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Darling in the Franx: Alternate Core by HectorAndrsGaytanSal
Darling in the Franx: Alternate ElderPCDovah
In a world where most of humanity is no longer what it was, how valuable are the values of the Old? Unknown to APE, a secret elite group of scientist and military broke...
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Armored Girls (Slice of life/Fate fanfic) by NA-213456
Armored Girls (Slice of life/ INF- Info not found
Ok so. . . . I watched a lot of YouTube about Armoured Core. . . . . Then I went onto Google. . . . You can see were this is going. Anyway, just wanted to make a story a...
BNHA: The Chozo Warrior by YodaTheWise
BNHA: The Chozo Warriorby YodaTheWise
(Y/N) never knew his parents. They were killed by the space pirates when he was a baby, but he was taken in by the Chozo made one of them, and a warrior. Obligatory I do...
WWII Male reader X RWBY by Axis_boi
WWII Male reader X RWBYby Herobrine 3030
(this is a reader insert) Your name is (F/N) (L/N) and you are a WWII Soldier that was storming Normandy beach untill the unexpected happened taking you to RWBY, How wil...
A different raven (Armored core 3 OC x RWBY) by 1randomlurker
A different raven (Armored core 1randomlurker
Eito. A. Konig has finished his adventures in the second armored core universe from layered to last raven attempting to head to the IS(Infinite Stratos) universe he well...
Attack on Titan OC by jm_donahue
Attack on Titan OCby J.M.Donahue
This was originally just one story but I have decided to write at least a little more so it will be a few different short stories
[Witch From Mercury ⨉ Armored Core For Answer] The Witch and The Lynx by ForgedBySea
[Witch From Mercury ⨉ Armored SeojinP
I've seen everything in this world. Even though I had everything, I threw it all away. What about you? Suletta Mercury. (Side note: I didn't own any of pic)
𝐴𝑜𝑡 - ℎ𝑒𝑎𝑑𝑐𝑎𝑛𝑜𝑛𝑠◦ 𝑖𝑚𝑎𝑔𝑖𝑛𝑒𝑠  by jouexe
𝐴𝑜𝑡 - ℎ𝑒𝑎𝑑𝑐𝑎𝑛𝑜𝑛𝑠◦ 𝑖𝑚 jouexe braun ⋆~
request are open ⌜✓⌟ 《character included》: -Armin -Bertholdt -Connie -Eren -Erwin -Jean -Levi -Reiner enjoy ツ
The survivor by grantyboi0
The survivorby Grant, R
thousands of years of mankinds interference has left earth changed and scarred. forever marked by the mistakes of old, humanity is reduced to scavenging and brutality. C...
Bound(chained sequel) by gerardsconverse
Bound(chained sequel)by Gerard's converse
"We exist between the imagination and reality..forever born to run and forever left to fight " This is the sequel to bound but you probably won't need to read...
Armored titan reader x Rwby  by Wargeg
Armored titan reader x Rwby by Wargeg
Y/n Belladonna adopted son and member of the white fang Y/n and Adam had always been the best of friends they were an unbeatable duo Y/n, Adam and his sister went on a m...
The StarFox Altered Timeline Adventures by Legendecade
The StarFox Altered Timeline Legendecade
The alternate ending of the StarFox game, but a new beginning of Fox McCloud and his teammates. Found and read a erotic yaoi doujinshi online that got me brainstorming t...
What We Look Towards To (Kamen Rider x Legend of Korra) {On Hiatus} by MaxAid99
What We Look Towards To (Kamen DragoonEight8
Two siblings have traveled to Republic City to live a peaceful life. Curiously, neither of them remember their own past. Knowing how the world is now, all they can rely...
Bendy and the ink machine: Dan & Drago's investigation by Lucasrescuerider
Bendy and the ink machine: Dan & Lucas chang
(EDIT 06/14/22: THIS GOT A BIT CRINGE FOR ME. DON'T READ!! OR... WHATEVER.) my 1st bakugan battle planet fanfic! with crossover! enjoy! (This will contain jumpscares & v...
The Armored Titan by irongrxyjoy
The Armored Titanby irongrxyjoy
Juliane Grün, a girl living in Shiganshina. Here's what happens to her after the walls fell. Reiner x OC FANFIC.
Forced Empathy by GrayV60
Forced Empathyby Izie Meinders
Mankind has gained the ability to take the pain of another for short periods, temporarily relieving them. This has led to a common job occupation of "Pain Empath&qu...
one piece (wano arc) x reader (On Hold) by Dr_Wrath
one piece (wano arc) x reader ( Dr_Wrath
I WILL DESTROY YOY ALL..... I will take my revenge..... You will pay.....KAIDO......OROCHI.....KUMURASAKI.....ALL of you will pay A/n: I do not own one piece nor any pic...
Fanfiction: The Florentine Kingdom. by SamuelIlan2408
Fanfiction: The Florentine SamuelIlan2408
In an alternate timeline of the After Colony Gundam Series. Where a single country stands between the Earth Sphere alliance and the Origin of Zodiac (OZ) forces. The si...
Cinder's Escape by EchoAfino
Cinder's Escapeby EchoAfino
A passive dark latex beast has endured harsh treatment throughout her entire life, but a kind stranger gives her a second chance. However, that wasn't the end of Cinder'...
The Two Warships Of the Turkish Navy In Azur Lane  by Godzillawtataken
The Two Warships Of the Turkish Godzillawtataken
Well these two ships deserve a place in my history since they the other one was sunk by hitting several mines and the other one survived WW1 and WW2 but was unfortunatel...