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Confessions of a Queen Bee by Blair-Jade
Confessions of a Queen Beeby Jade
Completed ✨ *#1 in sexualassault 08/05/20 *#1 in meangirl 28/05/20 *#1 in mental health 16/06/20 "Is this it then? It's true?" He spits out at me. "What's...
What happens at night : short story  by TheNewRegina
What happens at night : short TheNewRegina
Bianca William's is your typical 13 year old except for the fact that she doesn't know her dad and knows she has 5 older brothers but never met them. Her parents divorce...
Divergent high Fourtris abuse stories by dyingrose2003
Divergent high Fourtris abuse dyingrose2003
Tris is an orphan who lives with her abusive boyfriend Peter, she is new to town and starts at Divergent High. Four is popular and all of the girls fawn over him, but he...
It Happened Last Year  by Sydney724
It Happened Last Year by Sydney
(Complete) After a terrible encounter at a party, one year later, Hailey Fonte is ready to return to her home town. With everyone against her because of last years event...
Am I ok? by hiyaFolks239
Am I ok?by melissa edwards
just bakugo just gets more and more depressed. And shit happens Kiribaku/ bakushima Contains -slef harm -cursing -angst -sexual assault
Breaking The Mirror [Edited And Complete] by LoveMyHateBabe
Breaking The Mirror [Edited And Ember Skye
"Go to hell." "Yes, sir." Jayden has a lot of problems and his new neighbor, Seaton Andrews, isn't helping matters... ~~ Jayden's life story is now...
HOMESCHOOLED | yuta ✗ by SpeakToTheDevil
━━━ 𝙉𝘾𝙏'𝙎 ▸NAKAMOTO YUTA〻 high school au ! Being friends with the infamous group of fuck boys is hard enough for Moon Taeil, but letting them find out about his sist...
Just another of his wives by tabu376
Just another of his wivesby Tabu
A fan fiction based off the walking dead. Leah gets taken by the saviors. A bad group that takes from others to survive. Will Leah resist him or fall in line and becom...
Tamed by Ted Bundy by Mrs_Bundy_
Tamed by Ted Bundyby Theodore Robert Bundy
The all American boy killing all American girls
The Start of the End by shyaaaann
The Start of the Endby shyann
we all experience it sooner or later. _____________________________ ⚠️Trigger Warnings⚠️ Sexual Assault; Rape; Obsessive habbits/thoughts; Alcohol abuse; Drug abuse; Ag...
Left for the Wolves by FrigginPat
Left for the Wolvesby FrigginPat
Juniper Rae Smith. A girl, kidnapped and sold off when she was young. After many years of being sexually abused, she gets dumped off in the middle of nowhere left for de...
Wrong Ties by Oceaniax
Wrong Tiesby Oceaniax
MATURE CONTENT "Are you sure this is a good idea" i panted as Noah trailed kisses down my neck up to my lips. "I'm not going to go far... i ... argh! Fu...
The Love of My Life, The Monster by e_writer996
The Love of My Life, The Monsterby e_writer996
☆BASED ON THE TRUE STORY OF MY LIFE ☆ Rachel and Miller seemed like the golden couple of high school. Miller was a well-liked basketball player and Rachel was a shy, swe...
Teachers pet by ChillingSaint
Teachers petby ChillingSaint
"Why are you doing this" I said fearfully. "Because I can" his hand pushed me against the wall. "Pl-please let me go" I begged "Now...
Acosmist ✔  by arodynamics
Acosmist ✔ by 𝙖.𝙢. ☽
[2nd PLACE WINNER IN WINTER ROSE AWARDS 2019] He believed that nothing actually existed and I wanted to prove him wrong. Cover by @lucidmelancholy Extended summary insi...
Erotica by XForbiddenDesiresX
Eroticaby XForbiddenDesiresX
Sex. Love. Erotica.
Muted Love  by Kjerstimya
Muted Love by 🌸~Kjerstimya ~🌸
After his parents die, Harry Potter is left to the care of the Dursleys who do all in their power to beat the magic out of him... In result when he attends to the wizard...
DOWN IN FLAMES by limernce
wren ives has been struggling to make her big break in hollywood; the exiled daughter of a wall street billionaire, wren's name has been dragged through the mud to the p...
The Pet. by TreeScroll
The TreeScroll
•_____________ •"I want you Malia Jane, and I'm gonna have you.......and eventually you're gonna want me."• "Hello, my name is Malia Jane. The story you a...
~Cold love~ by Marinettelover9000
~Cold love~by Meliodas' Wife 💍🥰
"What's going on with you? You're never like this." Adrien looked up at her, hesistant to what he was about to say, "Can you keep a secret?" Marinett...