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Cliché (Andy Biersack) by NoemChopsky
Cliché (Andy Biersack)by SandlerHandler
Sophie Williams, painter, daughter, friend, ex girlfriend. Andy Biersack, singer, son, friend, doesn't date. Who knows where their story leads after their parents set t...
Andley <3 by Gurken_Sandwich
Andley <3by 🏳️‍🌈
Just a lil andley story bcs im bored.. Yeah 18+ scenes TW: Assault, blood, alcohol Im gonna write a special chapter soon A big thanks to my boyfriend Andy <3 This is...
The Little One by katblack0666
The Little Oneby katblack0666
In a world where CC of Black Veil Brides has a sister.
An Unbreakable Rebel Love by andlyismylife1000
An Unbreakable Rebel Loveby andlyismylife1000
Ashley Purdy was the most popular boy at Wedgewood High. He had any and every girl wrapped tight around his finger. One day, halfway through his senior year, a new boy c...
The Web's we Weave (Ronnie Radke and Max Green Love Story) by AlisonPurdy-Ferguson
The Web's we Weave (Ronnie Radke Alison Tsukito
This Is a Fan Fic about Max Green and Ronnie Radke, It includes the likes of Black veil Brides, Falling In Reverse, Natrual Born Killers and Esacpe the Fate. This Is a...
Somebody That I Used To Know... by fairlylocalsatanist
Somebody That I Used To fairlylocalsatanist
Hi, my name is Chloe. And well, I'm in love with my best friend. Or, ex best friend, I should say. His name is Andy. That's right, the leader for glam-rock band Black V...
Love, YouTube, and Peaceskies by AlexandriaBodie
Love, YouTube, and Peaceskiesby Alexandria Bodie
Skylar Monroe is a 18-year-old, some-what normal teenager who lives with her over-protective mother. Her mother believes that homeschooling her and hiding her away from...
HOLY [ an Andy Biersack AU ] by elumii
HOLY [ an Andy Biersack AU ]by pretzel bun
She was different from him. Oh, so very different. Aurora Lynn Brink was painfully different from him, but the same in many ways. They were both broken; both players; bo...
Imagine that! by RestoringFandom
Imagine that!by Does it matter
This is a "book" about bands and their members and "imagine this" "think about this." Short stories!
Am I Dead Yet? ¡DISCONTINUED! by Ericanm
Am I Dead Yet? ¡DISCONTINUED!by Erica Neerja Malhotra
Vanessa is a 16 year old girl who goes through tough times in life and wants to die. Who saved her? Why?
Love hurts by Bakersbabe2021
Love hurtsby Bakers Babe
Will Alan find love or be screwed over just like every other time in his life when something went good
Control || COMING SOON by SleepinWith__TheVeil
Control || COMING SOONby kasey jacks (:
June Winters, a graduate with honours of politics, fresh out of college. One would think she was a perfect candidate. One would be wrong. Mr. Biersack, however, saw prom...
I've Finally Found You (An Andley Fan fiction) by Andley123Kellic
I've Finally Found You (An Joshler tbh
We all want Andley to be real but we all know it will never be but at least we have the internet to make our dreams come true, even if it isn't real life.
Feel the blade «BlackVeilBrides» by PastelPurdy
Feel the blade «BlackVeilBrides»by Whore
Rhian is about to move in with her boyfriend James, but is madly in love with a man she has never met. But then as times take a turn for the worse, what is going to happ...
Failure. (A Band Type Of Story) COMPLETED. by selfaccptance
Failure. (A Band Type Of Story) ALICIA ✰
She loves the way that I tease, I love the way that she breathes... Situations are something, I cannot explain. Now she was something.