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Rich kids : His Majesty by Zoeyyyyxoxo
Rich kids : His Majestyby Zoe
Richston Academy, London, England. The most prestigious school in the world, the one and only safe haven for rich kids with mega rich parents. But is it really safe? Aft...
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Secrets and Lies [1] by Vampirediaries1996
Secrets and Lies [1]by Vampirediaries1996
An Upper East Side Princess who is willing to throw away her crown for what? The chance to travel the world with no expectations or worry about what her family will thin...
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We Were The Liars  by mystiquebaddie
We Were The Liars by MystiqueBaddie
"Too many joy rides in daddy's Jaguar.Too many white lies and white lines.Super rich kids with nothing but loose ends.Super rich kids with nothing but fake friends...
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The Elites by -effervescence_
The Elitesby Cade
After flying overseas to enroll in a prestigious boarding school, Blake Graham assumes that she can finally catch a break. Instead, she encounters the boy who she fough...
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Cry-Baby by braycriss
Cry-Babyby Criss
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
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Picasso's Promise by sumeyaalington
Picasso's Promiseby s u m e y a
Born into a violent world that values profit over purpose, Picasso is the polar opposite from the spoiled teen, Sydney Webster. Sydney loses it all in an instant when sh...
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philocaly   {gossip girl} by poojxshxh
philocaly {gossip girl}by Pooja Shah
(n.) the love of the beauty gossip girl {season 1}
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Gossip Girl Party || Izaac Martin || Season 1 by c_0515
Gossip Girl Party || Izaac Martin...by C
He is the sole heir to one of the biggest financial conglomerates in the world. As you'd expect, he's used to having it all, and won't take no for an answer. Cold and u...
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Secrets of Wellington Hills by Chipotlelover12
Secrets of Wellington Hillsby Chanel Rose
Welcome to Wellington Hills , a town filled with the most elite & wealthy families. A town full of Liars, champagne, diamonds, and of course secrets obvi! * * * Follow...
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Blunder by JaimeTheWriter
Blunderby Jaime
Idalia Ryan is a star basketball player, has a serious three year relationship with her boyfriend, and is an A student at school. One day during her senior year, she fin...
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Before Summer Ends by spirabilis
Before Summer Endsby nicole
WATTYS 2018 WINNER ❝What happens in summer, stays in summer.❞ • • • • • Six lightning tattoos swear the drunken memories and hazy hookups of six teenage kids to secrecy...
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The Tables Have Turned by Monica4242
The Tables Have Turnedby Monica
After having his heart broken by Hailey Tucker, the player, Alex Parker transfers to a new school as far away as possible from her. Two years later, because of one horri...
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Aeipathy» C. Baizen [1] by rorydev
Aeipathy» C. Baizen [1]by SebastianHolland
"All great love stories end in heartbreak." "You can't keep dancing with the devil and asking why your still in hell." "You don't choose who you...
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Rumi by kyahax
Rumiby kyahax
"the wound is the place where the Light enters you."
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Masquerade Kiss (#1) by Explosively
Masquerade Kiss (#1)by j e s s i c a
[COMPLETED!] Mikayla Tracer is a headstrong, ambitious girl whose dream is to make it big in the music industry. Standing in her way is Blake Ryan, the Golden Boy of th...
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Gossip Girl Party // Prologue by c_0515
Gossip Girl Party // Prologueby C
From the app by Voltage Inc. Join the world of Gossip Girl and become the newest socialite in NYC's ritzy Upper East Side! Become a stylist and use your fashion sense to...
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Daughters by pseudoannie
Daughtersby pseudoannie
(Updates on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) Michael Bassett will do anything to protect his daughter even if it means sending her away. Soon he finds his trips eas...
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k-pop rumours by choihyojungs
k-pop rumoursby nil
random k-pop gossip & sasaeng information. i won't be sharing any private info like phone numbers or photos. i just share these rumours, i don't really believe most of...
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Masquerade Bliss (#2) by Explosively
Masquerade Bliss (#2)by j e s s i c a
SEQUEL TO "MASQUERADE KISS".... [COMPLETED!] After the whole world found out about her fake relationship with teen heartthrob, Blake Ryan, Mikayla Tracer is no...
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I work for him  by whatspoppinsis
I work for him by BẠB¥₣Ạ₡Ẹ🥰🧸
She works at his modeling agency he meets her but what happens when they have to collab together
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