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Secrets Of The Mute by Bism33
Secrets Of The Muteby Luna
All they know about her is that she was getting heavily abused. They don't know how old she is. Or even her name. She simply won't speak. What'll happen along the wa...
Shine Bright Shirley by jenchaejisa
Shine Bright Shirleyby Louise
One year Only one year left until I'm out of the foster care system and all on my own... the way it should be. Follow Grace Shirley Smith as she tries to find her place...
Drown in You  by soliloquyjay
Drown in You by jay
Will Parker has been in and out of foster homes since he was 14 months old. Failed placement after failed placement has left him abused, scarred, and closed off. Then, h...
Coming Home  by Nina__11
Coming Home by Nina
When they were 2 years old, Jason and Ocatvias mother took them away to Florida. For 14 years they have been hidden away from their father William Garcia and their broth...
One More Year by Trekkiehood
One More Yearby Jamie Dawn
One year. For foster kid Jack Kelly, only one year stands between him and freedom. All he has to do is keep a low profile and stay out of the way of his foster dad. Ever...
More Than Just A Case by JemilysLoveChild
More Than Just A Caseby Shiloh\Lillie
When Mark Anderson starts brutally murdering foster parents of one in Oklahoma City, he kidnaps a boy around 12 and forces him to help with the murders. When the team i...
The Boys by galaxies_and_vodka
The Boysby can i pet ur doggo
After her parents were deemed to be unfit to care for her, Eve Ellison is sent to a foster home hundreds of miles away in Yorkshire for safety. The Andrews are now her p...
The Seven Deadly Brothers by notactuallylillith
The Seven Deadly Brothersby notactaullylillith
They're deadly, each representing a different sin. She has the power to bring out the good in all of them. Elora Anderson discovers that she is actually a Maranzano, fam...
A Girl Like No Other by emielouise
A Girl Like No Otherby emielouise
Family. A word that's almost foreign to fourteen-year-old Camryn. At the age of five, she was thrown into the foster system, where she bounced from house to house for ni...
Broken Trust by Freedom_Writer3
Broken Trustby 💚Liv💚
Mildred Mae Miller has not had an easy life. Determined to escape from the foster system once she turns 18, Mae wants nothing more than a few peaceful months to plan her...
Aurora by ambesssxo
Auroraby ambesssxo
Aurora a troubled mis-understood teen. Everyone she trusts always breaks it. A drunken father and mother abandons her leaving her to goto a foster home. Through out the...
Remember This✔ by autumnskiess
Remember This✔by Kayley B
Molly has never felt safe. For four years she has lived in constant fear that the serial killer that murdered her family is coming for her. She has been moved around the...
Living with the Grace Boys by 20erin02
Living with the Grace Boysby Tessa
When Braeden loses her entire family to a terrible accident, she gets put into the foster-care system. Her foster family turns out to be the bad boys from her school. S...
Adopted by Scarlett / Summer's Story by bridge538
Adopted by Scarlett / Summer's bridge538
Summer is a 14 year old girl that has had a hard life so far and always thought it couldn't get any better until she met Scarlett.
Our Bambina by marinafan242
Our Bambinaby Rebecca (Becca)
I never thought I wanted a family. It wasn't important to me so I didn't really care about it. The first time I saw them, I didn't think I wanted to be part of their fa...
Unwanted  by jjsbabyx
Unwanted by Niki x
Alexis also known as Lexi, has had it rough to say the least. Her mother died when Lexi was only six years old, and her father kept her trapped in the house and abused h...
Jace: a story of child abuse by TinaHaller
Jace: a story of child abuseby Tina Haller
Jace is a seven year old girl who is thrown around foster homes after her parents die. Then she meets the Ryder's and they want to adopt her problem is the whole family...
Everything has Changed  by wannatalkaboutLarry
Everything has Changed by They did that
Zayn and Liam have been married for 4 years, and been dating for longer. They each have a job they love and they have each other but something is missing, or someone in...
Lance Sweets Horrible Past by foreverliberty
Lance Sweets Horrible Pastby Cerrina Helene Hope Foster
Lance sweets is twenty two, and working for the FBI and with the Jeffersonian. He has left behind a horrid past, for the most part, at least. That is, until both a man h...
Home is not a house by Angelboy3434
Home is not a houseby Angel
Warning: Very angst filled! "You can put your shit in here" "Please be more nice than that." "Sorry, right, Dad wants us to be nice" ...