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Sophie's new problem by diapergirl05
Sophie's new problemby diapergirl05
After Sophie has an accident in her girlfrien'ds bed for the third time, Ellie decided its time to take action.
Caste to Class by AgeregressionKitten
Caste to Classby Kitten is little
Iris Mondeau wakes up one day in a new world and discovers just how shockingly the new world is. She tries to adapt and gets used to her new life, until she's picked as...
The royal baby by AgeregressionKitten
The royal babyby Kitten is little
A small, petite 19 year old girl is caught thieving. She is dragged to the royal's castle and held in a cell until the next court day. Once she meets the king and queen...
my stepmother diapers me by raprapsi
my stepmother diapers meby raprapsi
Anna and here stepmother dosen't like each other so here stepmom has plan to show anna that she is the boss when annas dad is not home
Daycare punishment  by cactussunflowe23
Daycare punishment by Diaper stories
Bella has to go to daycare with her little sister violet but Bella ends up having some accidents. This is a story that I read that I really liked but I made some changes...
Dwarf in diapers by Diaperstorys12
Dwarf in diapersby Diaperstorys12
A 10 year old girl who is a dwarf and has never grew ever since she turned 3 and with that she has a tiny bladder will she get adopted
Punished in Pull-ups  by hannahgates12
Punished in Pull-ups by hannahgates12
When young Taylor's grade and habits get out of hand, her mom decides to change up the scenery! Read on for more! ***pictures are not mine. creds to google
tbdl/abdl picture series  by morpau1
tbdl/abdl picture series by Morpaul
This is a picture series of abdl/tbdl images Also how is this my most popular story? Like seriously 51k views..... Are pictures more popular than stories
Short Stories of Petplay, Ageplay, and Gay Shit by SubPuppy
Short Stories of Petplay, Ageplay...by Little One 🍼
#1 in collar (8.8.19) #1 in pullup (8.8.19) #1 in collared (8.28.19) #1 in puppyplay (11.8.19) #14 in Oneshots out of ~56,200 As the title says, this is just a collectio...
Secret Tbdl Life by tbdlboyryan
Secret Tbdl Lifeby ryan
This is the story about the life of a tbdl i want to write loads and loads
Diapered at Christmastime  by hannahgates12
Diapered at Christmastime by hannahgates12
Bridget goes on christmas vacation and maybe a vacation from using the potty! 🎄
Girlfriend Diaper Stories  by BeanHub
Girlfriend Diaper Stories by BeanHub
**CONTAINS DAIPER USAGE** Hello ! This is my first story so please be kind. I have never written before but I thought I would give it a try . Thanks for reading and it w...
Adventures in the Diaper Dimension by MommysMilk
Adventures in the Diaper Dimensionby James
Some one shots from the diaper dimensions.
Daddy's Little girl by Depressedwriter_04
Daddy's Little girlby Depression
This is the story of a boy named James Williams, he is a little who always dreamed of a Daddy who will take care of him. He finds this person when he meets the perfect m...
The noises by GokuFoxy2126-YT
The noisesby Centipede Kaneki
A boy move in to his new house with his family and starting to hear noises in the forest in his backyard Nickname for all Sebastian or seebast Benjimen or Benjing or jj...
Addison Rae adopts a baby by Diaperstorys12
Addison Rae adopts a babyby Diaperstorys12
2 year old ava is in a orphanage and addison surprises the kids when she missed them and ava still their
A Big Change for Yuki Onah by kiaratiger
A Big Change for Yuki Onahby Ruby
Yuki is a violent and destructive half goblin child who has had a tough life. She is also a huge mummy's girl. This is her story of learning to understand who she rea...
A New Life for Skye  by kiaratiger
A New Life for Skye by Ruby
This is a single short story I have written in my spare time aimed at enriching people and helping people feel better even if it's just for a little while. It is my...
Oh god by Rach0910
Oh godby Rach0910
Girl gets diapered after many accidents