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My Wish Button Story by Rae_the_Writer95
My Wish Button Storyby Rae
Emily finds a magic pen that can grant her wishes. She may be a teenager but she much rather fill her diapers.
Tricked by baby sister by babyboysub
Tricked by baby sisterby babyboysub
You go to help you baby sister but she's smarter then you think abdl theme don't like it don't read it
Baby Julius by randomboy300
Baby Juliusby randomboy300
Very small teenage boy gets adopted by family who treats him like a baby.
The Diapering Babysitter by viking-writer
The Diapering Babysitterby viking-writer
A babysitting girl buys diapers to punish naughty children. Her plan backfires when she is forced to wear those same diapers for her own punishment.
Accidents. (An AB/DL story.) by JustAnotherTBDL
Accidents. (An AB/DL story.)by JustAnotherTBDLAuthor
Waking up late for work, Jackson (17) hops on the subway train. Once he's on board, he sees the only other person on board is a girl who he later finds out is named Gra...
ABDL Hotel by qwertydiaps
ABDL Hotelby QwertyDiaps
Bruce goes on a business trip to Chicago to meet with his employers to plan for the next fiscal year. It does not go as planned as Bruce starts so have some...embarrassi...
From Big to Baby by freddygaming9
From Big to Babyby Freddy Gaming
** UNFINISHED | MAIN WORKING STORY** ----------------------------------- Wilson, aged 11, Will as his friends call him, is the only child of the Evans family, he was hap...
My Diaper Life by cvogt1127
My Diaper Lifeby cvogt1127
This is the story of a young boy named Connor and a young girl named Amy and their diaper adventures! I hope you enjoy!
My Diapered Life - Lexi by DiaperGirlLexi
My Diapered Life - Lexiby Lexi Diaper Girl
This story is a collection of all my real life experiences of being stuck in Diapers for the entire 20 years of my life! I hope you enjoy them :)
Rays accident by diaperlover10
Rays accidentby diaperlover10
ray wakes up to find shes in a diaper.. read on for more. don't like? then don't read. no hate please.
Diapered Wishes by portiapee63
Diapered Wishesby portiapee63
A down-on-her-luck girl named Jessica is given the power to fulfill her deepest desires through a magical diaper. With nearly limitless power, what fantasies will she br...
Kelly's School Diaper Humiliation by ABDLiterotica
Kelly's School Diaper Humiliationby James Kent
Kelly wants to be popular, but the only way is to be friends with the popular girls. They come up with an embarrassing task for her to complete as a way of initiation. D...
My true experiences with diapers by dprlvr69
My true experiences with diapersby dprlvr69
This is my true stories about my experiences with diapers.
Kinks and everything  by Atrice86
Kinks and everything by Atrice
A young guy gets a new boyfriend not realising what he is into and gets sucked into trying everything
Baby Carrots (Zootopia) by SubPuppy
Baby Carrots (Zootopia)by SubPuppy
Nick and Judy have lived together for a while now and have enjoyed their relationship. But sometimes people( and rabbits) enjoy things privately. And sometimes people (a...
The day I became a DL by vymphdl
The day I became a DLby AbbyDL
This story is based on what happened with me when I found out I loved to wear diapers
Babied By The Babysitter by SubPuppy
Babied By The Babysitterby SubPuppy
#1 in Regression #1 in TBDL #1 in Sippycup #1 in Diapered #1 in Teenbaby #1 in Adultbaby #1 in Pacifier #1 in Babybottle Jake Stevens is not your average 16 year old. He...
Irean gets a device that let's her change reality...
Samantha's Messy Video by diaperstories28
Samantha's Messy Videoby diaperstories28
A girl named Samantha is convinced by her brother, Liam, to help film a very peculiar video.
The story of Melody by lexidiapergirl
The story of Melodyby lexi swanson
Melody is a 17 year old girl and curiosity gets the best of her. Read more to find out. This story is pure fiction none of it is real