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Black Hearts Club | A Yungblud Story by yungl0ve
Black Hearts Club | A Yungblud Sto...by X.
"I gotta go interview this weirdo that wears pink socks all the time for work. Maybe I'll see you around?" #1 in #domharrison 10/22/18 #1 in yungblud 3/19/19
Palaye Royale Preferences  by PumpkinQueenxx
Palaye Royale Preferences by PumpkinQueenxx
DISCONTINUED These are preferences about Palaye Royale. Members included are: Emerson Barrett Remington Leith Sebastian Danzig @palayeRoyaleSolider is now @PumpkinQ...
My Savior (BVB Fanfic) by xxAwkwardness17xx
My Savior (BVB Fanfic)by Hello I'm Awkward
Jennifer goes to warp tour with her boyfriend and some of their friends. Jennifer and her boyfriend end up fighting; he ends up hitting her. Someone comes to rescue. Wel...
adopted by andy biersack by g0ldenxx
adopted by andy biersackby i luv merlyn wood
****MAJOR TRIGGER WARNING**** Andy Biersack adopts a 17 year old girl named Darcy. She suffers from mental illnesses and had a very rough child hood. Will it be too much...
Stained Glass Eyes And Colorful Tears (Tony Perry's Daughter) by -happymasksaleman
Stained Glass Eyes And Colorful Te...by 🏐𝙙𝙤𝙢𝙞𝙣𝙞𝙘🏐
|| BOOK ONE || { Inspiration/main concept from 'Little Miss Fuentes' by @bookswithbands } { Cover made by @doomed-syko } Andrea: an average fourteen-year-old. A best fr...
sweet [awsten knight] by BetterWeathered
sweet [awsten knight]by emo god
[BOOK 2 OF SUGAR SERIES] "I'll show you when I'm finished, I promise." Traveling across Europe with your boyfriend might seem fun until deadlines, labels, and...
Love Isn't Always Fair by jazzlo226
Love Isn't Always Fairby Jazz
(Black Veil Brides Fanfiction)
Adopted by Ashley Purdy (Complete) by Writer_At_Work
Adopted by Ashley Purdy (Complete)by What Zit Tooya
15 year old Iris has been in the orphanage for a year now. Her life is actual shit. One day, she was forced to go to the adoption room. What happened that changed her li...
Aprehentus  by EmoWeeboo
Aprehentus by Alt emo
Can a group of teenagers change the world? BTW: i made up the band...if you didn't already know
Lets Be Lucky People//Geoff Wigington x OC by Paradisekpennycuff
Lets Be Lucky People//Geoff Wiging...by ✨Paradise✨
Penny Knight is an ordinary girl she also happens to be Awsten Knights twin sister,what will happen when Awsten gets penny to join him on warped tour,what will happen wh...
Sold to the Sex Trade (Emo Vampire Sex Slave) by itsthatgirlolivia
Sold to the Sex Trade (Emo Vampire...by Olivia Stewart
When A girl keeps being tossed around who will save her and keep her from ruining herself.
The Secret sister of Christian Coma by Okayimtaylor
The Secret sister of Christian Comaby Taylor
What happens when the Secret sister of christian coma, becomes known to the public. Will the hate cause yet another death, or will someone step up and save her?
MCR Imagines and Preferences by frankscrustyfeet
MCR Imagines and Preferencesby KWISPY🥵🥵🥶😈
Hey whores, I'm procrastinating if I should sleep or not, it's 3:21 in the morning and I have a French exam tomorrow, so I made this book, you may request or I will writ...
The Finer Things {Derek Discanio} [COMPLETED] by sadboimeghan
The Finer Things {Derek Discanio}...by meghan
Hannah West, sister of Matt West of Neck Deep, goes on the world tour with neck deep as their merch manager. She meets a interesting guy with the name of Derek Discanio...
This Is Not Pretend || Alan Ashby // Of Mice & Men by nxvelty
This Is Not Pretend || Alan Ashby...by nxvelty
"You're lying." Was the first thing that came out of my mouth. "You can't." I shook my head. "I can. I do." Alan said plainly. No. Alan ca...
saved/adopted by Vic Fuentes by dumpsterblade
saved/adopted by Vic Fuentesby dumpsterblade
Lexi doesn't think she'll make it to see her 18th birthday until she is saved by Vic Fuentes this story involves self harm and eating disorders so if you're triggered by...
Ricky's Best Friend//Ricky Horror Love Story [COMPLETED] by xandrea_m
Ricky's Best Friend//Ricky Horror...by xandrea_m
Scarlet Thomas (AKA Scar) lived with her abusive mother and sister. Her and Ricky "Horror" Olson were best friends. They were always the outcasts. They were al...
Saviour (an Andy Biersack story) by icantfindpants
Saviour (an Andy Biersack story)by c.
When Andy Biersack hears a girl crying he asks if she is okay. When she didn't answer and the crying stopped, he ran inside, to see her passed out in the bathtub with an...
100 sleepless nights (pierce the veil) by silently_screaming13
100 sleepless nights (pierce the v...by silently_screaming13
Violet Fuentes is your average teenage girl. Apart from the fact that she's Vic Fuentes of Pierce The Veil's daughter. What happens when she wants to make her own life...
Without You There is No Me (A tony perry Fanfic) by xAbbyLeann
Without You There is No Me (A tony...by Abby
Paige goes to warped tour to see her favorite bands, but when she see's Pierce the Veil something happens that changes everything.