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🌈💕learning to love💕🌈 ~ teacher wally x teacher reader ~ by _aziraphales_hubby_
🌈💕learning to love💕🌈 ~ teacher...by used to be wallys_wifey_
Y/N was starting their new job at the "welcome home" primary school as the music teacher, here they meet the arts teacher wally darling and his friends. Read t...
〔🍎YN into the Wally-verse?!🍎〕⏤͟͟͞͞☆ by GonIsSoSilly
〔🍎YN into the Wally-verse?!🍎〕⏤͟͟...by Wally Darling Kisser
READ │ │ │ │ V NONE OF THE ART SHOWN IS MINE!!! This story is made after my RF Wally is finished. Read that if you haven't! Please mind I'm not the best with proper v...
~☆Welcome Home☆~ by nieveel
~☆Welcome Home☆~by Neve
#44 • Home #4 • Wally #3 • Welcomehome ☆••••••••••••••☆ ☆Welcome home scenarios and oneshots☆ 🏠Home🏠 🍎Wally Darling🍎 🐶Barnaby B Beagle🐶 🎀Julie Joyful🎀 🦋Frank Fr...
💙💛🍎Your new home🍎💛💙(Wally x Male!Y/N) by Jinglethebreadcat
💙💛🍎Your new home🍎💛💙(Wally x...by Jingle brioche bun
You're living a rough life. You're a single father taking care of your young daughter, Lexi, who has a disability. You've been neglected by your parents and your so call...
To Stray Too Far From Home (Wally X Reader) by thehappyreaper431
To Stray Too Far From Home (Wally...by The Price of Loss
Inheriting the last remaining possessions of your mother, you discover a peculiar amount of old VHS tapes and an odd looking puppet that's eyes seem to follow you. Stayi...
The Perfect Gift by IamMommaBean
The Perfect Giftby IamMommaBean
You have had a rough few weeks since you found out that your favorite grandmother passed away. It's the week before your birthday, and after moving into her old house, t...
Puppet's Protector [Welcome Home x Kaiju Reader] by sammytheskitty33
Puppet's Protector [Welcome Home x...by Samantha Szyperski
In a world where an unknown evil lurks within the outskirts of an otherwise cheerful, colorful community, a unlikely protector shows up in the form of a massive visitor...
Welcome Home Daycare! (Female Reader) by Aizaliz0
Welcome Home Daycare! (Female Read...by AizaRey26
This story is about our lovable characters as kids who go on many adventures, play, learn, and just be adorable! Requests and critiques are welcome so don't feel shy ☺️
Wally Au's oneshot [Request Closed] by LinieYamada_13
Wally Au's oneshot [Request Closed]by Linie Yamada
There aren't too much of wally one shot so i decided to make one.
Welcome Home, Keeper! [Welcome home x Human Kaiju Reader] by sammytheskitty33
Welcome Home, Keeper! [Welcome hom...by Samantha Szyperski
literally just another headcanon/scenario book, but you're basically a half-Kaiju. Half human, half... Kaiju.
¤~𝙴𝚢𝚎𝚜~¤ (Wally AU's x reader) by 1_Vee_0
¤~𝙴𝚢𝚎𝚜~¤ (Wally AU's x reader)by Endless
What happens when some puppet dudes appear in your home? Things turn to chaos.
The Ghost of Home by Abareye
The Ghost of Homeby mmm
(Wally Darling x reader) "Have you heard? There's a tenth neighbor we've never heard of! Wally, do you know anything about them?" "I do, actually!" ...
Welcome to the Rainbow Factory by Xscapee
Welcome to the Rainbow Factoryby Your Internet Mom
Torn apart through life Wally is heading towards divorce which has left him a destroyed man. His assistant can only hope to be enough to make him see the value in life...
Righteous Indignation - RF! Welcome Home by EremitaErebus
Righteous Indignation - RF! Welcom...by Luca [on hiatus]
I never saw myself writing an x reader, but here I am. I don't care about the whole Y/N complications. There will be no physical characteristics implied aside from Wally...
wally oneshotz!!! by __ASTROPHEL__
wally oneshotz!!!by glitterbrain
(there's a lotta rf btw) hiii x reader oneshotz for wally and his AUs!!! I'll do sally and julie and howdy and eddie and frank/their AUs too!!! <3 (GN reader) rules i...
|/|Under Control\|\ (WH Angst Story) by Sad_AleXela
|/|Under Control\|\ (WH Angst Stor...by Alex
[Main story finished] Wally starts acting strangely lately and the others notice this, but brush it off. However, soon Wally starts occasionally acting hostile towards t...
That Book. (Wally Darling AU's x reader!) by Duchess_Darling
That Book. (Wally Darling AU's x r...by Duchess
Hello, my name is Breelynn, but call me Bee. All character credits go to the original artists of the AU's! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You, a normal human, d...
🌈 | Colours Unbound | 🌈 by Hearts4Daniella
🌈 | Colours Unbound | 🌈by Hearts4Daniella
RF! (Rainbow factory) Wally x Assistant [Y/N, Redacted, ECT] , Characters from Welcome home (By coffin shape clown on Twitter and other platforms) And RF! AU by Dodozoi...
The Sea's Symphony (Siren RF X Reader) by WaddlesThePiggo
The Sea's Symphony (Siren RF X Rea...by WaddlesThePiggo
Y/N is a cabin boy/girl tooken in by a vile Sea captain and his crew. One day you fall in the water while no one is around and meet a creature you never knew existed. Wi...
Welcome Home x GN! reader {oneshots} by shatterdglass57
Welcome Home x GN! reader {oneshot...by 🥩Deadbeat Meat🥩
Oneshots of all the lovable characters from the Welcome Home arg! Currently: OPEN! All characters belong to Clown