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Zach's Pajamas by Deekerfan2
Zach's Pajamasby Deekerfan2
Zach's new girlfriend loves his fondness of Disney movies. She decides to buy him some pajamas that coincide with his interests and unbeknownst to him, he slowly begins...
The New Normal by Glowtep
The New Normalby Glowtep
Young men within society now occupied roles comparable to toddlers, since the introduction of what was colloquially known as the "Diaper Law".
Diary of a Diaper Boy by Elfletch975
Diary of a Diaper Boyby Elfletch975
High school is hard for everybody, especially during their first year. For 14 year old Eli, he carries a few secrets that could make it that much worse. Struggling with...
Secrets At Camp Kenepy by bedwettingboy173
Secrets At Camp Kenepyby bedwettingboy173
This is the true account of my summer in camp kenepy when I was 12 years old. comments are appreciated.
Our Little Friendship by liitleboii
Our Little Friendshipby Liitleboii
Josh and Tyler are two 12 year old boys. Though being neighbors, the two barely talk to each other. So when both Tyler and Josh's parents head of to an adult reserve, th...
Mathews accidents  by ClaraJaneDiapers
Mathews accidents by ClaraJaneDiapers
Mathew has an accident in class so his mam puts him into his sisters pullups
Alex's New Life by landofdreams88
Alex's New Lifeby Alex
Everything altered permanently in 2125. Amazons are an alien civilization that came to Earth and took over, converting mankind into littles, slaves, and pets, and Earth...
Wife to Mommy  by mommyspoopyboy
Wife to Mommy by mommyspoopyboy
A man discovers his wife's cheating and soon finds himself diapered by her and his former brother turned daddy.
Monkey In the Middle by maurento786
Monkey In the Middleby maurento786
This is an old story that I found searching through sites. All credit goes to Tabula Rasa. Premise: When seven-year-old Jake finds a magical medallion in his Cracker Jac...
Raja de-potty trained by sgdiapsrboi
Raja de-potty trainedby sgdiapsrboi
Raja was convinced by his parents to wear diapers again to encourage his brother, Chad, to be potty trained but not all things went as planned
ABDL Shower by adamABDLboy
ABDL Showerby adam davies
When a couple are having a baby shower organised by their friend, the boyfriend doesn't realize that he has to become the baby for the night. (FICTIONAL STORY).
The Remote by maurento786
The Remoteby maurento786
A 15 Year Old Comes Into Contact With Remote That Makes His Wildest Fantasies Come True. *update: not really sure how to continue this book as its extremely similar to a...
Finally a Week Off Together by mattdiaper13
Finally a Week Off Togetherby mattdiaper13
A new couple, Eddie and Julia, have never spent vacation together and since it is there first time they wanted to make it special. They decided that it would all be revo...
Back in Diapers by Diapered4Life
Back in Diapersby andrew
12 y/o has wanted to wear diapers from the time of his earliest memory (around 4-5 y/o). after he gets caught stealing a pullup from a friend of his fathers girlfriend...
Little village by sgdiapsrboi
Little villageby sgdiapsrboi
Dan is forced to follow his girlfriend,fiona, to their new home where he can open his abdl side. #5 in teenbaby (5 may 2022) #3 in Singapore (8 June 2022) #3 in teenbaby...
Taller younger brother oneshots by tlabwriter
Taller younger brother oneshotsby tlabwriter
Here are some one shots of older boys being treated like a baby by their younger brothers/family Enjoy :) (If yall want you can make these one shots into a book you wri...
You can be my daddy  by pine_martin
You can be my daddy by pine_martin
Jake is young man living in a nowhere town with no friends and nothing to do, until he gets an offer to make all his dreams of being an adult baby come true
potty training helper by tbdlStory
potty training helperby Michael
helping my neighbor potty train
Teo Time! by lyrelute
Teo Time!by lyrelute
This is my "Teo Time!" series, as originally found on my DeviantArt. Tell me what you think of it, maybe look me up on DA. Matteo Morgan is a friendly, inconti...
Is Oscar Wearing A Diaper? by HarleyGravis
Is Oscar Wearing A Diaper?by Harley Gravis
Yang decided to be Oscar mom and she just might get her friends to help her