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Consorting Jordan by lalamusicisme
Consorting Jordanby lalamusicisme
Alpha Gage was known for his ruthless army when threatened and his words... or lack thereof. It was said that he didn't speak much and when he did it could shake even th...
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Mafia Date by appleallegator
Mafia Dateby appleallegator
.... "It was nice seeing you and all. And the date was amazing, but..." I fiddled withy fingers as I looked anywhere but him. "But?" His deep rich vo...
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Toxicate Me by fatii227
Toxicate Meby Fatima Saleem
❝That's the thing about love, isn't it? You let them get away with murder even if it's your own.❞ ••• Juliet thought she had it all-- a loving family, an amazing boyfrie...
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Rewrite The Stars [A Literate Individual RP] by -FaithfulHeart-
Rewrite The Stars [A Literate ~Faith~
in the title, is it not?
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Reminiscing of Times Long Ago... {Thor & Loki's Story} by DragonStories0829
Reminiscing of Times Long Ago... { DragonStories
[Takes place before "Water, Fire, Insanity, Power..." parts of it also take place in Thor, the first one] The meeting of Neroú from Thor and Loki's POV. [Can...
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Brooding of a Young Mind by TricklingStars
Brooding of a Young Mindby Lu
Poems about the emotions, individuals, and places etched into my days. Here, the brooding is sincere.
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Night Drives by KevinaOyatedor
Night Drivesby kevina
"We have to accept what life is when it f**ks you over or hands you something great. It's a vicious circle and a blessing in disguise all in one."- Olivia Dami...
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A Skyrim Tale: Vilkas and OC by carlykenny2458
A Skyrim Tale: Vilkas and OCby Don'tGitBit
Gwynyn D'arbel is a young Breton hoping to find adventure in Skyrim. Instead, all she gets is arrested. After narrowly escaping a dragon attack, she heads to the one lan...
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Batman: Another's Family by BenMaelgwynDavies
Batman: Another's Familyby Ben M. Davies
Bruce Wayne carries on his duties as the vigilante protector of Gotham city. But when a strange symbol shows at a crime scene which has a personal connecting to, he take...
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Leaving a Mark by Clarriiizzzz
Leaving a Markby Clarriiizzzz
When you find yourself falling, the poems will hasten your demise When you find yourself rising, the poems will cut your ability to fly When you find yourself laughing...
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Axio. On hold by emerson1245
Axio. On holdby Dapinkpineapple
Mermaids Fairies Werewolf's Magic These are all part of the everyday life of Axio Meet Delucia. She can be quirky, is always sassy and adventurous girl who thinks she i...
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Isnt life a bitch by PrincessGrellSutclif
Isnt life a bitchby Sakura
Whoever said life is a blessing is a fucking asshole, its nothing but hate wrapped in bitterness soaked in disappointment held together with a stings of lust and drugs...
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STUCK by Tas__Ali
STUCKby Tas__Ali
Eva Suleman It's her senior year and she's 17 and lost Ready to break free from chains that hold her down She has secrets she can't share and life that no one knows abo...
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A Taste Of Vengeance  by silvercrxwn
A Taste Of Vengeance by silvercrxwn
"Never push a kind person too far." When Constantine Meyer's mother is taken away from her life forever, Constantine finally decides that she's had enough and...
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New Years with Eve by sacreligious
New Years with Eveby ruse
although it was a brief meeting, perth's life will be forever changed because of a girl named eve; just before the new years//
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Thoughts & Poems by serenzipity
Thoughts & Poemsby Serenzipity
Predominantly thoughts. Seldom poetry. A few words. My messed up thoughts. Raw emotions. Straight from the heart. So put on some nice music and get to reading!~ c( ⁰ 〰...
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Poetry That Will Make You Think by Dax_munro
Poetry That Will Make You Thinkby Dax
This file is for a collection of poems that I will be adding to now and again. These poems are designed to make you think and feel at a deeper level, to feel their words...
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When I by JoshMCullen
When Iby JoshMCullen
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Bitten and Changed by AshleyMtCastle
Bitten and Changedby Ashley Mountcastle
It seemed so surreal, the dream it woken me up again. The dream wouldn't let me have one nights rest. It seemed as if the dream was trying to tell me something. The drea...
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The Secret Silence by LIMariaA01
The Secret Silenceby Maria Li
" we are the masters of unsaid words but slaves of those who let slip out " . Poetry beholds tempestuous emotions, brooding desires that humans find it diffi...
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