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youngblood ↠ rafael barba svu-blue bloods by abandingswimmer
youngblood ↠ rafael barba abandingswimmer
"remember the words you told me, 'love me till the day i die?'" kelly reagan, the first female in the reagan family to become not only a police officer, but...
Amanda's Secret (SVU Fanfic) by sweetfangirl23
Amanda's Secret (SVU Fanfic)by Fangirl😜
Amanda was late to work for the third time in a week. When Olivia reprimands her for it, she flinched, shocking Olivia. Minutes later, Nick compliments Amanda's necklace...
euphoria  by justMikaylaT
euphoria by justMikaylaT
Olivia Benson starts noticing her daughter acting strange. Jude Benson is just trying to get through the day. Both Bensons learn some lessons along the way.
SVU saves Annabell by ChloeBarnes064
SVU saves Annabellby Chloe Barnes
Annabell is a 14 year old girl from england who lives in an orphanage in NYC.what will happen when the svu squad shows up to see the children, will they find out annabel...
no one can hurt you now by dancingwithswift
no one can hurt you nowby dancingwithswift
14 year old Elise is saved from her abusive father by someone who has always been a mother-figure.
Save me, Olivia (Adopted By Olivia Benson) by RedShySupernatural
Save me, Olivia (Adopted By A.W.
**None of these characters belong to me except Alexis. All others belong to Dick Wolf and NBC.*** Alexis Gardner is a blue eyed, red hair, freckled smart 12 year old gir...
She will be loved ~Bensidy  by ComeSwim
She will be loved ~Bensidy by Kristen~Always
"I am not a victim" Olivia never thought the tables would turn and she would become the victim. Now, she was trapped in a situation she doesn't know how to ha...
Rollaro one shots by lovinsomerollaro
Rollaro one shotsby lovinsomerollaro
I'm writing a bunch of rollaro one shots, so if you have any ideas for some let me know. I'm still continuing my other fanfics, but this one is going to be a side one fo...
Reunited With My Family At Long Last [A Law and Order:SVU Fanfiction] (Reposted) by SusanBenson2812
Reunited With My Family At Long SusanBenson2812
It's been exactly 13 years since a very young Susan Benson-Stabler mysteriously vanished from her home leaving her parents, Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler, and her fra...
Drastic Measures ( A Law and Order:SVU Fanfiction) by Alice_the_Doctress
Drastic Measures ( A Law and Queen Idjits
Fresh out of John Jay University and straight into the offices of the Special Victims Unit, nothing was going to prepare twenty-five year old Eliza Chapman for what she...
A Course of Passion by Darling_Dixon08
A Course of Passionby Kelsey
PLEASE READ BOOK 1 FIRST: A Path to Love. Detective Grey takes some time to work at the BAU when she needs to go back to the city. When she gets there, things aren't as...
Our dirty little secret by lovinsomerollaro
Our dirty little secretby lovinsomerollaro
Amanda Rollins and nick amaro have worked together for over a year, but what happens when they start to get feelings for each other? How long can they keep it a secret...
SVU Secrets ✔️ by multiple_fandoms198
SVU Secrets ✔️by Multiple_fandoms198
Amanda Rollins and Nick Amaro are having a secret relationship what happens that causes them to tell people. Main characters: Amanda Rollins Nick Amaro Olivia Benson Ota...
Unlikely  by charleqe
Unlikely by no good
i wrote this a while ago and it's pretty embarrassing so read at your own expense.
Law And Order: SVU Imagines by Kkizzle1217
Law And Order: SVU Imaginesby Me
A collection of SVU imagines that I wrote/write. Includes: Rafael Barba Sonny Carisi Nick Amaro Olivia Benson Amanda Rollins Casey Novak Mike Dodds And more... I accep...
HOME (Bensler) by okaybensonokay
HOME (Bensler)by okaybensonokay
The one were Olivia has a son by Elliot Stabler.
🌟She's Special🌟 by DayyyFanyyy
🌟She's Special🌟by DayyyFanyyy
Bella is now in middle school and sassier than ever! She's determined to become a different and more mature person (much to Olivia's dismay). Read to see Bella navigate...
Save Me by JanetSnath
Save Meby Janet Snath
Katie Cull is a girl who has been sexually abused and victimized since she was seven years old. Her mother always drinks and her stepfather assaults her on a regular bas...