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Bulletproof love (jaime preciado) by alltimeblowwwww
Bulletproof love (jaime preciado)by alltimeblowwwww
When jaime left Ellie 4 years ago, she fell pregnant with his daughter but he left before she could tell him. 4 years later Ellie's life is great with her daughter but s...
All for you (Kellic) (boyXboy) by piercetheprice
All for you (Kellic) (boyXboy)by piercetheprice
[ COMPLETED ] Kellin is the self destructive, quiet boy with a poisonous home life. He has no one and all he wants is to end it all. Vic is the self assured, new kid wh...
Counting Stars and Scars  {Kellic}  by thebibliophileninja
Counting Stars and Scars {Kellic} by a walking travesty
Vic is good at hiding things. He hides his depression. He hides his self-harm. And above all, he hides the fact that he's completely in love with his best friend Kell...
I'm Your Father... (A Vic Fuentes Daughter Story) by NeverGiveIn2598
I'm Your Father... (A Vic Fuentes...by NeverGiveIn2598
**Currently Editing** 14 years ago, Vic Fuentes thought he wasn't quick enough to stop the "love of his life" from aborting his child, so for fourteen years...
Tony's Mute Daughter  by Teenwolfmk55
Tony's Mute Daughter by Makayla
Sarah is a 13 year old girl. She's been diagnosed Mute by social anxiety, and has panic attacks frequently, some for no reason at all. Her mom hates her. She doesn't kn...
Anatome (Jaime Preciado/Pierce The Veil) by rebekahwinchester
Anatome (Jaime Preciado/Pierce The...by Rebekah Winchester
Alexis goes on tour as a band photographer with her brother's band Pierce The Veil. The band is rising really quickly and they're off on their first world tour. Memories...
Bulletproof Love (Tony Perry Fan Fic) by benbrucesbestfriend
Bulletproof Love (Tony Perry Fan F...by Steph
May was just normal girl who spent her spare time interviewing bands until she met Pierce The Veil
You *Kellic* by SeasonalWonderland
You *Kellic*by Olivia Margaret
"Be careful who you trust,the devil was once an angel" ~unknown -------- Kellin Quinn= popular guy Vic Fuentes= not popular guy Kellin's friends keep pushing h...
Promises Won't Be Broken (Vic Fuentes love story) by Lovetarzzan
Promises Won't Be Broken (Vic Fuen...by Lovetarzzan
Maria is the easy target to bully in high school ( because of her music her style and her past) she has her friends, she seems happy but she truly isn't. Her father died...
One Hundred Sleepless Nights (Kellic Mpreg) by trashyalexx
One Hundred Sleepless Nights (Kell...by Alex
(Kellic) (boyxboy) When Kellin is made to wear a princess costume to a college Halloween Party by his best friend, Tay, he starts talking to the most popular boy on scho...
It All Started With You (Tony Perry) *COMPLETED* by mediagirl94
It All Started With You (Tony Perr...by Beth Robinson
*COMPLETED* Gabriela Fuentes, that's right Mike and Vic have a little sister and are very protective of her. Tony Perry, guitarist for PTV only knows one rule *Gabriela...
One Million Branches [Vic Fuentes Book One] by fidjdhhd
One Million Branches [Vic Fuentes...by inactive
Paige, a girl from a broken home, her sister killed herself a few years ago and since then she has been depressed and guilty. She does all sorts of self harm and is suic...
Neighbors (Tony Perry) |COMPLETED|  by yung_cat
Neighbors (Tony Perry) |COMPLETED| by Catherine
We all have our 'quiet place.' For Catherine, it's the neighbors house except no one lives there. No one has lived there for two years. Well that is all going to change...
Perrentes- Mpreg by RachelPurdy121
Perrentes- Mpregby RachelPurdy121
Highschool and Mpreg fanfiction with Tony Perry and Mike Fuentes
My Father's Daughter by MusicIsMyLife7121415
My Father's Daughterby Ashley
Audrey Samantha Jones. I have a mother, a father, and a little brother. Or well, scratch that; I had a brother, but he passed away a few months ago from leukemia. My mot...
This Love Was Out Of Control // Tony Perry by ChloeLouiseT__
This Love Was Out Of Control // To...by Chloe Louise
((The bio for this story keeps getting deleted and I apologize.)) Tony stands right in front of me. I stand up and face him. Our faces our inches apart. He bends down, p...
I'm Just A Model  (Perrentes) *COMPLETED* by mediagirl94
I'm Just A Model (Perrentes) *COM...by Beth Robinson
*COMPLETED* Tony was a struggling student until his best friend Kellin introduces him to a world of sex, drugs and BDSM. He's a model for Kinky Nights, the biggest sex t...
I'm His Daughter... (Vic Fuentes Daughter Story) by NeverGiveIn2598
I'm His Daughter... (Vic Fuentes D...by NeverGiveIn2598
Alternative Universe to the ending of I'm Your Father (Vic Fuentes Daughter Story).
The Electric Toothbrush Fic - Fuenciado by Xx_ant-xX
The Electric Toothbrush Fic - Fuen...by antonio
Vic buys an electric toothbrush at a pit stop while Pierce the Veil is on tour. What evil things does he plan to do with it? Mike hears a buzzing in the night. Tony thi...