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How to Hit a Home Run - Christian Yelich by brandnewb
How to Hit a Home Run - K
Kat Bledsoe has been the best in everything throughout her life, but Christian thinks she's really overrated. Christian Yelich has never had a problem hitting a home run...
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My Childhood Friend, The Hockey Star by BlueEyedSwede
My Childhood Friend, The Hockey BlueEyedSwede
"Who's the hot girl?" Nash asked Josh before he fully looked at me and I winced. He didn't even recognize me? And he thought I was hot. Was that a good thing o...
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Plié and Clout by rabideraser
Plié and Cloutby rabideraser
Stephan Sagamore doesn't quite know how he got here. Standing in front of a small ballet studio, one of the best defensemen in the NHL, crushing on the girl that teaches...
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The Boy on Second by cardinals423
The Boy on Secondby Kay L. Ann
Tara Lane is a recent graduate and St. Louis local. Jackson Breeze is a small town boy living his dream playing baseball. The two meet at an autograph signing, but Jacks...
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Steeling Her by ashleyc94
Steeling Herby ashleyc94
Nick Jackson is Ole Miss's hottest player on and off the field. Bagging himself a football scholarship to the college of him dreams, he finally gets to focus on playing...
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Truth be Told ✔️ by nataliasmithss
Truth be Told ✔️by Natalia Smith
The rivalry between high schools is fierce. But the rivalry between Baylor High School and Brentwood High School was fiercer. When people come to these schools, they le...
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breakaway by AveryKeelan
breakawayby AveryKeelan
When nursing student Ryan Winters moves into hockey captain Ethan Russell's place, they both agree that they can keep things from getting weird. The only problem? Smolde...
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Us. • Cody Bellinger by longlivedodgers
Us. • Cody Bellingerby Alesia
Cody & Allie.
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Accidental Roommate (NEW) by saiidah
Accidental Roommate (NEW)by Saiyidah Rahman
After experiencing heartbreak and betrayal, Sharon Ashwood runs to New York, trying to get as far from it as possible. However, instead of the solitude she wanted, she s...
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Dylan ✔️ by AdeolaAkinkunmi
Dylan ✔️by AdeolaAkinkunmi
Does the world's biggest football star want to fake date me for his charity event-or because he wants to explore the red-hot chemistry between us? Jasalie I'm no waitres...
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Best Kept Secret (BoyxBoy) by PrinceofSerenity
Best Kept Secret (BoyxBoy)by Taylor J. Monroe
Everything is supposed to be easy, right? Everything is supposed to be figured out for us, right? Then... why does everything feel so wrong, unless we're together...? ~ ...
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ULTRALIFE (K.OUBRE) by tdotlinaa
-𝗨𝗟𝗧𝗥𝗔𝗟𝗜𝗙𝗘 ⇢ In which she goes viral and catches his eye [social media/real life au] @tdotlinaa
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The Last Virgin Standing by laughterandjynx
The Last Virgin Standingby Tiffany Huynh
(COMPLETED) Charlotte Summers is the last virgin in her school; a school where taking virginity is a sport. The sport has five main contenders: Tyler Bradshaw, the myste...
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Temptation (BWWM) by LLCoolJelly
Temptation (BWWM)by LLCoolJelly
My head rolled back and I was a moaning mess as he pumped into me. "Look at me" he growled Making me open my eyes and stare into his dark green orbs. He inc...
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After the Storm by SM-Jacqueline
After the Stormby S.M. Jacqueline
A university student. A professional hockey player. They've proved they can be friends. Can they be more? Although they're both in their early twenties and living in Win...
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Falling by Kay_Writes99
Fallingby Kay
A sweet story about a cheerleader and a quarterback falling for each other. *** I'm not very good at descriptions so you'll just have to read to find out more :)
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To Be Alone With You by toxicvism
To Be Alone With Youby akriti
Kaspian Velasquez has lived his entire life keeping secrets. Family was never a topic of conversation, and if ever brought up, Kaspian was always as vague as he could be...
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The Chemistry of Everything by wheadee
The Chemistry of Everythingby W H I T N E Y
Everything Book One Where bookish Zoya Cannon thinks boys are complicated and not worth the trouble, and playboy Andrew Swift thinks girls are confusing yet worth the f...
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Moonlight Kiss by Bunniside
Moonlight Kissby Kericia S.Williams
Luna Alina is a good girl who just wants a kiss underneath the moonlight by bad-boy athlete Ash (Ashton) Grey. **** Note: it's a fictional book with fictional characters...
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Border of South (On-going) by mindlessdrabblings
Border of South (On-going)by hq
She was so sure she made her walls impenetrable. But when did it start crumbling and why did she never notice?
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