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The Impossible, The Possible, And The Complicated ✓ by ScarlettBlackDaisy
The Impossible, The Possible, Daisy
° a man trapped in the past, and a woman thinking of the future, can only be together in the small space called the present ° Some things are impossible, and that is wha...
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Strongly pampered male wife  by theuniqueqarmy
Strongly pampered male wife by theuniqueqarmy
Description [Edit] How long would a marriage be able to sustain itself when it had nothing to do with love? Then how would a marriage based merely on power and a monetar...
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The Sunflower Awards 2020 [JUDGING] by TinyAsianEmpress
The Sunflower Awards 2020 [JUDGING]by TinyAsianEmpress
OPEN: [ ] JUDGING: [✔️] FINISHED: [ ] ➖➖➖➖➖🌻➖➖ ➖ ➖➖ The Sunflower Awards are back bigger and better than ever for 2020! This time there are mini contests to enter as we...
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Love Me Sweet (Love Me book 1) by Sarahbeth552002
Love Me Sweet (Love Me book 1)by Sarah Jones
Lia's new neighbor is a thorn in her side. He has a beautiful house that she's watched fall further into disrepair, there are horrible rumors that paint the man in a sin...
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storyline  by caIebjames
storyline by Caleb James
'storyline' is my ninth poetry collection. Written with no concept or preconception in mind, each and every poem featured in this collection came directly from my heart...
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Warren's Final Installment! Synopsis coming soon!
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The Love Affair by Vampirefangsrules
Rose Stanton is a bestseller contemporary romance novelist. She has a mortgage on her four-bedroomed house, a husband and her dream job all before the age of thirty. Bu...
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Inspiration [Hizashi Yamada X Reader] by Pixelpad
Inspiration [Hizashi Yamada X Pixelpad
(Completed) [Y/N] [L/N], a quiet song writer and instrumental artist, meets Hizashi Yamada, a loud pro hero teacher and radio host.
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  ✓ | LOVE, CAROLYN ━━━ spencer reid¹. by okaywickersham
✓ | LOVE, CAROLYN ━━━ spencer 𝖆.
i might never see you again, and i guess believing that makes it easier for me to leave you this letter. (COMPLETED) (seasons 5 - 6) (s.reid x fem!oc) (nov. 8th, 2018...
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My Heart's Resident by Kishilovesnoodles
My Heart's Residentby Kishi
|\Shaun Murphy X Reader/| It was raining again; of course it was. It rains when something bad happens, right? You saw nothing but blood and shattered glass around you o...
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Author's Bullshit by Purple_Ghost_1782
Author's Bullshitby Sister Sh00k
THE SEQUEL OF "Random Crap"!
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stray kids reactions. by cultsung
stray kids han♡
reactions book!!♡
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Love Struck by XxFlawfully_AmazynxX
Love Struckby • caffeinated •
••• love-struck [ luhv - struhk ] (adj.)experiencing intense feelings of romantic love for someone. ••• A collection of enticing poetry . ••• accomadates urdu and engli...
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The Known by Grattsfan
The Knownby Grattsfan
Charlotte Jennifer Gordon, aka Charlie or C.J., is a sister, best friend, girlfriend, soccer player and ... best selling author. When she was just a teenager, she turne...
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Little One (Transformers Prime/Bayverse/G1) by Harmony_205
Little One (Transformers Prime/ White_Black
⚠ ON HIATUS ⚠ A mysterious girl with a mysterious past. Cecilia is an ordinary high school student who keeps quiet and isolates herself from others. One day she found a...
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Best Authors on Wattpad by DestructiveElement
Best Authors on Wattpadby Jasmine
here's a tribute to the hard working, gifted wattpad writers who keep my days and life interesting. I love u all
Best Mature Books by BlessingMummy
Best Mature Booksby theredbarbie
Are you searching for awesome books to read on wattpad?? If you are Check this out!! **** Don't forget to vote and comments P.S:No hateful comments Mature R-rated
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shitposting by prettyxbraindead
shitpostingby seeing dom - 4/23/20
feel free to read this if you'd like to get to know me🥴
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Dolan twins imagines. by eclipsedolxn
Dolan twins 🌺azalea🌺
There are a lot of different categories such as soft,mature,sad,soft-sad,dirty-soft and the list goes on. And best of all you can comment plots and situations! Azalea 😜
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ALL THE STARS   ↳   writing tips by babistan
ALL THE STARS ↳ writing tipsby 𝘽𝙍𝙄 .
My goal is not to offend anyone, but to help us all improve in what we enjoy doing so much ☼ [NOTE] ! Rare updates because I'm out of ideas! Request some things you want...
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