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Unlikely  by charleqe
Unlikely by no good
i wrote this a while ago and it's pretty embarrassing so read at your own expense.
SVU One Shots and Imagines by BusyBuzzingBee
SVU One Shots and Imaginesby BusyBuzzingBee
Romantic, smutty, angsty, etc. scenarios featuring characters from Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. I will take requests, and I am comfortable writing anything from...
Protected (Barba x reader) by Bailey--Bear
Protected (Barba x reader)by Bailey--Bear
Barba x reader When the reader goes through a horrible ordeal, will Rafael Barba be able to keep her hidden from the danger he faces everyday?
Imagines/One Shots by jenquackles17
Imagines/One Shotsby Jenny Quackles
Just a bunch of imagines/one shots with random celebrities, hockey players, fictional characters etc. I'm not really good at this so please don't hate.
Office Intern by TheGreenMeanie
Office Internby N.L. Peterson
Y/n L/n has just gotten his first job as an intern at the 16th Precinct of the New York Police Department. He didn't expect much from the job, but then he meets the det...
She's My Girl { Law and Order: Special Victims Unit } by WhiteWolfLife
She's My Girl { Law and Order: Cookies and cream
Harper Kington, a 25-year old that just moved to New York. She moved from Alabama for a fresh start. She loves the city, hoping to never move, having a few friends over...
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Law and Order: SVU imagines and preferences  by celestialphoenix
Law and Order: SVU imagines and Jean
One shots, preferences and chat rooms with your favorite Law and Order: SVU characters! Please feel free to leave a request:)
Barba's Secret Family(SVU story) by FanficMayham
Barba's Secret Family(SVU story)by FanficMayham
We all know Rafael Barba from SVU, but what if he had a secret? A secret family nobody knew about?
Barson baby by Faithlovessvu
Barson babyby Faithlovessvu
This is a barson story as you can tell just read it ok lol
Law and Order: SVU Story by Jordank3
Law and Order: SVU Storyby Jordan Øk
A new detective has just joined the squad. Alongside Lieutenant Olivia Benson, and fellow detectives: Amanda Rollins, Finn Tutuola, Sonny Carisi, and the A.D.A Rafael Ba...
Kidnap My Heart | Law&Order SVU Fanfiction by Marilyn_J2M
Kidnap My Heart | Law&Order SVU 💀Marilyn💀
She was an ordinary girl just trying to make a living and He was just an ADA doing his job.When she joined the Precinct their world's came together.
Ada Rafeal Barba Love Story by klausmikealson2001
Ada Rafeal Barba Love Storyby klausmikealson2001
Nikki and rafeal barba are married
HOME (Bensler) by okaybensonokay
HOME (Bensler)by okaybensonokay
The one were Olivia has a son by Elliot Stabler.
Maria Barba  by klausmikealson2001
Maria Barba by klausmikealson2001
I'm Maria Esperanza. Now Maria Barba, I'm the Sargent of SVU. And my husband is an ada. ~~~~I only own Maria and any other characters I make up~~~~
svu group chat💜 by everythinggiddish
svu group chat💜by brooklynsmanhatten💜
The title says it all!🤩😁💜
Not Just Another Case- A SVU Story. Amaro/Barba by Engie_fangirl
Not Just Another Case- A SVU Engela
Summary- Loosely based on the SVU episode S14 E12 where closeted gay men are being tied up, raped and robbed and in this fic also being killed. This is my version of it...
law and order SVU by klausmikealson2001
law and order SVUby klausmikealson2001
I'm Elena carisi (yes I'm Dominick carisi daughter) but people call me short stake or shorty im part of the special victims unit I'm actually only 15 I'm a government h...
SVU GROUP CHAT  by carisimyhomeboy
SVU GROUP CHAT by Whitney💚
The title says it all!
{this takes place after Rollins has her baby in s17} Sonny has feelings for Amanda but doesn't want to tell her because she's his best friend. But eventually things get...
Where is home? by supercocktotherescue
Where is home?by Psychos world
DGM/HP crossover After Allen saves Alma Karma and Yu Kanda from the grasp of the Vatican and the earl he finds himself being punished.after the Noah save Allen from the...