl navigates the newfound powers she possesses.
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Paths of green and gold by NekoIkemoto
Paths of green and goldby Neko Ikemoto
A tormented warrior fighting demons of the past sets on a journey to find the Woman who changed his life and disappeared... WARNING: violent and bloody scenes (sword fi...
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Changed by nice_rainbows
Changedby Perk.ish
They were normal. At least the right amount of normal. They didn't mean to touch it. They didn't know it'll turn their lives 360° How would they? It was just a freaking...
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Poem. by Anivarth Anivarth
They're poems, figure it out.
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Battle • {Bucky Barnes} by marvelous_stan
Battle • {Bucky Barnes}by ash
❝Go to hell.❞ ❝Been there, done that, & the devil kicked me out as soon as I arrived.❞ ▸ ▸ ▸ ▸ ▸ In which a former S.H.I.E.L.D...
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Sᴏᴠᴇʀᴇɪɢɴ by buttercup2150
Sᴏᴠᴇʀᴇɪɢɴby Blue
She used to be a child's bedtime story, a myth to all werewolf's. She was no myth and she is a very real person, that was born 1000 years ago. She was thought to have di...
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Forelsket by Stuffs__
Forelsketby Stuffs__
Forelsket the euphoria you experienc when you are first falling in love. With light green, blue, hazely eyes and curly brown hair, katara is a vivacious girl. What p...
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When goals meet by ilianasarigo
When goals meetby Iliana Sarigo
An orphan with suddenly gets a free pass into the most prestigious magic school in the whole human kingdom! What kinds of big ambitions do the other students have? Whe...
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STUCK by Tas__Ali
STUCKby Tas__Ali
Eva Suleman It's her senior year and she's 17 and lost Ready to break free from chains that hold her down She has secrets she can't share and life that no one knows abo...
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The Darkness Within Us by cataclysmiclouds
The Darkness Within Usby cataclysmiclouds
Alpha Nixon Xayvera. Silent. Sexy. Brooding. Alyx Hawke. Crazy with a chance of gorgeous. Deciding to make a run from years of abuse, Alyx finds herself in the Shado...
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Shield • {Bucky Barnes} by marvelous_stan
Shield • {Bucky Barnes}by ash
❝Go-go to hell.❞ ❝I'm on my way, but looks like you'll get there first.❞ ▸ ▸ ▸ ▸ ▸ In which a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent begrudgin...
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Silent Breath by BluTaco
Silent Breathby BluTaco
Heiress to one of Great Britain's prestige family, seventeen-year-old, Merle Belmont, has one requirement before she can claim her title, she has to get married. For the...
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