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Logan by braindeadwriter06
Loganby Marie
*TW* Contains topics and scenes of sexual assault, self-harm, abuse.* "You know you loved every second of it," I can feel the tears welling up as well as the a...
broken beyond repair by passion1208
broken beyond repairby Mia
Emma Lopez, looks like a typical 16-year-old girl. Except, her problems aren't the typical 16-year-olds problems. She has had to worry about her abusive foster father...
Angel  by papiibrittney
Angel by brittney❣️
Lily is a college student at Stanford. Everything in her life has always worked out until now. She meets a boy but things aren't always what what they seem. Read more to...
'PayBack' Bnha by Rar3ty
'PayBack' Bnhaby Oinaoka Sora
What if All Might wanted to do sexual things with Izuku because he needed good 'payback' for giving his quirk? Is he going to hold it for long or will people discover? T...
Sparks Fly by VIVKELLER23
Sparks Flyby Vivienn Keller
A Featured Wattpad Romance, Wattpad New Adult, and Wattpad Psychological Novel (triggering romance) **November 3, 2019: 1st place Winner of romance category for the Mont...
The "Game" by Madi144
The "Game"by Mads
Addison was 8 years old and had an older brother named Conner. They both lived with their mother who was a drug addict and an alcoholic father. One night everything c...
What Lurks Beneath the Surface ✔️ by neurotick
What Lurks Beneath the Surface ✔️by 𝕭𝖗𝖎𝖆𝖓𝖆
"Maybe I should bring you home," he suggests. "Maybe you should find us a more secluded spot," I toss back, snaking my arms around his neck. "Yo...
The Little Mistakes (boyxboy) by rhiyseypie
The Little Mistakes (boyxboy)by b
Caise Danue-Samuels is a parent's worst nightmare. A problem child who has gotten into one too many fights and his serious attitude problem proves to be too much for his...
Survived ~《A true story of a sexualy abused  victim 》 by survival-girl
Survived ~《A true story of a survival-girl
Do as I say ... .. Or else be ready to face the consequences.. No one is gonna believe you.... The abuser warned soniya Soniya a child of merely 6 or 7 year was being...
Little Space by M_ochiiii
Little Spaceby M_ochiiii
little!jimin and daddy!yoongi have to go through many different experiences due to their lifestyle, but it only makes them closer along the way this is the original work...
Yandere Oliver Sykes X Reader 	 by Erwinspepee
Yandere Oliver Sykes X Reader by flozz
(!RAPE WARNING!) ---- Yes I know I haven't continued this story in a while. Creating a story may sometimes be hard and I'm having that time right now. But no worries! I'...
My Sexual Abuse Story by lifeisbleh_
My Sexual Abuse Storyby Someone
This is the story about how I got sexually abused at the age of 6, if this is a trigger for you then I might suggest not to read. Thank you... - Lifeisbleh_ Last update...
Outlast {BXB} by Lippyy-k
Outlast {BXB}by Nikki🍦
Yuki D'Arcy is a Calicyte, and also an enemy to all werewolves, not only does Yuki have werewolves to worry about, but also his abusive uncle; who makes it his life miss...
A Safe Place by SunkissedChild5
A Safe Placeby SunkissedChild5
Here's a 5th year Severitus fic for yah in which Harry is abused by the Dursley's! Summary: After Harry's uncle goes way too far, Harry uses the last of his strength to...
When The Fat Girl Gets Skinny by illegallyblonde__
When The Fat Girl Gets Skinnyby Maisy Sage
Losing weight was supposed to magically turn Maya Tanner's life around. It was supposed to bring her the happiness and peace of mind she had lost many years ago, but sta...
It all started with a dare ✔️ by xxwintersxx
It all started with a dare ✔️by Me
***HELLA CLICHÉ FREAKING ALERT*** -•- "Kiss Ella." Jake grins. "Excuse me?!" Seriously?! There are other girls in this room, you know.Oh, no. Oh, no...
The Bad Boy little girl  by yesssss22x
The Bad Boy little girl by HonestlyIdontknow
The first few chapters are going to be a little bumpy since this is my first story I ever written but as you get into it, I trust you it will be good. A story about Isa...
Our Magical Future  by ptrud3
Our Magical Future by Ptrud3
Arthur's eyes shot open as he desperately gasped for air, everything over the past 24 hours coming back to him. The war, Morgana and Mordred- now both dead, his injury...
Man Up ××Freetime Fanfic××  by Princetongirlreboot
Man Up ××Freetime Fanfic×× by tinydancer9
After Adi is hospitalized for attempted suicide, following his sexual assualt, he admits to being abused by his father for not being "manly" enough. ⚠Strong de...
my story by gums1092
my storyby gums1092
um this is so i can try to get over my issues