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Nerds Are Loveable by reading_mylife_away
Nerds Are Loveableby Coolio Bean
She's a bad girl, He's a nerd. Opposites attract, at least that's what they say. Haley Jones just doesn't give a shit. The stares, the comments about her body, the cons...
The Cop Next Door by princess-fill
The Cop Next Doorby Felicity
"Stop it, Dax." I wouldn't meet his eyes, I couldn't. His hot breath trailed up my neck, his soft lips ghosting over the exposed flesh. He chuckled when my bac...
His Forceful Dominance by mysterysoul_
His Forceful Dominanceby Grey
"YOU are mine and I DON'T LIKE TO SHARE WHAT IS MINE" As they say once a deal is made there are certainly no loopholes. When everything is put in a certain p...
Let me love you  by zkooby
Let me love you by Zkoob 👽
Thalia Kennedy is a positive ball of sunshine, she likes dirty jokes and smiling whenever. When she meets a man, the complete opposite of her she immediately takes a lik...
The Immortal Prince ✔️ by Midika
The Immortal Prince ✔️by Midika
"Tomorrow, we don't have to speak of this again." I hardly know what I'm asking. I just know I want whatever it is. He watches me with an intensity only he is...
Bottom Dollar by officialrachaelrose
Bottom Dollarby Rachael Rose
A broke, straight-edged high schooler must fight her feelings for her new cocky admirer or risk being stuck in a dead-end town forever. ...
ADORE YOU. love island all stars by luvrobrien01
ADORE YOU. love island all starsby luvrobrien01
"YOU KNOW IT'S REAL WHEN YOU CAN'T DESCRIBE HOW YOU FEEL" Amelia Brown was the biggest personality in Love Island history, known for her charm and warm heart...
Knockout (Gaslight spin-off) by officialrachaelrose
Knockout (Gaslight spin-off)by Rachael Rose
When eighteen-year-old Cassie learns her local gym is struggling, she must find a way to save it while staying away from the womanizing boxer determined to get under her...
Olympian by Sonu2314
Olympianby Sonu2314
Percy Jackson is a rising athlete, getting national prestige for his swimming prowess. He doesn't even know how good he is, but his coaches and trainers do. Considering...
Girl You Fucked Before (18+) by xanderella1104
Girl You Fucked Before (18+)by xanderella1104
And for just the briefest of moments, the sensation of his strong arms wrapped around me and the warmth of his skin radiating against mine, casted the faintest of glows...
Majors Major (Jasper Hale) by Mega_PANick
Majors Major (Jasper Hale)by Jodie Dawson
All the years Jasper was with the Cullens he never forgot her. He would never ever forget her no matter how many centuries he lived. She was his everything. It wasn't un...
Ek Ajnabi Haseena  by mysticalishq
Ek Ajnabi Haseena by mysticalishq
An honest police officer and a lost criminal. What could go wrong? (A KarEena story. Fanfiction of the TV series Maddam Sir) **Disclaimer: This story is written purely f...
Love at Chance by JellyBeansRainbow
Love at Chanceby JellyBeansRainbow
Rainer is a 17 year old, African-American, 5'7, quiet, gay teen who just can't seem to fit in. Toby is an 18 year old, white, 6'2, basketball player, "straight"...
HIS TARA by BloomingVendela
A story of two different people whom destiny bind in the pure bond of marriage to spend rest of their life together. And how they slowly learn to trust, respect, unders...
In Disguise by Spanishhusky
In Disguiseby KeiraSaint
Shy introverted girl. Confident famous rapper. On night, one club, too many drinks. What could possibly go wrong? ...Or shall we say, right?
JOHN AND RITA  by Ada_Nnamdi
JOHN AND RITA by Nnamdi-Duru Adamma Chiamaka W...
Born from the pages of the original book Lonely Heart, emerges the gripping romance between John, a reserved and uptight 32-year-old introverted systems administrator, a...
Claire De Luna by loveyou_tothemoon
Claire De Lunaby ily
Six heart's and their stories DarshxArya When the boy who doesn't believe in family meets the family is everything girl Trope: Enemies to lovers, ShlokxMahi...
Opposites attract: book II by luann16
Opposites attract: book IIby luann16
Barriers tend to intensify romance. It's called the 'Romeo and Juliet effect'. I call it 'frustration attraction'- Helen Fisher. "I AM aware that he left over three...
Happy Ever-Never After  by dovesso4life
Happy Ever-Never After by Raine
it takes place a few weeks after Sophie and Agatha go back to gavoldon. It's a dovesso slow burn. There's Hester x Beatrix. I'm a beginner writer
Hukassa by therjtales
What will happen when a hopeless romantic girl meets the guy she never expected of? The very hopeless romantic girl, Eva, who has given up on love after multiple heartb...