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run away ; dreamnotfound by sansbeby
run away ; dreamnotfoundby lex!!
Clay needs to run away but he doesn't want to leave George behind. So instead, Clay stays with George for a couple weeks. But wait, why the hell is Clay his fake boyfrie...
Serendipity ||Hanta Sero|  by Cookie_Monster_427
Serendipity ||Hanta Sero| by Monster
Serendipity (n.) Finding something good without looking for it. =============================== (Y/N) wasn't looking for anything besides a way out. She didn't want to...
Built for Pleasure by escorting112
Built for Pleasureby Lauren
Seeing as Wattpad has deleted my previous story, I have decided to start again. it is based on a few years later, if any questions or anything you can always ask. I am...
Learning To Love by OpheliadeHavilland
Learning To Loveby Ophelia de Havilland
It can be hard to trust and love again after a bad experience. It can take years for a person to accept that love really does exist. Maybe that person just needs to lear...
The Way We Once Were (Ermika Modern AU) by midnight_scraps
The Way We Once Were (Ermika midnight_scraps
I wish everything would go back to what it used to be when everything was peaceful I DO NOT OWN ANY ART IN THE COVER OR IF I USED IN THE STORY ALL CREDITS GO TO THE ARTI...
The Dark ✔ by Red_Harvey
The Dark ✔by Red Harvey
[Previously FEATURED] Retail workers have the least chance of being haunted, hurt, or killed. At least, that's what three cashiers assume. When Temple, Marilyn, and Mart...
One Month  by _somniphobia
One Month by Anna A.
Imagine being a high school student hated and bullied by the school's darlings. On top of that, imagine being barely managing in an unhealthy relationship with your mot...
My Idol,My Husband And My HELL by mochi_obsession
My Idol,My Husband And My HELLby mochi_obsession
I'm in a vacation in Korea with my BFF, everything is great,I'm even lucky enough to meet a handsome men who show me around the city, but I never thought that his gummy...
Experiences  by Kxro-Kun
Experiences by Kxro-Kun
Some of my experiences in life that majorly affected me. May not seem interesting, but it feels good to write it out. We all react in different ways so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (Rated...
Obsession [s.m] by particularlywhy
Obsession [s.m]by particularlywhy
"never rush into love. Let it come to you, even if you're waiting long... let it come to you. Rushing and forcing love is being set up only to fail. When you meet t...
Classroom 13 by Pineapple_love3
Classroom 13by Tweety
In our school, our Classroom 13, is considered to put a curse on those who end up in this class. People fail tests, drop out of their clubs, get in fights, lose friends...
Crystal Clear by TenyaIldasWife
Crystal Clearby Monica
Akiko Chiaki is known as the crystal hero: Crystal Clear. Being in a bad relationship can take a lot out of a hero. Can she be brave and leave? Can she handle keeping ci...
When Barry met Mary by SleepWalker01
When Barry met Maryby SleepWalker01
Barry is the nerdy tech boy, who is unpopular and low on the sosial totem pole. Mary is the total opposite of him. She's popular, stunning and outgoing. Everything he is...
BTS The Dawn (Jimin vs Yoongi) by mochi_obsession
BTS The Dawn (Jimin vs Yoongi)by mochi_obsession
Two men..two psychopaths in a eternal war for power,money and domination. Betrayal..fear..anger..sadness and a lot of violence,and you..trapped in the middle, a love tha...
"To my darling daughter, Aoife~" Her mother... "Life is cruel, sweet girl, that is a lesson you will have to learn very quickly~" Is what I can only...
nervous lungs. by afroavery
nervous ☀️
"you planted f l o w e r s in my l u n g s but you weren't there to water them..." - lowercase intended.
Cheater by NightDragon5656
Cheaterby NightDragon5656
After finding out about his feelings, Lance plays Keith into becoming his 'fuck buddy' due to his current girlfriend, Allura, not wanting to have sex yet. It's hard, to...
Unzip Me - boyxboy by Asphyxia002
Unzip Me - boyxboyby Asphyxia002
"How can you live with yourself?" "How can you?" *** Kyler doesn't show his emotions; he's a cocky concoction of distaste and indifference to the ev...
Short Stories- Heartbreaking Ones by JiggyasaAgrawal
Short Stories- Heartbreaking Onesby Jiggyasa Agrawal
A collection of heart wrenching short stories based on true emotions and feelings, not events.