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Brittany's Baby Adventure by graciebigbaby
Brittany's Baby Adventureby graciebigbaby
Brittany is the average teen girl on the edge of adulthood. But after one incident happens on a family outing things start to change for her. She starts to think and fee...
The bad baby by amycutiegirl199
The bad babyby Amycutiegirl199
A girl who falls classes and is in the wrong crowd gets punished
Zoey's Little Accidents by Milly-Mocking
Zoey's Little Accidentsby Milly-Mocking
A young adult starts to struggle more and more to make it to the potty until eventually she finds herself back in some rather... infantile underwear...
Lila's Family Vacation by reartykeuniverse
Lila's Family Vacationby reartykeuniverse
13-year-old Lila is going on a vacation with her family, and Lila's wearing diapers for the trip. She isn't too happy about it, but she'll come to appreciate it eventual...
Diaper revenge by galaxythewolftbdl
Diaper revengeby john smith
john is confronted by two girls he used to harrass in highschool. no it his turn to become the victim, to feel what its like to be a helpless diapered sissy. This story...
Mushroom Mayhem by diaperstories28
Mushroom Mayhemby diaperstories28
A collection of ABDL stories featuring the classic trio of princesses (Peach, Daisy, Rosalina) from the Super Mario video game series. *All of these stories were written...
Diaper Powder by Cursive_Question
Diaper Powderby Capy
A story in which a snow storm takes away everything you used to know about being an adult. All credit goes to TheUnthinker, a repost for the readers at Wattpad to read...
Alexa's Crazy Home Alone Days by -DiaperLover-
Alexa's Crazy Home Alone Daysby -DiaperLover-
Alexa is a DL. She was home alone for 4-6 days. What crazy things does Alexa do? (This story takes place after my last story, "Diapered at School" but you don'...
Rowan's Plans by Ashlovessnapple
Rowan's Plansby ash
Rowan, a 12 year old boy has felt the need to wear diapers for all his life. He never gets the chance to wear them, except when he comes up with an idea
My boyfriends sisters baby. by smellyfartss
My boyfriends sisters Fart face
Your boyfriends parents are away for the week so you go over and spend some time with him. Only to see he's not there and it's just his evil little sister.
Forever a diaper baby. by slutforpampers
Forever a diaper slutforpampers
🍼MALE Y/N!🍼 Y/n, In a relationship with Abby. Turns into a turn where y/n and Abby do something very new.
Abby's Dream by yeetboy360
Abby's Dreamby Teen-daddy16
About Abdl diaper girl who wants to be full time baby named Abby and will do anything to do that she is 15.
Girlfriend's Messy Issue  by DETONAGAME7
Girlfriend's Messy Issue by DETONAGAME7
This is my first story on Wattpad! It's a story about the Friday Night Funkin' Girlfriend diaper life, please enjoy. If you found something wrong in a chapter, please t...
King Von Imagines by vylanin
King Von Imaginesby V
LLKV I noticed there weren't a lot of imagine books dedicated to him so I decided to write a few of my own. I am taking requests, but let me know your opinions! REQUESTS...
Be Good For Mommy by Cursive_Question
Be Good For Mommyby Capy
A man finds that his wife may also be his mommy. Credit to @BeGoodForMommy on Tumblr for the cover photo.
Decisions: Melina's Side by takumi41
Decisions: Melina's Sideby takumi41
Melina is a blooming seventeen year-old-girl. However, her sister suddenly starts wetting the bed and she decides to take an action to support her sister that may end up...
Jessica's Diapered Adventures by diaperstories28
Jessica's Diapered Adventuresby diaperstories28
A large collection featuring the various misadventures of a DL named Jessica. Please note that these stories are old, outdated, and not reflective of my current writing...
what you getting?//ashtray X oc by amiaperf
what you getting?//ashtray X ocby amiaperf
She was only going to buy some weed,but something else happened that she definitely did not excpect! Ashtray cold as ever suddenly slips for that act he plays,but why? W...
None The Wiser by nonimusu
None The Wiserby U Nonimus
Heather doesn't know when it started, her interest in diapers that is. But after getting hold of a cousins goodnite, she could never have guess just how far that interes...