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Stalked by the Alpha by kathhersit
Stalked by the Alphaby kathhersit
"Switch clothes with me!" Paige whispered to me. "Why?" "Because he's following your scent." Evan Madison has had more shit happen to her...
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STUCK by Tas__Ali
STUCKby Tas__Ali
Eva Suleman It's her senior year and she's 17 and lost Ready to break free from chains that hold her down She has secrets she can't share and life that no one knows abo...
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To Hope with the Depressed by HalaMars
To Hope with the Depressedby HalaMars
A compilation of poems stemming from times of darkness. For it's only in the dark when you truly appreciate the flicker of light, and that light is the glimmer of hope i...
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A Skyrim Tale: Vilkas and OC by carlykenny2458
A Skyrim Tale: Vilkas and OCby Don'tGitBit
Gwynyn D'arbel is a young Breton hoping to find adventure in Skyrim. Instead, all she gets is arrested. After narrowly escaping a dragon attack, she heads to the one lan...
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PULL OVER by camaa_pearl
This is a love story that you've never read. It's set in Nigeria, Africa and would leave you asking for more. Step into the world of Ehizoya (Zoya) and Manir. Feel the h...
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Break || Alpha of the North Series: Book One by wunderlust_
Break || Alpha of the North wunderlust_
"Your destiny begins now." In a world where magic has been dormant for centuries and the warring Wolf packs of the North and South control the kingdom, Althea...
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The Furies Penalty (EDITING) by AlisonWilkinson
The Furies Penalty (EDITING)by Alison Wilkinson
Roughly 64k words. Completed. The Gods are bored. Selene remembered handing in her history assignment to her college professor. Selene remembered drinking Sangria with...
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The Jock, The Brothers Best Friend and The Bad Boy by louiserose03
The Jock, The Brothers Best louiserose
Wattpad is notorious for their romantic cliches; the brothers best friend, the brooding bad boy and the jock. Yet, for the most part each cliche seems to exist separatel...
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Descending from Ordinary by GabeStag
Descending from Ordinaryby GabeStag
His heart skipped what seemed like a thousand heavy beats as his body dropped down through the sky. His hair flew back out of his face but the sharp wind forced him to s...
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Fortunes Door- Lady of Wildpost Hall by PRThompson90
Fortunes Door- Lady of Wildpost P. Thompson
Whilst shopping, Ruth and her best friend come across a new Antique shop. Inside they are told the story about a strange mirror. Ruth is captivated by the unique symbols...
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Ms.Americana and the Heartbreak Prince by roseglasses90
Ms.Americana and the Heartbreak roseglasses90
Elena has just come back from the states. Surprises await her arrival.
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Laundry Boy (Currently Editing) by LostinWonderlandxD
Laundry Boy (Currently Editing)by Lostinwonderlandxd
Seventeen year old Casper Reynolds and his goofy laidback best friend Eric live and breathe surfing. Living in a busy tourist town in California right on the coast makes...
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Gleamings by suvachana
Gleamingsby suvachana
Body, Mind and Spirit - in verse.
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I am batman by Cryztal_kid
I am batmanby _.Cryztal_Kid._
Quick haiku High on pixi stixs + 11:47pm= this. I am batman.. Deal with it XD
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M O R B I D [hiatus] by iiRain
M O R B I D [hiatus]by dove
in the end, nothing could save her.
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The Story for Gods by Nikkimbyrd
The Story for Godsby Nikki Byrd
Charlotte Winters knows no suffering, but only a force of power and purpose. Maximillan Holt is impenetrable, independent, intense. The CEO has never shown a sign of wea...
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Sweeter Than Fiction | ✓ by PandaGuts
Sweeter Than Fiction | ✓by Pearl. W. Pleyse
Rudy Sampson hates a lot of things. He especially hates his job and the new guy that works there. Right up until he doesn't. This is the tale of how Rudy and Miles fell...
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Takdir by natanaels_en
Takdirby natanael.
Takdir /tak·dir/ = (en. Destiny) n : a predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power or agency Can't I run a little bit farther? . . . And then I...
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Silent Breath by BluTaco
Silent Breathby BluTaco
Heiress to one of Great Britain's prestige family, seventeen-year-old, Merle Belmont, has one requirement before she can claim her title, she has to get married. For the...
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Dark & Brooding by AustinASchulz
Dark & Broodingby Austin A Schulz
A 4th-wall-breaking, over-the-top comedic parody of bad boy/good girl teen romance novels and romance in general.
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